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By Pratik Balasaria

Envisioning a 4 BHK flat in Kolkata-a family home in the cultural capital of India is an overwhelming emotion. Whether you’re a working professional looking for a worthy place to settle down with your family or a parent planning a comfortable residence for the growing needs of adolescent children, buying a 4 BHK flat in Kolkata can seem like a daunting experience. You have to consider the amenities, accessibility, and long-term viability of the property before making a financial commitment. In this blog, we will visit all these considerations and suggest some of the city’s most prominent residential projects that help you make a buying decision.

4 BHK flat in Kolkata: The Complete Checklist

4 BHK flat in kolkata: checklist for buying:

Before you start scouting for the perfect home on the streets of Kolkata, it’s important to have a checklist that helps you compare your shortlisted 4BHK flat in Kolkata with other properties in Kolkata. We’ve enlisted some key decision-making criteria that can help you shortlist a good property.

1. Budget

Your budget and the needed space are the primary deciding factors in the house hunt process. Broadly, the cost of 4 BHK flat in Kolkata falls in the range of 1.7cr to 8.66 cr, which is a pretty wide variation when it comes to pricing in residential real estate. This variation is caused by different property types in consideration; a 4 BHK villa in Kolkata is priced differently from a 4 BHK flat in Kolkata. It’s safe to say that a 4 BHK duplex in Kolkata sits somewhere in the middle of that range. The size of the

2. Location

Localities in the south and central Kolkata are considered premium; the cost of 4 bhk flat in kolkata around the central suburbs can range anywhere between 4 cr to 8 crores while the 4BHK flats in North Kolkata are relatively more affordable, ranging from 90 lakhs to 2 crores. Intuitively speaking, more spacious homes are more expensive. A spacious 4 BHK flat in Kolkata generally ranges between 1800 to 2500 sq. ft while a premium 4 BHK flat in Kolkata with multiple balconies and terraces can range from 2800 – 4000 sq. ft 

For example,1500 sq.ft 4BHK flats in Phoolbagan in North Kolkata can be purchased under 2cr, while 4 BHK flats grossing over 10,000 sq.ft. in Bhawanipur in Kolkata South will cost you upwards of 7cr.

Allocate a realistic budget with respect to the space you need before you begin your on-the-ground search.

3. Amenities

Most new and upcoming residential projects are loaded with modern amenities for urban living. However, it’s nice to maintain a clear distinction between amenities that are absolute must-haves versus those that are nice to have. 

While looking for a 4 BHK flat in Kolkata, recommended amenities to consider are well-staffed gymnasiums, a swimming pool, open green spaces and jogging tracks. Other popular amenities offered by developers include green building features like solar panels, electric car charging facility, spas, badminton and squash courts, banquets and recreation centers et cetera. Many luxury residences have esteemed food and beverage establishments within the complex to make it easy for residents to entertain guests. Pick and choose those important as per your family’s current lifestyle.

4. Accessibility

Buying a 4 BHK flat in Kolkata is a long-term commitment, both in terms of time and money. Hence, you must consider everyday aspects of normal life that will be affected by your home-buying decision. Take into account distance from the airport, the railway station, everyday commute to the office, and kids’ school or college while comparing 4bhk flats in Kolkata.

5. Social Infrastructure

A good neighborhood is made of several components. You need expansive playgrounds and green spaces to breathe in, along with good dispensaries and hospitals that service your routine health requirements. Many good localities feature shopping malls, theatres, and restaurants at reasonable distances to take care of the recreation and leisure needs of the residential population as well. Whether you’re looking for a 4BHK flat in Kolkata or 4 BHK villa in Kolkata, you must compare properties on the basis of social infrastructure before reaching a decision.

6. Developer Profile

There is no dearth of good, credible real estate developers in Kolkata, many of whom have been constructing top quality residential projects over multiple decades. If you’re looking to purchase an underdeveloped property by a certain builder, it will be a good idea to visit completed projects to get an idea of the quality of construction, elevation, and façade, upkeep of open spaces, the general level of maintenance, wear and tear, et cetera. This will give you an idea of what your future home will look like in the years to come.

7. Occupier Profile

We don’t buy a home in isolation; in fact, when we purchase a house, we become part of a community. While you’re enquiring about society and negotiating on the price with the developer, ask a few questions to understand the type and profile of people who will come to be your neighbors. Getting along with people in your immediate neighborhood can greatly improve your overall quality of life.

8. ROI

Buying 4 BHK flats in Kolkata is a sizable investment, and for all practical purposes, you must treat it as such. Aggregate the costs involved as far as purchasing your home is considered and compare them to the rental yield of the different localities that you’ve shortlisted. By taking into account that rent escalation grows by about 10% every 11 months, you can calculate the long-term ROI on your asset if you were to lease it out to tenants.

4 BHK flat in Kolkata: Localities in Focus

There are many premium neighborhoods in Kolkata to choose from while buying a 4BHK flat in Kolkata. We’ve listed the top five localities below for you to explore: 

4BHK flats in Phoolbagan and Beleghata

4 BHK flat in kolkata: jiva

Phoolbagan is an upcoming locality in North Kolkata, while Beleghata is a neighborhood located in the eastern part of the city. Both localities are witnessing tremendous real-estate development owing to the access & connectivity through EM Bypass. Popular among the NRI and IT professionals, these neighborhoods feature a rich mix of metropolitan population along with Bengali locals. 

Cost of 4 BHK apartment in Phoolbagan and Beleghata

A 1200-1500 sq.ft 4BHK flat in these areas can be purchased in the range of 1.85 to 1.9 cr. You can check out Jiva, a luxurious property offered by us.

4 BHK flats in New Alipore

 4 BHK flat in kolkata: VYOM

Buying a 4BHK flat in Alipore is an unattainable dream cherished by many locals. However, the upcoming neighborhood of New Alipore, located south of Alipore is a more viable residential destination. Flanked by Diamond Harbour Road towards the west and Basanta Lal Saha Road in the east, New Alipore is a posh neighborhood with good schools like Joseph & Mary School and DAV Public school in the vicinity. 

Cost of 4 BHK apartment in New Alipore

Buying a 1400 – 1800 sq.ft 4BHK flat in New Alipore can range anywhere between 1.84 – 2.5 cr. We offer Vyom, the finest and most luxurious apartments in New Alipore.

4 BHK flats in EM Bypass near Science City

4 BHK flat in kolkata: EM Bypass near Science City

Eastern Metropolitan Bypass or EM Bypass as it’s popularly referred to, is comfortably located along a 32 km highway connecting UltaDanga and Baraipur Puratan Bazaar in North and South Kolkata respectively. As one of the newer suburbs of Kolkata, EM Bypass is witnessing significant development of both residential and commercial real estate due to the ease of connectivity. 

Cost of 4 BHK in EM Bypass

A 4 BHK house plan in EM Bypass and neighboring areas such as Garia, Broad Street & Picnic Garden Road that averages 800 – 2250 sq.ft can cost you between 4-6 cr. Do check out Aurus and Anassa, a stellar residential park designed for world citizens.

4BHK flats in Ballygunge

Ballygunge is an upscale suburb located in South Kolkata- home to HNI and metropolitan residents of the Bengali capital. Famous landmarks like the Birla Temple and BITM are located in its midst, alongside popular retail establishments and major IT employment hubs. Thoughtfully designed with the Ballygunge Circular Road running around its periphery, Ballgunge is a sought-after location to settle down and build a home.

Cost of 4 BHK apartment in Ballygunge

Buying a 2500 sq.ft 4BHK flat in Ballygunge will fall in the range of 6.5 cr – 7.5cr.

4 BHK flats in Loudon Street

Loudon Street is a suburb close to the famous Park Street in the heart of central Kolkata. Well-connected by road and rail, Loudon Street has some of the best luxury residential real estate in Kolkata. Loudon Street features many independent houses, mansions, and bungalow estates that enclose anything between 4,000 – 35,000 sq.ft area between their walls. 

Cost of 4 BHK apartment in Loudon Street

Loudon street is the perfect place to purchase a 4 BHK villa in Kolkata; the price for these properties start at 8 cr & above.


The city of Kolkata presents many options for the homebuyer. If you’re looking for 4BHK flats in Kolkata, you will find many futuristic homes resplendent in architecture and modern amenities to choose from. Reach out to our sales team at [email protected] or call us at +91 33 6767 6767 to get a quote today.

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Are you planning to invest in Real Estate in EM Bypass?

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider investing at EM Bypass:
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3. Hospitality
4. Civic infrastructure
5. Amenities
6. ROI

What are the best localities and flats in South Kolkata?

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