Flat in New Alipore Kolkata Introduces Expandable Living
By Pratik Balasaria
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If you’ve been on the lookout for a flat in New Alipore kolkata, you’re in good company. Touted as the most up-and-coming locality in present-day Kolkata, flats for sale in New Alipore are considered a promising investment amongst investors and prospective homebuyers alike. Navyom is one such property that is making waves since it has introduced and incorporated the concept of ‘expandable living’ for the first time in Kolkata. Furthermore, Navyom is an exquisite assortment of luxurious flats in Kolkata that is complete with unique comforts and amenities for a wholesome home for all prospecting families. In this blog, we will dig a little deeper to understand the concept of Expandable Living and the benefits it offers to prospective homebuyers. 

Flat in New Alipore Kolkata: What is Expandable Living & Why Should You Care?

Who doesn’t want to live in a bigger house? Who doesn’t want more space? The answer is everyone. However, having a bigger house is subject to affordability and availability, which restricts most city-based homebuyers from buying and maintaining a lavish residence. 

At PS Group, we tried to seek an innovative solution in the form of a brand new concept- ‘expandable living’. As the term suggests, our ‘living rooms’ in 5 bhk and 4 bhk flats in New Alipore at Navyom are built in such a way that they can expand into larger spaces on-demand. At Navyom, we’ve incorporated aesthetic wall-to-wall sliding doors that extend your living room into the balcony area, giving you access to a larger living space that looks into the sprawling landscape. The full-length sliding windows extend seamlessly from one end of the room into the other creating an expanse of space that is distorted in a typical 4 bhk house plan.


Flat in New Alipore Kolkata: what is expandable living

Given the space constraints that surround most properties in Kolkata, the semblance of extended space adds value to the home-buyers living experience better than any other flat in New Alipore. A little extra space adds to their comfort and gives them the breathing room they desire. 

What are the tangible benefits of expandable living?

Flat in New Alipore Kolkata: what are the benefits of expandable living

Customizable spaces can completely alter the living experience within a house. Not only does this give you the freedom and flexibility to alter and refresh how your home looks, it also leads to new experiences.

  • Homeowners who enjoy entertaining guests and hosting dinner parties can use the expandable balcony area to create an excellent ambience that includes recreation as well as the alluring landscape. 
  • The expandable living concept gives homebuyers the illusion of an endless living area. Since, the wall that divides the balcony from the living room is potentially missing, the living room extends into the landscape- just like a cabin in the woods!
  • With the backdrop of Navyom’s well-endowed greenery on one side, the living room can be furnished with minimalist furnishings that accentuate the openness of the home.
  • The expandable living feature also lets in direct sunlight into the home, far greater than in the case of a concrete wall dividing the living room and the balcony. 

A snapshot of Navyom, flat in New Alipore Kolkata: Experiential living 

Flat in New Alipore Kolkata: a snapshot pf Navyom, flat in New Alipore

In many ways, Navyom is cited as an example of innovative design and construction excellence in a way few other flats in New Alipore can match up to. In fact, many residents who book a flat in New Alipore admit to compromising on quality because of premium location commands. Navyom is an exception. Let’s tell you how:

Architectural Novelty

There is no comparable aesthetic appeal to any other residential complex old or new offering homebuyers a flat in New Alipore. The architectural novelty is eye-catching; Navyom features 292 expertly-crafted flats in New Alipore spread across two stately towers that are 11-storeys tall. Another flat in New Alipore can barely compete with Navyom’s 5 BHK and 4 BHK duplex house plan that includes exclusive garden homes with a private space that invites nature into the living room!

Sustainable by design

From water conservation to energy management, Navyom has sustainability and environmental preservation built into the intrinsic design. Every single flat in New Alipore at Navyom is fitted  with a water monitoring system to minimize unnecessary wastage. All toilets with a dual flushing system while the washroom areas are equipped with water-efficient fixtures that keep wastage to a minimum. In addition, the property also has arrangements for efficient rainwater harvesting in addition to groundwater recharge that is used to reuse waste from air conditioners for gardening and flushing. Navyom also uses energy-efficient lighting in all common areas along with grid-tie solar power generation that saves electricity.

Customizable efficiency

Most prospective homebuyers that dream of buying a flat in New Alipore aim to choose a home and furnish it suitably to meet their needs. At Navyom, it’s the other way around. Every flat in New Alipore at Navyom allows you to customize your homes around your needs without being constrained by the outlined layout. The 5BHK and 4BHK house plan at Navyom allows the residents to expand the balcony area into the main living room and hence, utilize the house as the situation demands. These changing spaces can be used in a variety of situations, as the occasion demands. Navyom has been consciously designed to offer homes that are expandable, functional, and well connected with nature through the sprawling outdoor landscape that surrounds every flat at the property.

Amenities and Comforts

For most homebuyers looking for a flat in New Alipore, the decision is weighed down with compromise. They are resigned to the fact that if they find a worthwhile property in a reasonable budget, they will have to forego certain comforts and amenities. At Navyom, this trade-off is nullified. Navyom exemplifies luxury living by offering over 40,000 square feet of pure leisure and recreation for the whole family. This project offers up a sports arena with a separate sky turf, a 50 m long Olympic size swimming pool, an exclusive health club with a state-of-the-art gym and fitness center for the fitness-focused residents. For those looking for a ‘country-club’ experience within the gated complex, Navyom offers a steam room, sauna room, a heated indoor Jacuzzi, and spa beds to unwind in with loved ones. 

Secure Surroundings

For anyone considering buying a house, one of the primary factors of consideration is the safety and security profile of the neighbourhood as well as the residential complex. Although New Alipore ranks very high, if not the highest in this regard, we’ve taken additional steps at Navyom to secure you and your family. At all point of entry, exit and common-areas, we’re installed an IP-based CCTV surveillance system with cameras to monitor strategic locations. Moreover, these points of entry and exit also feature boom barriers and security cabins to further safeguard the periphery of the complex.


Among the wide variety of residential complexes offering flats for sale in New Alipore, Navyom stands out as the most distinct offering. The exceptional landscape, architectural design, intuitive layouts, and the newly introduced feature of expandable living adds to the charm of this residential development. For those who’re looking for a flat in New Alipore, that’s spacious, full of greenery as well as state-of-the-art amenities that are built responsibly and sustainably, Navyom may just be the address of your future home!

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