Flats in New Alipore - Navyom, luxury apartments in Kolkata
By Pratik Balasaria
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There are many residential properties in Kolkata that master one aspect of luxurious living. Rarely do you find a home that is the pinnacle of luxurious living – homes that do not compromise on anything and make all the possibilities available to their residents. Flats in New Alipore at PS Navyom in New Alipore Kolkata is one such place. Everything you can think of is available here. In fact, Navyom doesn’t just offer state-of-the-art flat for sale in New Alipore, it redefines the concept of luxury itself. 

At the same time, there is a focus on balancing modernity with nature and serenity. And we have kept many sustainability concerns in mind while designing the project. 

Luxury apartment in Kolkata: PS Navyom flats in New Alipore

PS Navyom by PS Group is a symbol of contemporary modern living with sustenance as its foundation. There are many firsts at Navyom. It is the largest residential park in all of Alipore and New Alipore. It features Kolkata’s first expandable homes. It has the first-ever sports arena with a separate sky turf among housing projects in kolkata. Navyom is packed full of every facility you and your family could need. In fact, you will not find another home that meets your every need and at the same time gives you as much space to live your life, as Navyom.

At Navyom, luxury has been rethought and redesigned to fit into the modern needs of a contemporary family. These flats in New Alipore allow you to design your homes around your needs instead of the other way around. The homes are extra spacious and have private gardens that form an oasis for you in the middle of a busy city. There are so many indoor and outdoor amenities in the complex, you’ll never feel the need to step out. In fact, the open spaces will make you want to spend more time in the green connecting with your family and finding your peace of mind after a long day of work.

Architectural Excellence

The homes are designed keeping our central tenet of architectural excellence in mind. The complex features buildings 11 storeys tall. There are 292 crafted apartments available as 4 BHK simplex and 5 BHK and 6 BHK duplex homes. These are exclusive garden homes with your own private space in nature. 

In a first for Kolkata, the flats feature an extendable living room. They have unusually tall 22 feet high living areas and extra-large balconies. Each of them also has a large kitchen, service yard, and a separate room for domestic help.

Flats in New Alipore: living room

The feeling one gets in these homes is of openness and airiness. Natural light and ventilation flood the apartments and the private gardens, as well as the green spaces on the property all, come together to provide an unmatched experience. 

All our building’s orientations have also been planned for maximum natural light and ventilation. The landscaped gardens use native plants.

RERA Certified

This property is built-in adherence to RERA norms.

Exemplifying sustainability and responsibility

We have built this property to make sure that it not only meets sustainability expectations, it exceeds them. It is our philosophy to always balance development by taking care of the environment.

For water conservation, the property comes with a water monitoring system to minimize unnecessary wastage. All apartments are fitted with water-efficient fixtures and a dual flushing system. We do rainwater harvesting as well as ground water recharge. We try wherever possible to reuse water, so we harvest and use water from air conditioners and also use recycled water for gardening and flushing.

Our energy conservation efforts include using energy-efficient lighting in all common areas. The complex has grid-tie solar power generation and the driveways have lights with timers. We supply renewable energy through regenerative elevator drives. The parking garages have electric vehicle charging points. 

Flats in New Alipore: entrance lobby

In an effort to manage solid waste efficiently, we use a sewage treatment plant to ensure that the waste from the complex is treated before being discharged. We practice segregation of waste at the source and use an organic waste composter to turn organic waste into food for the plants.

Emphasis on health and fitness

Within the gates of Navyom, you will find 40,000 square feet of leisure and luxury. Health is a primary concern for most people in today’s day and age. After spending most of the day sitting down in the office, finding the space to include exercise in your schedule can be a chore. Navyom makes it really convenient to make time for health and fitness.

Navyom is Kolkata’s first residential project with a sports arena with a separate sky turf. The sports arena features a 50 m long Olympic size swimming pool, an exclusive health club with a state-of-the-art gym and fitness center. There are a steam and sauna room, a heated indoor Jacuzzi, and spa beds for you to relax after your workout. There is also a multipurpose room for other extra-curricular activities. 

Flats in New Alipore: sports pavilion

Outdoors we have many open sports courts – there is a lawn tennis court, a volleyball court, and a half basketball court. There is also an aqua gym, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a play lawn, a sports cabana, a rock climbing wall, and an outdoor open-air fitness station. 

Focus on family time

Spending time outdoors with the family usually involves a day trip outside the city. No more. Now you can spend the day outside with the children, running around and having a picnic, whenever you want. Navyom has a family pavilion and alfresco seating outside for just that purpose. Children also have their own indoor kids’ playroom and exclusive kids learning center where they can form friendships and use their time usefully at the same time. There is also a kids’ water play area, jungle gym, and play tower.

At one with nature

Navyom is full of open, green spaces for you to spend time in nature. It is as easy as stepping out of your house. We believe that balancing nature with built-up areas leads to mental clarity and peace and can bring true joy to your living experience. That is why PS Navyom has an open lawn, a forest trail with a forest cabana, a nature trail, a flower garden, a butterfly garden, and floating decks with day beds. 

Community Building

PS Navyom has an outdoor movie pavilion, a banquet hall for you to plan your events, a pet zone, and a cafeteria.  For your guests, we have a waiting lounge and guest rooms. 

Work-Life Balance

For those who work on the go, we have a business lounge for your professional needs. 

Safety and Security

Safety is one concern you won’t have to think about while living here. Leave that up to us. At Navyom, there is an IP-based CCTV surveillance system with cameras placed at strategic locations. All entry points to the complex have boom barriers and security cabins. The elevators are fitted with seismic sensors.

Besides this, we have taken many other measures that may not be visible to the naked eye, but that will contribute to your comfort and well-being. All our buildings use low VOC paints, which means that they don’t emit any toxic chemicals into the air. CFC-free VRV/VRF air conditioners are fitted everywhere, commonly referred to as the Rolls Royce of air conditioners. They are good for you and for the environment too.

Each building has two passenger elevators and one service elevator. All lighting circuits, lifts and utilities in the common areas are on 100% DG power backup and DG power backup is available to residents against extra cost. 


Navyom is very well connected to all parts of the city through an extensive road and train network. The major roads in the area are Diamond Harbour Road, BL Saha Road, James Long Sarani, and the New Alipore Road. Through these, it is easy to reach Central Kolkata as well as the IT parks of Salt Lake and New Town. The international airport is also just a short drive away. 

The nearby Kalighat Metro station connects the complex to the Kolkata metro system. The railway line also passes through the area. Public transport in this stretch is easily available. This 4 bhk flat for sale in kolkata are a no-brainer when it comes to location.


The neighborhood is rich with opportunities for shopping, eating out, and entertainment. The Tollygunge Club and the South City Mall, both are a short commute away and provide plentiful options for recreation.

In terms of education, two premier institutions are the Sri Sri Academy and the Lakshmipat Singhania Academy. 

For any healthcare needs, the CMRI Hospital and the BP Poddar Hospital are in the neighborhood.

Pricing and Configuration at Navyom

Navyom has 6 BHK, 5 BHK, and 4 BHK flats in New Alipore. They are all spacious and have extra tall ceilings and extra-wide balconies. They also come with expandable living areas.

The 4BHK simplex apartments come in various configurations from 1512 square feet to 1825v square feet.

The 5 BHK duplex apartments have a lower unit of 1314 sq. ft. and an upper unit of 1140 sq. ft. 

The 6 BHK duplex apartments have a lower unit of 1734 sq. ft. and an upper unit of 1523 sq. ft. 


It can seem impossible to find that one house that not only satisfies all your needs, it also matches all your desires. And then exceeds them. But at Navyom, these dreams can come true. It is well-connected, spacious, full of greenery and nature and yet, has more amenities than most other residential projects in Kolkata. PS Navyom is going to be one of the most sought after residential properties for the modern-day family that doesn’t want to compromise on its dream home and the most in-demand flat for sale in New Alipore. So book your flat here today.

About PS Group- Leading Real Estate Builder in Kolkata

PS Group has been a trusted name and industry leader in real estate for over three decades. Since 1985 our focus has been on providing families with high-quality living spaces and amenities balanced with liveability and affordability. 

We believe in providing innovative architectural design, state-of-the-art facilities, sustainability solutions, and delivering on our promises on time. We have received over 30 awards for our work and helped set up the West Bengal Real Estate Developers Association. 

Navyom is our latest offering with flats for sale in New Alipore Kolkata.

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