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By Pratik Balasaria
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The city of Kolkata has grown to become an economic powerhouse of the country, enabling an expansion in the population of the uber-rich and the upwardly mobile seeking luxury residences in and around the upmarket localities of the city. Buying luxury apartments in Kolkata is different from buying any other asset; a luxury home is a celebration of life and an assortment of all things fine and pleasurable.

Needless to say, the city of joy offers many residential delights for those willing to pay for them. From stately architecture and high-tech luxurious amenities to personalized services such as concierge and valet and on-call door service, the facilities presented at some of the latest luxury developments leave the homebuyer rather spoilt for choice. The list is inexhaustible and hence when evaluating housing projects in Kolkata, making an informed decision is critical.

This blog visits most factors that a prospective home buyer interested in luxury apartments in Kolkata should address before fulfilling their purchasing decision. In addition, the blog also provides buyers with a well-curated list of prominent areas and well-equipped projects to consider while thinking of a luxury apartment in Kolkata.

Luxury Apartments in Kolkata: Buying Checklist

luxury flats in Kolkata: Checklist for buying

Architectural Excellence of beautiful apartment in kolkata

Your home is an extension of your personality. While looking for luxury apartments in Kolkata, you should prioritize those with eye-catching architecture and unique aesthetic appeal that sets them apart. Factors such as the facade and elevation of the apartment structure should add a sense of grandeur and glory at first glance. Pay attention to the flooring, bathroom fixtures, lights fixtures, and general layout of the house while shortlisting a luxury home.

Location and Exclusivity

When it comes to luxury apartments Kolkata offers a few coveted pin-codes that are above the rest. You want to be located in the heart of the city within a reasonable distance of all the utilities and prime attractions. This aspect is the defining factor behind the upmarket appeal of a locality and project.

In Kolkata luxury apartments can be categorized on the basis of size. For example, while identifying a worthy luxury property such as a 3000-5000 sq.ft 5BHK villa in Kolkata, you should closely analyze the neighborhood, the sentimental value, and what it means to build a home there. Fulfilling these aspects before making a purchase decision is critical, as it will mark a permanent change to your daily life.

The commute time to the airport, railway station, schools, and educational establishments, shopping complexes, other upmarket localities including localities visited frequently for socializing and/or work, et cetera are the important considerations to factor in finalizing a decision to buy luxury apartments in Kolkata.

Some all-time favorite locations for Kolkata luxury apartments where the who’s who of the city reside in are Alipore, Ballygunge, Loudon  Street, and Sarat Bose Road, Embypass Near science city.

Amenities and Services in beautiful apartments

In Kolkata Luxury Apartments are not considered worth the moniker unless they furnish luxury amenities and features that can take care of your every need. Hence, real-estate developers in the city of joy take it up a notch further. When it comes to luxury apartments Kolkata offers facilities such as gymnasiums, clubhouses, swimming pools, playgrounds, sports arenas housing varied indoor and outdoor sports, well-equipped security services, personalized concierge, and valet services that appeal to the whims of even the more discerning resident.

You might additionally want to consider softer aspects of luxury such as well-thought-out water and energy conservation systems, waste management, and green facades that enhance the beauty as well as the ecological aspect of the complex. As a role model for society, you can take these conscious measures to enhance your quality of life while also being cognizant of the needs of the planet.

Occupier Profile

Social interaction is a constant and ongoing part of our life and is an inevitable component of routine functioning. In Kolkata, luxury apartments are even located throughout the city, but what takes precedence over all else is the resident profile. You want to be in the company of the well-heeled and your living premises must be equipped to provide for this networking opportunity.

Most luxury Apartments in Kolkata cater to these needs if investigated properly. Having people from a similar economic background and stature helps attain such a level of satisfaction. Ask your real estate builder to give you a list of gentry that reside in the apartment of your choice or the ones who are living there.

Status Symbol of these apartments

When you buy a luxury home in Kolkata, you make a statement. Your home is a testament to who you are and how far you’ve come in life. All the aspects of the home, both interior and exterior must reflect your stature and celebrate your success.

Whether you’re buying a 5BHK villa in Kolkata or a luxury apartment in one of the city’s prominent skyscrapers, consider how your home will fit in with your persona, how it will elevate your lifestyle and your perception in your social circles before making a decision. Do check out about us , we’re considered as a famed luxury developer in Kolkata known for crafting stately luxury homes for the last three decades.

Luxury Apartments in Kolkata: Upscale Localities to consider

localities to buy: luxury flats in kolkata

Beautiful apartments in Ballygunge

Not just in Kolkata, Ballygunge and Alipore boast of being one of the most affluent localities in the entire nation. Home to the wealthy, Ballygunge is surrounded by Rabindra Sarobar, Dhakoria, Bhawanipore, and Lansdowne. All of which are extremely affluent localities in themselves. South Kolkata is also a region associated with the opulence that surrounds it, with upscale malls such as Quest Mall to a number of 5-star hotels. Once you have arrived in Ballygunge, it is considered that you have arrived in life.

If you’re looking for a luxury apartment in this locality, The Reserve at Ballygunge is one of the top choices.

Cost of a Luxury Apartment in Ballygunge

To get yourself your dream home in this posh locality, you will have to shell out around 8cr-12cr.

Beautiful apartments in Sarat Bose Road

Formerly known as Lansdowne Road, Sarat Bose Road between Alipore and Ballygunge, is one of the city’s premier destinations to call home. This 3.5 km stretch is home to a great number of popular food and beverage establishments, official buildings, and residential complexes housing the ultra-rich of the city, making it a destination of choice for many looking for luxury apartments in Kolkata.

Cost of a Luxury Apartment on Sarat Bose Road

Priced at a premium, A luxury apartment on Sarat Bose Road will cost you nearly 10cr-12cr.

Beautiful apartments in Loudon Street

The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about Kolkata, is the beautiful monuments designed and built during the British era that still sit with pride in the center of this historically rich city. Located at a stone’s throw away from some of these monuments like Victoria Memorial, South Park Street cemetery, M.P. Birla Planetarium, and from the busy Park Street is Loudon Street. The area is recognized as one of the poshest areas in the city for both Kolkata luxury apartments as well as luxury bungalows in Kolkata.

Cost of a Luxury Apartment in Loudon Street

A luxury apartment in Loudon Street can cost you anything around 8cr-10cr.

Beautiful apartments in EM Bypass Near Science City

Located in East Kolkata, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, popularly known as EM Bypass is soon becoming a sought-after destination for people looking for luxury apartments in Kolkata. These posh and upscale homes surrounded by new 5-star hotels, shopping complexes, and office buildings are hot investment spots right now as well. With the abundant convenience of the 32km long EM Bypass connecting North Kolkata to South Kolkata and passing upscale areas like New Town and Salt Lake, Science city is a top-pick when looking at luxury apartments in Kolkata. You can find spacious 4BHK and 5BHK flats in em bypass kolkata located between Ballygunge and Lake Town on EM Bypass at PS Anassa and PS Aurus .

Cost of a Luxury Apartment on EM Bypass near Science City

A luxury apartment near Science City can cost you anything above 3.5cr.

Beautiful apartments in Alipore

When it comes to living in an exquisite neighborhood nothing comes close to Alipore. Located in the heart of South Kolkata, Alipore is popularly associated with having the most expensive pin-codes in the country. Home to wildly successful industrialists and bureaucrats like the Birlas, Goenkas, Jalan, and Mittals, Alipore presents the opportunity to rub shoulders with the elusive elite. Famous for large colonial mansions with courtyards, Alipore is the epitome of fine living and everything that symbolizes class in Kolkata luxury apartments.

You can check out our offering PS Vyom , the finest destination for luxury apartments in Kolkata. For every inch of built-up space, there are more greens.

Cost of a Luxury Apartment in Alipore

A luxury apartment can be found 1.8cr onwards. And a luxury home in Alipore can cost you anything upwards of 5-6cr.

luxury apartments in kolkata: Vyom

Beautiful apartments for a luxurious life

Buying a luxury home should be a celebration of your life and everything you’ve accomplished. It’s a silent toast to your success and hopefully, a culmination of all things that you and your family cherish and enjoy. As you sift through various luxury apartments in Kolkata, take a moment to look past the barrage of amenities and locational benefits to find a home that truly resonates with your life, one that you can truly call your home. Reach out to our sales team at [email protected] or call us at +91 33 6767 6767 to get a quote today.

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