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By Pratik Balasaria
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Buying a duplex flat in Kolkata is a unique value proposition. Popularly regarded as the ideal residential real estate option for mixed families over the last decade, duplex houses in Kolkata are gaining prominence in the city from Alipore to EM Bypass.

You must consider various factors before deciding if buying a duplex flat in Kolkata is the right decision for you. In this blog, we will review these factors as well as explore various localities in Kolkata that offer suitable duplex home options for you and your family. But, before we begin, what is a duplex in kolkata?


What is a duplex flat?


Multi-Family housing units, a duplex flat is a set of two individual houses stacked vertically one on top of the other, connected by an elevator, and a common staircase. These duplex units are mostly of the same size. Don’t confuse duplex flats with twin homes as they differ in terms of plot. Duplex properties usually are on a single plot, whereas, twin homes have their own respective plots.

That said, many leading developers also offer duplex apartments in Kolkata within traditional apartment housing complexes.


Types of duplex bungalow in Kolkata

Duplex Flat in Kolkata: types of Duplex flats

Buying duplex flat in Kolkata is a smart choice as they come with better carpet area, wider range of facilities like open spaces, fitness-related areas and play areas among others. Leading developers in Kolkata offer two types of duplex in Kolkata namely:


1. Duplex Flat in Kolkata within a larger apartment complex

If you’re looking for duplex apartments in New Alipore, rest assured, you will be spoilt for choice. Certain builders offer duplex apartments that are internally connected through vertical staircases and double-level terraces. Alternatively, you can opt for duplex-only housing societies in the city.


2. Row House and duplex bungalow in Kolkata

Another good option to consider buying is a duplex bungalow in Kolkata. The city developers offer lavish duplex houses in Kolkata, i.e., bungalows and row-houses with modern amenities to boot. These duplexes in Kolkata have a distinct edge over other housing formats, they allow families to maintain their private space while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of living in a community.


Advantages of buying a duplex flat in Kolkata

Duplex Flat in Kolkata: Advantages of buying duplex houses

Buying a duplex flat in Kolkata has many unique advantages over buying a traditional bungalow or apartment. Depending on how your current family needs are positioned, a duplex flat could prove to be the ideal home. We’ve listed all advantages associated with buying a duplex flat in Kolkata.


1. Multiple Entry & Exit Points in a duplex bungalow in Kolkata

A duplex flat is perfect to accommodate the needs of a growing family. For large families living together such as older parents and/or married children, sharing a duplex flat in Kolkata can ensure family members get the requisite space to live comfortably. Besides, individual family units can also maintain privacy due to separate entry and exit points, while coming together in well-planned shared areas.


2. Access to amenities in a duplex apartment in Kolkata

The best luxury duplex in South Kolkata is found in different residential apartment complexes. In this setup, families can take multiple flats in a building that are connected internally, either on the same floor and/or across multiple floors. A multi-apartment layout can give your family access to shared amenities of the residential complex like a clubhouse, swimming pools, badminton and squash courts, and larger recreational facilities in general.


3. Rental Income in a duplex in Kolkata

Buying a duplex bungalow in Kolkata can provide you access to a rental income. If you’re purchasing the duplex from an investment point of view, leasing it out in the future can fetch you lucrative returns. You can also look into purchasing a pre-leased duplex in Kolkata to fetch you a consistent return.


4. Access to varied financing options in duplex projects in Kolkata

Since technically a duplex apartment in Kolkata can be considered one property, you can get variable home financing schemes for your purchase. Especially if you can get into a pre-leased arrangement for the second house, you can work out a larger mortgage to finance the unit you intend to inhabit.


Checklist for buying a duplex flat in Kolkata

Duplex Flat in Kolkata: Checklist for buying a duplex house

Although buying a house of any kind is a monumental life decision, buying a duplex flat involves some unique considerations. Read on to know what they are:


The layout of a duplex bungalow in Kolkata

While the façade and elevation of a duplex house for sale in Kolkata are important for aesthetic appeal, you must spend a good amount of time deliberating on the internal layout of the house before making a purchase decision. Formulate a broad plan on the number of rooms you need and how they need to be accommodated within your home. If you have elder parents, they should have an adjoining space so that they are looked after; however, if you have adult children, you can consider a layout that gives them ample space and privacy. Ensure that the common spaces in a duplex bungalow in Kolkata such as the living room, dining room, or kids’ play areas are well optimized to the needs of the whole family. 

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Budget of Duplex Flat in Kolkata

As far as the price of a duplex flat in Kolkata goes, you may have to shell out a premium because of the structural design and space allocation within the house. Benchmark the price of the duplex projects in Kolkata to that of a traditional flat and independent bungalow to ascertain the premium. This will help you gauge the value-addition that you stand to receive from buying the duplex in Kolkata and if it’s worth it. Typically, the size of an average duplex home in Kolkata is 5500-6500sq.ft.


Staff accommodation in a duplex apartment in Kolkata

If you’re looking for a duplex bungalow in Kolkata, you must also consider staff accommodation on the premises for any full-time help that your family may look to employ. You’ll need to create living quarters for your watchman, housekeeper, and driver depending on your current lifestyle needs. If the proper area for this is allotted in pre-developed, it will save you the hassle of planning for it in the future.


Parking at a duplex in Kolkata

While shortlisting a duplex house in Kolkata, take into consideration facilities for parking, covered and open, for two-wheelers and four-wheelers. If you’re considering a duplex bungalow, you may also want to take guest parking into account, within and outside your premises at the time of purchase. If you’re planning to settle down into the duplex with your extended family, it might be a good idea to make room for extra parking spots to accommodate vehicles you may purchase at a later date.


Builder Profile of duplex bungalow in Kolkata

The best way to gauge the construction quality of real estate developers in Kolkata is by visiting past projects. Look for housing schemes that the builder has built over the years and speak to inhabitants in the project, if possible. Refrain from parking your precious finances with any developer who lacks references. A builder with a proven track record of success in building affable residences can be considered a safe bet for a duplex in Kolkata.


The neighborhood of duplex apartment in Kolkata

While searching for a duplex flat in Kolkata, it might be a good idea to take stock of the surrounding neighborhood. Being a part of a tight-knit community can improve your quality of life, hence, enquiring about the resident profile in the complex before moving in is a good idea. Also, take into consideration the general infrastructure and amenities present in shortlisted properties to make an informed decision. 

Duplex Flat in Kolkata : Premier Localities to Consider


Duplex houses, in both duplex apartment in Kolkata as well as row-house societies, are becoming increasingly popular all over Kolkata. That said, a few localities are fast emerging as residential hubs that gain a lot of interest among homebuyers and real estate investors. Let’s take an in-depth look at these neighborhoods:


Duplex Bungalow at New Alipore

Developed close on the heels of Alipore, arguably the most expensive neighborhood in the city, New Alipore is an upcoming posh neighborhood located in South Kolkata. Fenced around the periphery by the Kolkata Suburban Railway Line, New Alipore is well connected to Central Kolkata and Salt Lake by road and rail. We offer Navyom, the finest and most luxurious duplex flats in New Alipore.


Cost of duplex flat in New Alipore:

Navyom offers Kolkata’s first expanded living to its residents, duplex flats with terrace and private gardens. Buying a 6BHK duplex flat in New Alipore at Navyom can cost between 5 to 7cr. 


Duplex Flat in Kolkata at Ballygunge

Ballygunge is an upscale locality in South Kolkata that is associated with some of the most expensive real estates not just in Kolkata, but in the country. Famous for the European bungalows and courtyards of the colonial era, Ballygunge boasts of premium bungalows and duplex residences in its midst. It is well connected to the rest of Kolkata through road and rail (East Railway south suburban line). 

The Reserve is an excellent project to consider in Ballygunge, featuring luxury 5 BHK and 6 BHK duplex flats, ready to live now.


Cost of duplex house at Ballygunge:

Located in one of the most premium neighborhoods of South Kolkata, The Reserve offers quality lifestyle that you always wished for. Buying a duplex flats in Ballygunge will cost between 11- 13cr. 

Find the best Duplex Flat in Kolkata


Duplex flats in Kolkata have gained popularity over the last few years. Buying a duplex flat in Kolkata is a wise real estate investment, one that secures a wholesome residence for your entire family. There are many trustworthy developers in the city offering spacious 4BHK duplex homes and duplex projects in kolkata that are high on space and aesthetic appeal; make sure you prioritize your short-term and long-term needs before making a purchase decision of duplex in kolkata. Reach out to our sales team at [email protected] or call us at +91 33 6767 6767 to get a quote today.


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