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By Pratik Balasaria
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What is a dream home? A dream home is something a person works hard day and night to acquire. Some get them free; some must work for it, and when you eventually do acquire it, you feel a sense of gratitude and victory. Duplex apartments now have made it to ‘a must list’ among many premium and luxury home buyers. 

Duplex apartments are multi-family homes with two units in the same building, regardless of how these houses are constructed. Units may be side-by-side or stacked on top of one another. Duplex apartments may have one entrance for each unit or may have different entry points. Usually, in duplex apartments, the lower level houses the kitchen, dining, and living space whereas the upper houses the bedrooms. These two units are typically similar in size. But the term duplex is reserved exclusively for multi-family housing with two homes.

Duplex apartments and duplex flat in Kolkata : What’s the difference

Duplex Apartments: difference between a duplex and an apartment

The basic difference is that an apartment is a single unit while duplex apartments are a two-unit structure. You cannot rent out an apartment while you are living there yourself whereas in duplex apartments you may rent out one unit.

Duplex apartments are one property but can be co-owned or rented out. You can have duplexes with different owners, but they have a condominium ownership interest, meaning there is shared ownership. The owner can also rent out both units to different people.

Duplex Apartments : Should you consider living in a duplex apartment in Kolkata?

Duplex Apartments: should you be living in a duplex apartment

A duplex flat in Kolkata is more affordable than an independent house due to a comparable carpet area. In addition, as a resident of a duplex apartment building, you will get the added benefits of the amenities and facilities that the fit-up offers to its residents. In contrast to individual dwellings, duplex apartments also offer a sense of neighborhood. One of the major advantages of owning a duplex apartment is privacy and space. Since duplex apartments are built on two floors, it is like offering two living areas within the same house. 

So, let us jump right into the world of luxurious duplex apartment in Kolkata. Below are the options for 5 bhk, and a 6 bhk duplex flat in Kolkata in the prominent localities: 

1. Navyom: 6 bhk duplex apartments in Kolkata

Duplex Apartments: Navyom 6bhk and 5bhk duplex apartments

“Kolkata’s first expandable living.” It comes with an extendable living room which is a first in Kolkata. It offers 4 BHK simplex and 4BHK with private garden and 6 BHK luxury duplex houses with terrace in Kolkata with 22 ft. tall living area, which let plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air inside the apartment, extra-large balconies, large kitchen, service yard and a separate room for your domestic help. Homes at Navyom are functional and flexible to cultivate your emotions. These apartments in New Alipore in South Kolkata is the first residential project in the city to feature expandable living rooms. This means you can customize the apartment to fit your needs and requirements. Navyom has 11 buildings with 292 fashioned houses which include 6 BHK duplex apartments in Kolkata. 

The 6 BHK duplex flat in kolkata in Navyom comes with a carpet area ranging from 1748 – 1762 sq. ft. at the lower level and between 1500 – 1800 sq. ft. at the upper level. The lower floor has a living and dining area along with a kitchen that opens into a terrace. It also accommodates three rooms and three washrooms. The top floor opens into an extended family area which gives way to three bedrooms with attached washrooms. This duplex apartment in Kolkata encloses two spread-out balconies on the top floor and bottom floor that give ample cross-ventilation in the home.

Tower 2 – Unit B Lower 1748 sq.ft.
Tower 2 – Unit B Upper 1605 sq.ft.

Why buy a duplex flat in Kolkata at Navyom?

  • At a prime location in New Alipore and Alipore
  • Navyom offers a variety of amenities sure to swoon you. Aqua Gym, Floating deck with day beds, Outdoor Movie Pavilion, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Olympic length swimming pool are just the tip of the iceberg. 
  • It also features Kolkata’s first-ever sports arena with separate sky turf with multiple sports courts including lawn tennis, basketball, and volleyball. 
  • The exclusive health club and gymnasium is well equipped and comes with a steam and sauna room. 
  • To feel closer to nature, you can go for long walks on the forest trail, feel adventurous with rock climbing, contemplate in the butterfly garden, or watch a movie in the outdoor theatre.
  • It also focuses on maintaining the security helped by IP-based CCTV surveillance at strategic locations, seismic sensors in elevators, security cabins at premises’ entry as well as boom barriers at the premises’ entry.

2. Antares: 5 bhk duplex flat in South Kolkata

Antares by PS Group stands as a premier residential project, epitomizing luxurious and contemporary living in Kolkata’s Sarat Bose Road, South Kolkata. It seamlessly blends sophistication and comfort with meticulously designed apartments. The project features spacious layouts, modern architecture, and upscale amenities catering to the discerning urban lifestyle. Emphasizing a vibrant community atmosphere, Antares offers residents access to top-tier facilities including a clubhouse, landscaped gardens, and a fitness center. With options ranging from 5BHK duplex apartments to 5BHK simplex and 7BHK units, it promises a lifestyle of convenience, elegance, and exclusivity, making it the preferred choice for those seeking refined living standards in Kolkata.

This 5 BHK duplex flat in South Kolkata comes with a spacious kitchen and outer deck area. The duplex apartments have a lower unit with a carpet area of 2551 sq. ft. and an upper unit with a carpet area of 2337 sq. ft.  Both floors are well-ventilated and provide ample space for leisure and recreation that can be customized to suit your needs.


Why buy a duplex flat in Kolkata at Antares?

  • 23 storeys high apartment building. 
  • Situated in South Kolkata’s Sarat Bose Road, Antares provides convenient access to amenities, schools, and entertainment options.
  • An endless suite of indoor amenities such as a community hall, steam rooms, swimming pool, and games room.
  • Exquisite outdoor amenities such as landscaped terrace, cabanas, and kids play area.
  • Safe and Secure with round-the-clock security systems, dedicated seismic sensors, and fire detection systems
  • The homes at Antares are under construction.
  • IGBC Certified Buildings
  • Large windows and balconies maximize natural light and offer scenic views, creating a pleasant living environment.

3. The Reserve: 5 bhk duplex in Ballygunge kolkata

The Reserve by PS Group offers an exceptional living experience with its exclusive 5 BHK duplex apartments in Ballygunge, Kolkata. This prestigious residential project epitomizes luxury and elegance, catering to the discerning tastes of residents looking for spacious and meticulously designed homes. Nestled in a prime location, The Reserve combines contemporary architecture with top-tier amenities including a clubhouse, landscaped gardens, a swimming pool, and a fitness center. With its focus on luxurious living and impeccable design, The Reserve promises a lifestyle of sophistication and comfort, making it an ideal choice for those seeking upscale living in Kolkata’s vibrant Ballygunge area.

The 5 BHK duplex apartments in Ballygunge, Kolkata, offer a luxurious living experience spread across two levels. The lower area spans approximately 1999 sq.ft. and features two bedrooms along with a private pool, providing a serene and exclusive retreat. On the upper level, approximately 1490 sq.ft. is dedicated to three bedrooms and includes a double balcony area, ideal for enjoying views and enhancing the living space. These meticulously designed duplex apartments blend spaciousness with elegance, catering to those seeking sophisticated living in one of Kolkata’s most sought-after neighborhoods.


Get the best duplex flat in Kolkata


Duplex apartments allow the entire family to live in their own personal space while ensuring that the family stays integrated. For families with elderly parents who need constant care and attention, a duplex apartment in Kolkata is convenient for them while allowing the parents to remain independent.  A duplex flat not only maintains and builds the synergies of the family residing in it, but also serves as a valuable investment asset.

Forbes even recommends owning a duplex apartment as your first house because of the additional income that can be earned from renting out a floor. It is comparatively affordable and provides a low insurance cover when being done for a single building and not for separate family units. Therefore, duplex flat in kolkata are the preferred choice if your budget allows you to. We hope that the options we have presented in this write-up will allow you to make the best choice for yourself and your family. 

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