Duplex Flat Kolkata| 6 BHK Duplex Apartments in Kolkata
By Pratik Balasaria
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Nowadays, livable space is a constraint in most cities. Most homebuyers are constantly looking for innovative ways to either buy a bigger home and/maximize the space in their existing home. A popular home layout to have emerged in the last five years is the duplex flatKolkata has embraced this format of residential real estate since it lends the homebuyers more flexibility to model the home to suit their unique needs. In this blog we will investigate the concept of a duplex flat in Kolkata, our pick of the 6 bhk duplex in Kolkata, and discuss characteristics that can help you decide if these duplexes are the right residential option for you.

Duplex Flat Kolkata: What is a duplex?

duplex flat kolkata: what is duplex

A duplex flat is a vertically stacked apartment. As opposed to a generic flat, It involves two adjoining floor plates that are assembled one on top of the other joined together by a common staircase. Many top real estate developers in Kolkata are developing specialized duplex flats within larger apartment complexes that can give families the luxury of staying in a standalone house while availing the extended amenities of a premium residential society.

Duplex Flat Kolkata:To opt or not

duplex flat kolkata: to opt or not

Duplex Flat Kolkata: Who should opt for it?

  1. Mixed families that comprise adult children will find the duplex flat structure ideal. When it comes to a duplex flat Kolkata offers numerous lavish double floor layouts that can give young adults the privacy they need while living under one roof. 
  1. Families with two or more kids can also use the space within a duplex flat in Kolkata to make separate areas for study and recreation. Children inclined towards music can also use an extra sound-proofed room for rigorous practise.

Duplex Flat Kolkata: Who should avoid it?

  1. If you live in a family setup that includes ageing parents (over the age of 50), you should avoid investing in a duplex flat in Kolkata. Although the elders may be agile and in the pink of health presently, as they grow older, climbing staircases daily can become a tedious task. A way around it is to offer bedrooms on the ground floor to the parents so that mobility towards the living room and kitchen is not hindered.
  1. If you live in a family setup that has toddlers presently or in the near future, you may want to avoid a house with a staircase. As is, baby-proofing any home is a task, but this task becomes far more challenging in a duplex flat in Kolkata.

Duplex Flat Kolkata: A detailed look at Navyom, 6 bhk duplex in New Alipore, Kolkata

duplex flat kolkata: Navyom, 6bhk duplex in New Alipore

Among most luxury real estate buyers in Kolkata, Navyom is a hot favourite. This majestic apartment complex that boasts of a 22 ft. tall living area, extra-large balconies, large kitchen, service yard, and a separate room for domestic help is thoughtfully designed to appease every home owner’s dreams.

Let us glance through this coveted property in greater detail:

  1. Layout

There are typical flats in New Alipore and then there is the swanky 6 BHK duplex flat at Kolkata at Navyom, which is a class apart in every sense. The lower floor features a 1734 sq.ft floor plate which includes a spacious living room that transitions in an expandable 184 sq.ft balcony. The upper floor encloses a floor plate of about 1523 sq. ft with a 60 sq.ft balcony area. As far as the layout is concerned, both floors have provisions for sizable bedrooms and stately toilets. However, what truly sets this layout apart is the provision for a centralized family room on each floor that has sufficient space for an extended seating area, an entertainment setup complete with surround sound for the whole family to relish together. These intimate areas are designed to bring about a sense of togetherness among members of the family.

  1. Expandable Living

Interestingly, Navyom is the first duplex flat Kolkata to introduce the concept of ‘Expandable Living’ in the city. What this means is that every living room opens up into a larger living space looking into the sprawling landscape of the residential complex, adding a sense of value and serenity to the residents’ lives.

The central design idea behind Navyom is a vision of providing lavish sizes of homes which can expand into larger living spaces. The units specifically part of the duplex flat can be transformed into changing spaces depending on the unique needs of the homeowner. Rest assured, this 6BHK duplex flat in Kolkata is uniquely expandable, flexible and exists in perfect harmony with the sprawling outdoor landscaped zones that reinvigorates life itself!

  1. Amenities

Navyom provides a galore of amenities and indulging activities for residents of all ages. These optimized homes overlook a huge landscaped podium with sports & leisure amenities that are offered in a 40,000 sq.ft  plush clubhouse. The leisure and athleisure amenities at the project include a first ever sports arena with a separate sky turf in a residential project in Kolkata, an olympic length pool, an exclusive health club, guest rooms, exclusive kids learning center and many more enthralling activities. Navyom also offers a barrage of amenities that can inspire all residents to get fit and take care of their bodies; the complex has  a steam, a sauna room, an indoor jacuzzi, and spa beds for residents to recharge in post-workout. 

  1. Design

At Navyom, the tall residential towers lie on the lap of 1.45 acres of plantation land which feature varied species of plants that help strike a harmonious ecological balance. The ten towers featuring 5BHK and 6BHK duplex flats in New Alipore are erected upright in the heart of  lush textured greenery. Navyom has been designed with a unique concept of ‘three-to-a-core’ where each of the towers is connected to a central common core. Aesthetically this appears in a way such that the core is spreading three wings of floor holistically along three directions.

In addition to the endearing look and feel,  this design lends an added sense of privacy in each apartment since none overlook each other directly. Another point of distinction is the grand double-heighted ground floor lobby which presents an inviting entrance to all those who pass through the gates.

  1. Vastu

Navyom has advanced Vastu Compliant Apartments with most duplex flats facing towards South, which will provide comfort as well as peace of mind to the homebuyers.

  1. Price

A 3257 sq.ft 6BHK duplex at Kolkata in Navyom starts at 4.06 crore 

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