Ready to Move Flats in New Alipore: Vyom (Premium Property)
By Pratik Balasaria
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An environment of peace and quiet can enable us to rest and think with ease. That is why we seek the quiet of the hills so that we can rest and distress. But could our homes be a source of the same calm too? Today in the 21st century, our homes could be more than just living spaces and be a source of calm and a safe haven where we can rest and rejuvenate. With this in mind, we introduce our ready to move flats in New Alipore, called, Vyom.

Our premium offering, Vyom, has been conceptualized to offer the best possible lifestyle and an impeccable work-life balance to Kolkatians. Situated in New Alipore, a developed neighborhood in the south of Kolkata came very close to our vision of offering the buzzing city life coupled with the serenity that our soul seeks.

The name Vyom is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘vyoman’ which means atmosphere, welfare, preservation. True to its name, Vyom has over 1,00,000 trees and shrubs, a natural pond, and rich biodiversity to make your home a living experience that no other flats in Kolkata can offer. Vyom offers 3 and 4 BHK ready to move flats in New Alipore, to its residents for a healthy and enriching experience. 

Kolkata Top Real Estate Company: PS Group

ready to move flats in New Alipore: Vyom

We at the PS group, have been creating living spaces since 1985. We began our journey in Kolkata and have expanded to up to 4 cities and successfully completed up to 130 projects nationwide. Our aim has been to create spaces which provide our residents with ample resources and amenities such that everything they need is found within the very gates.

The properties have been designed according to expert architectural insight such that they provide the residents with a place where they can live comfortably and also find the time to unwind and be at one with their surroundings. Our work has been acknowledged by the people through several accolades and recognitions which have further proven our expertise in this field.

Vyom: ready to move flats in New Alipore

ready to move flats in New Alipore: vyom

Vyom is spread over 7 acres and currently offers 3 and 4 BHK ready to move flats in New Alipore. It is already home to over 230 families and has been designed to provide ample space for the residents to be at one with nature. There are close to 1 lakh trees and shrubs in the property and with each added inch of the area, we have tried to inculcate more greenery into the premises. We have worked towards bringing the residents closer to nature, which might not always be possible in a fast-paced life. 

The architecture has been designed to help the residents breathe easy and rest comfortably in their surroundings. The residents have been offered a range of resources and activities to choose from to indulge in their well being and fitness.  

But this is not all, our love and dedication to provide you with memorable family time knows no limits and hence, every inch of Vyom, has been thought through after many many hours of research and planning. We have listed a few highlights that were most sought after by our lovely residents and we think these would make Vyom your first choice as well if you are looking for premium flats in New Alipore:


If you’re looking for ready to move in flats in New Alipore look no further as Vyom offers the ideal atmosphere for your next neighborhood. Spread across 7 acres, Vyom is home to many indigenous varieties of trees and shrubs. With every inch of the space we have worked towards expanding the green cover. The residents are able to walk through this dense greenery via the planned walkways. The property has been designed such that there is ample natural light and ventilation greeting the residents. A pond rich in biodiversity further induces calm into the fabric of the atmosphere.

ready to move flats in New Alipore: atmosphere

City life can be cumbersome and the lack of space is one of the prime reasons for the same. The property is, hence, constructed in an expansive manner which allows the residents to settle into their surroundings and rest comfortably. The indoor spaces too have been built in a manner which can enable several residents to gather at once while also leaving enough personal space for them to function with ease.


Your next 4 BHK flat in New Alipore come with a host of amenities and resources bound to improve your life and enable a healthier lifestyle.Vyom provides the largest range of amenities and activities in all of New Alipore. The amenities provide ample resources for activities and important health care for its residents. There are 3 pools in the property including one for the children and a clubhouse, expanding over 31500 square feet, which offers concierge services to the residents. A family jacuzzi helps the residents distress while a yoga and meditation room along with a meditation shall further help you unwind mindfully. The senior citizens also have space to themselves at the bamboo walkway which takes you to the interiors of the plantation. 

A business centre inside the property helps residents working individually to find an appropriate space to function to their full potential.

ready to move flats in New Alipore: amenities

There are ample spaces within the property for the residents to connect with each other and undertake festivities such as the banquet hall and the amphitheatre. A home theatre is also perfect for private screenings of your favourite films

Most importantly there are several fitness stations and an aqua gym along with a regular gymnasium for the residents to keep up with their fitness. A jogging track, basketball court and a squash court help the residents sweat it out in a less conventional fashion. We hope to infuse dynamism in our resident’s life by offering a wider range of amenities such that they can unwind and truly distress.

Healthy living

The flats in Vyom have been painted with a solution which has less volatile compounds such that the residents breathe cleaner. The air-conditioned apartments are also CFC free. The apartments are surrounded by toughened windows and walls built specifically to reduce the heat and sound waves entering the house. Unlike any other flat in Sahapur, New Alipur, at Vyom you can be rest assured that irrespective of the noise or the weather outside, you will always be at ease inside the confines of your home. 

Inclusive architecture

We at the PS group understand that people are and have the differing needs. It is with this understanding that we have inculcated designs for the differently abled so as to ensure that all services are equally available to them as well. The individual buildings have elevators which are suitable for the differently able residents. There is also a reserved parking space for the differently-abled so as to ensure that no added stress comes in their way.  

High-grade security

The residents in Vyom are secured with ample security measures and tools spread across the property to help. The CCTV surveillance along with video door phones in all apartments shall help our residents be at ease in such cases. There are security guards and cabins which screen entry at all entry points within the property.

The property is also well equipped for fire-related emergencies. There are several fire escapes at key points and fire hydrants in the common areas. A water sprinkler system also helps ward off any emergency before it might spread or prove fatal. Thereby making Vyom home to some of the best flats in New Alipore


Flat for sale in New Alipore offer all possible comforts to its residents because of its strategic location. Sri Sri Academy and Lakshmipat Singhania Academy are the nearest schools and are a short 7 to12 minutes drive away. Hospitals such as BP Poddar and CMRI are also easily accessible. Weekends are equally fun as the leisure centres like the Tolly club and the south city mall too is in close proximity to Vyom.


The Kalighat metro station is a 14-minute drive away making it easy for the residents to commute to work or the neighbouring localities. The property is also well connected to the important roadways of the region which enable a smooth travelling experience. The New Alipore station, accessible via the station road, is also within close proximity which further makes Vyom a well-connected property in Sahapur, New Alipore. 

Green Building Initiative, Conservation and Sustainability

As with most of our properties, we have made efforts to ensure the property has a positive impact on the environment. We have undertaken several steps to renew and reuse the resources such as water and wet waste. For instance the water from the air conditioners is treated for reuse and a rainwater harvesting plant ensures that ample water is saved for further use. A dual flushing system also saves the excess water we tend to waste on a day to day basis. Most importantly, the water used for the upkeep of the several plants and trees too is recycled.

As the world moves towards reduced waste generation we have made efforts to inculcate an environmentally friendly approach towards waste generation amongst the residents. The waste is segregated at source while an organic waste composter helps turn the wet waste into reusable compost.

Price and configurations

Vyom houses 3 and 4 BHK ready to move flats in New Alipore. Along with the flats, the property also houses garden homes and duplexes with triple-height balconies. The 3 BHK flats come in several configurations ranging from 1283 to 391 square feet while the 4 BHK flats are designed within a range of 1700 and 1831 square feet.[M1] . While the prices range from… to…


Vyom by the PS group is currently equipped for residents to live in and offers 3 and 4 BHK ready to move flats in New Alipore. Surrounded by lush greenery, the premises allow the residents to unwind and find the silence lacking elsewhere in the city. The space has been designed specifically to provide greater space to its residents thereby allowing them to lean into their surroundings and relax. 

Let us walk you through the most natural habitat that you could ever ask for. Our team will walk you through the lush greens and introduce you to your dream, green, and healthy living. Please contact us here.

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