Premium Flats for Sale in Beliaghata, Kolkata: Jiva
By Pratik Balasaria
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If you’re searching for flats for sale in Beliaghata, Kolkata, you won’t find a better property than PS Group’s PS Jiva

Jiva means alive in Bengali. And what can make one feel more alive than being one with nature? Living here, surrounded by trees, water, wind, and birds, you will feel like you’ve been given a new lease on life. 

This flat in beliaghata has been designed to bring nature into your living space. Besides spacious apartments and state-of-the-art amenities, we have gone beyond the ordinary and have incorporated 6 natural water ponds filled with indigenous fish, water gardens, ghats, floating patios, and sun decks on the premises. No other flat for sale in Beliaghata, Kolkata will make you feel serene in the middle of a busy city like Jiva will.

PS Jiva: flats for sale in Beliaghata

Jiva is currently under construction and more than 104 families have booked their 3 and 4 BHK apartments already. Join the community of people who like you, believe that maintaining a balance between modernity and nature is an essential part of the human experience. But there are many more reasons that PS Jiva would find a place in your heart:

In the heart of Nature at flat in beliaghata

All life comes from water. In fact, we are made up of mostly water. Water is a powerful and life-giving force. Realizing its importance, we have thoughtfully designed Jiva to give you the sense of serenity of being surrounded by the tranquil ripples of water. Our natural green areas are unique and will certainly bring a smile to your face and peace to your mind. 

Premium Flats for Sale in Beliaghata: jiva

Jiva is built around ghats, 6 natural ponds, floating gardens, a maze walk, and a moon garden. You would be hard-pressed to find similar facilities in any residential properties for sale in Beliaghata, Kolkata.

The 6 natural water ponds covering 45% of the area. Another 20% is covered in green spaces that make you feel at peace even in the midst of the chatter of normal life outside. 12% of the area is covered in walkways that allow you to spend time traipsing in these natural spaces. Only 25% of PS Jiva is built-up structures including homes and amenities. 

Architectural Excellence at flat in Beliaghata

The flats themselves are intelligently designed for optimum use of space and to provide a sense of luxury. They come with a private step-out balcony that gives you a secluded oasis of your own. They have been thoughtfully designed so that they are furnished with natural light and ventilation, giving them a feeling of airiness, qualities that will enrich your life beyond what’s ordinarily expected of flats for sale at Beliaghata, Kolkata.

Premium Flats for Sale in Beliaghata: architectural excellence

Sustainability and Green Initiative

For the purposes of energy conservation, we use energy-efficient lighting in all common areas. The complex is fitted with a grid-tie solar power generation system. All our parking spaces have electric vehicle charging points. And the lights outside are solar lights. 

For water conservation purposes, we have a water treatment plant in the complex ensuring that all the residents get safe and clean water in their homes. We also have a water monitoring system to ensure we use this precious resource efficiently. The flat in Beliaghata at PS Jiva also has a Rain Water Harvesting system to make sure excessive rainwater does not runoff. At the same time, we make sure to practice groundwater recharge so that the water tables are always maintained.

Premium Flats for Sale in Beliaghata: sustainability and green initiative

All bathrooms have a dual flushing system to minimize wastage of water. We use recycled water for gardening and flushing. Condensed water from air conditioners is treated through STP and then reused.

We have installed a Sewage Treatment Plant to ensure that all our waste is treated properly before being discharged. There is trash segregation at source in all apartments and the organic waste is utilized in an Organic Waste Composter to make compost which is used to feed the plants. 

These initiatives are in line with our philosophy at PS Group of always balancing development with environmental sustainability. We have kept this philosophy in mind while designing these flats for sale in Beliaghata, Kolkata.

Health and Comfort

We have taken many steps to ensure the utmost comfort and convenience for our residents. 

The building orientation is planned to ensure that there is ample natural light and ventilation in all houses. Common areas use low VOC paints which means they emit no harmful chemical fumes and are safe for everyone – from babies to the elderly. We use native plants for landscaping, ensuring that we preserve the natural biodiversity of the area. Indigenous fish are present in the natural ponds for excellent pest control. 

The roof tiles we use have a high solar reflective index meaning they do not heat up the houses too much during the summertime as normal tiles do. The air conditioners we use are VRV or VRF, which are referred to as the Rolls Royce of air conditioning, and are all CFC free.

We have defined pedestrian walkways throughout the complex maximizing the safety of our citizens. All blocks are fitted with two high-speed passenger elevators.

Inclusive Designs at flat in beliaghata

The inclusive design offers a great opportunity to bring people together; it extends further than accessibility, which focuses on users with special needs. PS group is known for love, harmony, and bliss during our family time and this principle ensures that we provide the same living experience to all our residents despite their different needs. 

Jiva is equipped with smart elevators, reserved parking spots, and accommodating common areas with wheelchair-friendly toilets.

Amenities in flat in beliaghata

Designed with our residents in mind, we have ensured that every need, preference, and wants of our people are met at Jiva.

Our indoor amenities include a banquet hall, a well-equipped gymnasium for those interested in fitness, a massage room and a steam & sauna room for you to relax, an internet café for those who work on the go or simply want a change of workplace, a kid’s playroom, a reading room, a recreation center, and guest rooms. 

Premium Flats for Sale in Beliaghata: amenities

We also have a party lawn for hosting events, a yoga zone, a multipurpose outdoor kid’s play area, and a jogging track. For those interested in sports we have an open badminton court and a swimming pool.


To put your mind at ease about the safety of your family, Jiva has considerable security features in place. All common areas have a fire hydrant system. Fire escape staircases present in all buildings are fitted with fire-rated doors. We use an addressable fire detection system and have fire sprinkler systems in all common areas. 

Common areas also have manual call points with hooters. All apartments have video door phones. The entry points to the premises have security cabins and boom barriers. The complex has IP-based CCTV surveillance and all elevators have seismic sensors.


Jiva, a property in Beliaghata Main Road Kolkata, is located less than a kilometer away from the Phoolbagan-Beliaghata Crossing in Beliaghata, which is one of the most prominent residential areas in Kolkata. The fast-paced development in this part of the city has led to many well-known corporations making this area their home. 

Beliaghata is located close to areas like Park Street, Mani Square, and Kankurgachi, which are vibrant with an array of entertainment options. CIT Road, which connects Ultadanga to Kolkata, also starts from Beliaghata Main Road. It is well-connected by roads and by public transportation to all commercial hubs of Kolkata. The two closest hospitals are the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital and the AMRI Hospital Salt Lake. Many eminent schools are present in the vicinity including the Loreto Day School and Don Bosco Park Circus. Because of its strategic location, many residents find their dream residential flats in Beliaghata Main Road Kolkata at Jiva and it is fast becoming the go-to choice for families looking for flats in Kolkata North.


Jiva is centrally located in a prime space near the Phoolbagan-Beliaghata Crossing in Beliaghata, Kolkata. Beliaghata Main Road is one of Kolkata’s major roads connecting EM Bypass to Central Kolkata. For commute purposes, public transport is easily available in the area and the nearest metro station is the Phoolbagan Metro station. Sealdah Railway Station and the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport are also easily reachable. This makes it ideal for apartments for sale in Beleghata, Kolkata.


Buying a 4 or 3 BHK flat for sale in Beliaghata Kolkata at Jiva will attract 18% GST.


This property in Beliaghata, Kolkata is built with adherence to RERA norms.

Pricing and Configurations

This project is under construction and will soon have ready to move flats in Beliaghata, Kolkata. It offers both quality living and affordability. It offers 3 BHK flats with carpet areas ranging from 859 square feet to 1116 square feet and 4 BHK apartments with carpet areas of 1490 square feet.

About us: PS Group

At PS Group, we have been a trusted name and industry leader in real estate for over three decades. Since 1985 our focus has been on providing families with high-quality living spaces and amenities balanced with liveability and affordability. 

We believe in providing innovative architectural design, state-of-the-art facilities, sustainability solutions, and delivering on our promises on time. We have received over 100 awards for our work and helped set up the West Bengal Real Estate Developers Association. 

Jiva is our latest offering of 3BHK and 4BHK flats for sale in Beliaghata Kolkata.


If you’re looking for the perfect balance between luxury and affordability, between the modern and the natural, between the well-developed and the organic, look no further than Jiva by PS Group. Well-connected to all parts of the city and easily accessible, Jiva is an easy decision for the next home for you and your family. It is only a short commute from most upcoming commercial spaces in Kolkata, and yet it feels like it is in the heart of nature. With all the amenities you and your family can think of, Jiva is an ideal living space for the young and the old alike. So if you’ve been searching for flats for sale in Beliaghata, Kolkata, search no more. Contact us for more information.

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