Apartment | Flat in Beliaghata: Jiva , a home in nature
By Pratik Balasaria
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A splash of nature in the heart of Kolkata. A medley of colors in a land of concrete.

A collection of wind, water, greens, birds, natural reserves, walkways, ponds, lakeside promenades, cabanas and homes. A fluid dialogue between these prized elements that create a ripple of life is Jiva– a home that will always be more than just a flat in Beliaghata, rather, this is a collection of enchanting abodes in the lap of nature.

Jiva is considered as “the most natural living where homes begin and end with water.” Located 700 mt. from Phoolbagan-Beliaghata crossing. Every Jiva home watches the sun rise and set. The crown jewel of sustainable housing projects by luxury real estate company in Kolkata – PS Group, JIVA is 43% water bodies, 20% greens, 12% walkways & 25% homes and amenities. 

What was the thought-process behind the conceptualization of this striking vision? What is the driving force that has brought this 1.43-acre construction to life?  We investigate in this candid conversation with the architect for the project.

  1. For starters, what is the inspiration behind naming this housing project ‘Jiva’? What significance does the name hold?

In Bengali, Jiva means being. And what can make one feel more alive than being nurtured and nourished by the calming greens of nature? Living here, surrounded by trees, water, wind and birds, will give you so much more than just a sense of owning a flat in Beliaghata; instead you will feel like you’ve been given a new lease on life. 

We’ve designed the complex to bring nature into your home. Besides spacious apartments and state-of-the-art amenities, we have gone beyond the ordinary and have incorporated 6 natural water ponds filled with indigenous fish, water gardens, ghats, floating patios, and sun decks in the premises. Unlike another flat for sale in Beliaghata, Kolkata, Jiva will make you feel serene in the middle of a busy city.

  1. It is said that Jiva is made up of 43% water. How has this been executed at the property?

Water is a powerful and life-giving force. We have thoughtfully designed Jiva to give you the sense of serenity that comes with being surrounded by the tranquil ripples of water, since it is a natural soothing agent. It’s akin to living close to the ocean in the middle of a landlocked city like Kolkata! Our natural green areas are unique and will certainly bring a smile to your face and peace to your mind. 

When you buy a flat in Beliaghata at Jiva, you will be living in the midst of ghats, 6 natural ponds, floating gardens, a maze walk, and a moon garden. It will certainly be a herculean task to find similar facilities in other residential properties for sale in Beliaghata, Kolkata.

The 6 natural water ponds cover 45% of the area. Another 20% is covered in green spaces and natural foliage that will bring a sense of calm and tranquil in the chaos of normal life outside. 12% of the area is covered in walkways that allow you to spend time traipsing in these natural spaces. Only 25% of Jiva is built up structures including homes and amenities. 

  1. It is said that the 4BHK flats in Beliaghata at Jiva are primed for optimal sunlight. How does the 4BHK floor plan fit into this? Does this benefit extend to the common areas as well?

The living rooms and bedroom exteriors are positioned in a manner that gives them access to maximum sunlight as well as splendid views. The block geometry and site orientation provide the best view to residents of 4BHK flats in Beliaghata at Jiva. The non-parallel block, as well as the step-out balcony, provides a sense of serenity and privacy.

Individual home units in both 3BHK flats and 4BHK flats variants have been designed to maximize efficiency and usable space inside the house. The building lobby has been tastefully designed to channel ample natural light and ventilation for the majority of the day.

  1. In terms of functional design, what steps have been taken to aid the health and safety of the residents at Jiva?

Across all the towers and constructed spaces at Jiva, we use low VOC paints that emit no harmful chemical fumes and are safe for everyone – from babies to the elderly. We use native plants for landscaping, ensuring that we preserve the natural biodiversity of the area. Indigenous fish are present in the natural ponds- the oldest form of organic pest control. 

The roof tiles we use have a high solar reflective index meaning, i.e., they do not heat up the houses too much during the summers as is the case with regular tiling. We use VRV or VRF air conditioners, which are commonly referred to as the Rolls Royce of air conditioning and are 100% CFC free.

We have defined pedestrian walkways throughout the complex maximizing the safety of our citizens. All blocks are fitted with two high-speed passenger elevators.

  1. For many modern-day urban Kolkatians, sustainability, and optimum waste management are of paramount importance. Are there processes in place at Jiva that ensure this?

At Jiva, all bathrooms have a dual flushing system to minimize wastage of water. We use recycled water gathered from human drainage systems for gardening and flushing. Condensed water from air conditioners is treated through STP and then reused.

We have installed a Sewage Treatment Plant to ensure that all our waste is treated properly before being discharged. There is trash segregation at source in all apartments and the organic waste is utilized in an Organic Waste Composter to make compost which is used to feed the plants. 

These initiatives are in line with our philosophy at PS Group of always balancing development with environmental sustainability. We have kept this philosophy in mind while designing these flats for sale in Beliaghata, Kolkata.

  1. What were the three main things that were kept in mind while designing the 4 BHK floor plan at Jiva?

First and foremost, we’ve built a thriving natural ecosystem for our residents at Jiva- one that gives them access to natural sunlight, birds, fish and soothing water bodies. Within the homes, we’ve tried to maximize efficiency and living space in a way that our residents can derive maximum comfort and utility from their respective homes. If you look at our 4BHK floor plan, the door opens into the main foyer of the home with rooms on both sides that lead to the central living area. This design brings a sense of centricity into the home since this area will be utilized by family members for shared activities. We have made provisions for full-length sliding doors for the balcony which further accentuates the feeling of openness. These aspects are truly unique to our signature flat in Beliaghata at Jiva.

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