Exclusive List of Luxurious & Premium 4 BHK flats in Kolkata
By Pratik Balasaria

The city of Kolkata is a melting pot of rich cultural heritage and architecture. It’s impossible to take a walk down the streets of the colonial capital of India and not feel overwhelmed by the unique structures and mesmerizing design, both old and new. This is why seeking a permanent address in this remarkable city is a matter of immense pride. While the city accommodates one and all, there is an abundance of contemporary apartment for sale in kolkata and 4 bhk flat in kolkata that offer all facets of luxury living and comfort beyond the ends of your imagination. World-class architecture, well-planned civic architecture, and exemplary in-complex amenities in luxury flats in Kolkata has it all.

In this blog, we will explore the most prominent projects offering 4BHK flats in Kolkata to assist you in the homebuying process.

PS Group: One-Stop Hub for Luxury Flats in Kolkata

At PS Group, we’ve built a legacy of trust over 30 years. We started out in 1985 with a single-vision in mind- that of creating quality living spaces for happy families. Over the years, we’ve developed over 100 landmark buildings and nurtured residences through industry-first innovations and cutting-edge design. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or retail real estate, the skyline of Kolkata is bejeweled with our versatile construction.

As one of the premier real estate companies in Kolkata, we uphold many promises to our cherished residents- the most important of which is to build beautiful & timeless luxury flats in Kolkata that last a lifetime. Here you can hear from our thousands of satisfied customers.

Noteworthy 4 BHK & Luxury Apartment in Kolkata by PS Group

Within the Kolkata residential market, we’re well known for building quality luxury residences that meet the evolving needs of our well-traveled homebuyer. Over the last few years, we’ve created an exhaustive portfolio of projects featuring 4 BHK flats in Kolkata that extends all corners of the city. Whether you have a detailed 4 BHK duplex house plan in mind or are actively looking out for a well-planned luxury flats and 4 bhk villa in Kolkata, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take you through each of them in detail:

  1. The Reserve: flats in Ballygunge
  2. Aurus: flats in EM Bypass
  3. Anassa: flats in EM Bypass
  4. Jiva: Flats in Phoolbagan-Beliaghata
  5. Vyom: flats in New Alipore
  6. Navyom: ready to move flats in New Alipore
  7. Hazelton: flats in Park Street

1. The Reserve: 4 BHK Apartment in Kolkata at Ballygunge

If you’re looking for 4 bhk flats in ballygunge Kolkata for sale, The Reserve will be a top pick. Located in the heart of Ballygunge, The Reserve by PS group is a plush 4BHK + 4T apartment complex that includes provisions for servant quarters. 4BHK flats in The Reserve are available for sale across two categories, ie, 2,700 sq.ft & 4,000 sq.ft. The price tag for these luxury flats in kolkata falls in the range of 5.25 – 8 cr respectively.

Cost of 4 BHK Apartment

The price tag for these premium residences falls in the range of 5.25 – 8 cr respectively.

Neighbourhood of the 4 BHK Apartment: Ballygunge

If there is one locality in Kolkata synonymous with luxury and architectural poise, it is Ballygunge, located in South Kolkata. The social infrastructure of this area includes many new malls and recreational zones making it an interesting settlement space for HNIs and successful professionals. Many young families looking for urban lifestyle amenities in Kolkata prefer Ballygunge due to its proximity to the Central Business District of the city.

2. PS Aurus : 4BHK and Luxury Flats in Kolkata Near EM Bypass

A 4 bhk flat in EM Bypass is the modern-day dream for many city residents. Our signature housing project, Aurus, is a high-rise luxury project located in Tangra, off the EM Bypass, situated in comfortable proximity to ITC Sonar, JW Marriott, and Science City. The skyscraper project features luxurious 4 BHK best apartments in Kolkata with 22ft wide balconies. Moreover, if you have your heart set on 4 BHK duplex in Kolkata, Aurus offers spacious variations of these multi-storey 4 BHK flats too.

The USP of luxury flats in kolkata and 4 BHK apartments in Aurus is the tall and aesthetically grand appearance of the residences. These double-ceiling homes come with extra-large balconies, kitchen & service yard that are open from three sides that facilitate cross-ventilation. Fresh air is the ultimate benefit we provide in each 4BHK luxury flat in Kolkata at Aurus.

Types of 4 BHK Flats in Aurus

  • The 4 bhk house plan in Aurus encloses a carpet area of 1777 sq.ft and a 151 sq.ft of balcony area.
  • The 4 bhk duplex house plan in Aurus encloses a carpet area of 1438 sq.ft on the lower floor, 1116 sq.ft on the upper floor, and 59 sq.ft of balcony area.

Aurus Amenities in the Best 4 BHK Apartment

As the most awarded luxury project in Kolkata and known for its green initiatives, Aurus includes a host of modern amenities. The aesthetically Club Aura expands over 50,000 sq.ft of space and offers lavish amenities like a 40mt. swimming pool, exclusive health club, squash, tennis, and badminton courts, a sun-deck, an outdoor jacuzzi, international concierge, and a sky lounge at 374 ft high.

Aurus Cost of Luxury Flats in Kolkata

The price of 4 bhk flat on em bypass Kolkata in Aurus can cost you upwards of 3.73cr.

Locality: Tangra, off the EM Bypass

Once known for its tanneries and Chinese inhabitants, Tangra in East Kolkata has evolved to be known as one of Kolkata’s latest preferred localities for residential buyers. PS Aurus is located at Matheswartala Road, near Science City, Tangra, just a few minutes from EM Bypass which connects North & south Kolkata. Given its long-standing Chinese connection, the locality has set a strong foundation for the Indo-Chinese diaspora, deepening its roots in the food and music has influenced in turn Bengali culture and cuisine. Tangra is easily accessible, with a number of bus routes and cycle-rickshaw pullers servicing the area. It is a desirable destination to stay in such luxury flats due to the development of new IT parks, shopping complexes, departmental stores, and others.

3. PS Anassa : 4 BHK Flats in Kolkata at EM Bypass

Very few residential projects in mainland Kolkata exemplify luxury living similar to our pristine offering located within an arms’ length of EM Bypass. Anassa is a luxurious residential project featuring state of the art 5 BHK & 4 BHK flats in Kolkata. The property features plush 2000 – 2500 sq.ft best apartments in Kolkata in close proximity with JW Marriott on one side and ITC Royal Bengal on the other. As far as world-class construction and interiors go, Anassa is a collection of 93 tailormade residences adorned with majestic bedrooms, large windows inspired by French homes, large kitchens, and terraces that paint a mesmerizing view of the vast wetlands; these intricate details make Anassa feature regularly among the top luxurious 4 bhk apartments in Kolkata. The USP of Anassa is lavish master suites that gross over 600 sq.ft in space! Talk about living in the lap of these luxury flats in kolkata. 

Types of 4 BHK Apartment in Anassa

The 4 BHK plan in terms of area Anassa is available in 6 variations spanning from 2084 sq.ft to 2566 sq.ft. On average, a 4BHK house encloses a carpet area of 1971 sq.ft and 151 sq.ft balconies.

Anassa Amenities of Luxury Flats

The project includes many modern amenities for a comfortable family life such as landscaped gardens, infinity pools as well as kids’ pools and play areas, multiple gymnasiums, and squash courts. PS Group was awarded the Realty+ Award 2020 for the Iconic Project of the year for Anassa. 

Cost of Anassa Luxury Flats in Kolkata:

A 4BHK residence at Anassa can cost you upwards of 5 Cr.

4. PS Jiva : luxury flats and 4 BHK flats in Kolkata at Phoolbagan-Beliaghata

Located about 700m from the Phoolbagan-Beliaghata crossing, Jiva is an exquisite assortment of natural ponds and lavish 4BHK penthouses, duplex, and apartments. In fact, if you’re looking for a 4 bhk penthouse in Kolkata, few options within the city will be quite as wholesome as Jiva. 4BHK flats in Jiva are surrounded by water gardens, ‘ghats,’ floating patios, sun decks and flowers that make everyday living a sight to behold. 

As a residential project, Jiva is the culmination of intelligent design for optimum space shrouded in rich greenery and natural delight.

Area of Luxury Flats in Kolkata

The 4BHK house plan at Jiva encloses a carpet area of 1490 sq.ft along with a balcony area of 95 sq.ft.

Amenities of luxury flats in kolkata

Jiva is a residential dream come true for a nature lover- it features floating gardens, jogging tracks, ghats, outdoor yoga zones and jogging tracks. Built keeping young kids in mind, this residential project includes tastefully designed kids’ play area, sports arenas, and game rooms to check the young ones entertained. From a sustainability standpoint, Jiva has executed various initiatives for rain water harvesting, groundwater recharge, and processes that recirculate condensed water from air conditioners treated through STP for reuse. Jiva is a home for the environmentally conscious citizen.

Cost of luxury flats

4BHK apartments in Kolkata at Jiva can cost you upwards of 2 Cr.

Neighbourhood: Phoolbagan-Beliaghata

Phoolbagan is an upcoming locality in North Kolkata, while Beleghata is a neighborhood located in the eastern part of the city. Phoolbagan-Beliaghata is an upcoming suburb which houses NRI and IT professionals and Bengali locals alike. This blended audience gives Phoolbagan-Beliaghata the image of a thriving metropolis amidst the larger population landscape of Kolkata. The connectivity of Phoolbagan-Beliaghata is boosted by EM Bypass which is frequented by most residents.

5. PS Vyom : 4BHK flats in Kolkata in New Alipore

What’s better than a 4 bhk flat in kolkata near Alipore? It’s a 4 bhk flat in New Alipore. Loaded with the benefits of improved civic planning and infrastructure, New Alipore enjoys the best of both worlds. Located in South Kolkata at the New Alipore crossing, Vyom is the perfect affordable luxury residential destination and is often considered among the more prominent 4 bhk best apartments in kolkata. Vyom offers over 300 semi-furnished 4BHK air-conditioned homes that are safe, secure, and self-sufficient. Among these, the complex also includes 13 exclusive garden homes and duplexes with triple-height balconies!

The USP of Vyom is the aesthetically planned green-cover. Spread across 7 acres, PS Vyom is a rich hub for biodiversity featuring a thick green cover and natural ponds. Vyom is a nature-lover’s dream come true!

Area of Luxury Flats in Kolkata at PS Vyom

The 4 BHK plan in Vyom ranges from 1700 sq.ft to 1831 sq.ft in carpet area. The balcony space in these 4BHK flats ranges from 70 to 73 sq.ft


Vyom features a 31,500 sq.ft world-class clubhouse with an international concierge, 3 pools, exclusive kids learning center, state of the art home theater, a wellness center, squash court, multipurpose courts, fitness stations, and much more.


The 4BHK flats in Kolkata at PS Vyom cost upwards of 1.7 Cr.

Neighbourhood: luxury flats in Kolkata at New Alipore

There are few localities in Kolkata considered quite as premium as New Alipore. Developed as an extension to the celebrated Alipore, which is well-known for being one of the most sought-after pin-codes in the city, New Alipore is a rapidly developing suburb in South Kolkata which receives increasing interest from homebuyers year after year. Many tourists flock to Alipore to visit famous landmarks such as the Victoria Memorial Hall, the Birla planetarium and the Botanical Gardens. All these attractions, the serene landscape and the thriving hustle bustle make this area a perfect neighbourhood to reside and invest in quality 4BHK flats in Kolkata. The area boasts of good connectivity with Central Kolkata through road and rail & presents good civic amenities as well as recreational avenues.

6. PS Navyom: 4 BHK Apartment in Kolkata in New Alipore

Navyom is ready to welcome you with a spectacular view of the city, first-of-its-kind expandable living area, playgrounds aplenty and most importantly, all the amenities that will make you feel satisfied with the space in your home. It is the largest residential park in all of Alipore and New Alipore. It has the first-ever sports arena with a separate sky turf in a residential project in Kolkata. There are 292 crafted best apartments in Kolkata available as 4 BHK simplex and 5 BHK and 6 BHK duplex homes.

Amenities of Luxury Flats in Kolkata

The 4 BHK duplex house plan at Navyom offers exemplary living in comfortable surroundings with luxurious amenities like pools, jacuzzi, expansive play lawns, outdoor movie podiums, sun deck among countless others. Watch movies on the new outdoor pavilion, enjoy fitness classes on an indoor court, or play pickleball in the lush indoor green space. The palm trees surround the pool and spa area, making it the perfect place to relax after a workout or fun day at the pool.

Cost of Luxury Flats in Kolkata

The 4BHK flats in New Alipore at PS Vyom cost upwards of 1.83 Cr.

7. PS Hazelton : 4BHK Flats in Kolkata at Park Street

PS Hazelton is an under-construction residential project by PS Group scheduled for completion in 2023. The sanctioned plot for this residential complex is in the iconic Park Street area of the city. Hazelton will feature premium 4 BHK residences in Central Kolkata.

Luxury Flats and 4 BHK Apartment to Enjoy Spacious Homes

Few purchases come close to the joy of buying 4BHK flats in Kolkata. At PS Group, we offer various luxurious options across flats, duplex and penthouses to fulfill your diverse needs.  Reach out to our sales team at [email protected] or call us at +91 33 6767 6767 to get a quote today.

What is the Best Location to Buy a 4 BHK Flat in Kolkata?

New Alipore and EM Bypass are among the popular localities of Kolkata, for you to seek your apartment purchase.

Are all PS Projects Ready to Move?

The select PS Projects are already welcoming the owners to start their livelihood, while most of the others are almost done and will soon be ready for residents to live.

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