Luxury Flat in Kolkata : A Checklist
By Pratik Balasaria
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There are many considerations that you need to keep in mind when you purchase a luxury flat in Kolkata. From the location to the safety, luxury properties in Kolkata come with an array of amenities. But deciding which luxury flat in Kolkata to buy can be a daunting decision. After all, for many families purchasing their dream home comes with a lot of considerations. We’ve compiled this helpful list, that’ll tell you the things to keep in mind when purchasing luxury properties in Kolkata. 

Know your luxury flat preferences

Luxury flat in kolkata

Before you step out to purchase a luxury flat in Kolkata, you will need to make a checklist. In the checklist, make a note of how much space you need, what amenities are important to you etc. This will help you decide what kind of a luxury flat to buy. From 4 bhk villas, to duplex houses in Kolkata, you can find the best luxury apartments in Kolkata. 

Luxury apartments in Kolkata for sale come with unique features that set them apart from regular flats for sale in Kolkata. They can be easily distinguished due to their magnificent architecture, amenities and exclusivity. However finding the perfect luxury flat in Kolkata that meets all your needs and budget can be an exhaustive process. If you are a first time home buyer, here are some helpful things to look for when purchasing a luxury flat in Kolkata. With this list, you can find the perfect home in one of the best luxury apartments in Kolkata.

What to look for in a luxury flat in Kolkata

Here are some of the most important things to look for when purchasing luxury properties in Kolkata.

1. Aesthetics of a luxury flat

One of the important aspects that set apart luxury apartments from a regular 4 bhk apartment, are the aesthetics of the building or residential complex. There are many upcoming residential projects in Kolkata, like Aurus and Anassa that are the epitome of luxury. These luxury flats in Kolkata come with some breathtaking views of the city and absolutely modern aesthetics. They are designed by well renowned architects that are able to maximise space in these luxury properties in Kolkata. One of the crucial aspects of a luxury flat is in fact spaciousness. A luxury flat in Kolkata comes with a pretty hefty price tag, and thus should have ample space. Homeowners lookout for extra space that can be converted to a study or a Pooja room depending on their requirement.

Before you make your final choice about which luxury flats in Kolkata to buy, take some time to research the architect that has designed the space. The aesthetic of the designer should match yours whether you prefer a more classic or modern style. 

2. Prime Location of your Luxury flat in kolkata

When it comes to choosing a luxury flat in Kolkata, the location can make all the difference. Premium locations in Kolkata will be close to good schools and leisure options that define luxurious living. Some of the prime locations that offer luxury flats in Kolkata include New Alipore, Ballygunge, Park Street, EM Bypass, Salt Lake, and Loudon Street. These are the preferred upmarket residential areas of Kolkata that have the best attractions in Kolkata, as well as good connectivity to schools and hospitals. Many upcoming residential projects in Kolkata are being built in these locations. These new residential projects in Kolkata South come with state of the art amenities that will truly elevate your home to luxury status. 

3. Security

Security features are an important consideration when purchasing luxury apartments in Kolkata. Round the clock CCTV and physical security guards that prevent trespassers from entering the property are standard features you can expect when you buy a luxury flat in Kolkata. But you should also ensure that the building is well lit and comes with CCTV cameras fitted in all areas of the building. 

4. Building Amenities

What truly sets apart luxury properties are the amenities they provide in the building. New age luxury flats are built in the midst of nature. Since staying at home has become the new norm, these luxury flats in Kolkata also come with walking trails that provide residents with plenty of space to go for a walk or a run within the premises. Green open areas have become a necessity to keep us close to nature.

Many of these luxury flats come with beautiful landscaped gardens with flora and fauna to give you that zen feeling. Most luxury apartments in Kolkata also come with well equipped gyms. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then be sure to lookout for a state of the art gym when you purchase luxury flats in Kolkata. If sports is important to you, then make sure to see if the property has sports facilities like badminton courts, squash courts, lawn tennis courts, basketball courts and volleyball courts etc. 

Luxury properties in Kolkata also come with a lot of extra amenities you may not otherwise find in regular residential complexes in Kolkata. These could be natural ponds or walkways like what you can find in PS Group’s Jiva. It is made up of over 43% natural water bodies. Many properties also have yoga and meditation rooms since taking care of our mental health has become so essential. Some luxury flats in Kolkata also come with outdoor Jacuzzis and Olympic sized swimming pools for those fond of being in water.

Another common feature you can find in these luxury flats are resident only clubhouses. These come with exclusive recreation options like movie theatres, lounges to dine in, common spaces for hosting parties etc. If you frequent such clubs often, it can be a boon to have one within the premises of your apartment building. 

If you have young children, do keep an eye out for amenities for your kids that will keep them occupied. Most luxury buildings also have daycare centres for those with young toddlers. Some luxury flats in Kolkata also have creches for babies. The amenities differ from building to building.

A list of the Best Luxury flat in kolkata

This guide mentions everything you need to keep an eye out for when you set out to purchase luxury flats in Kolkata. For more helpful guides on the best luxury properties in Kolkata, do check out our other detailed blog posts.

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