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Kolkata has absorbed various influences over the centuries and evolved, creating new areas of interest and prominence. The charm of old Kolkata remains, but the new realty zones are getting the focus for contemporary lifestyle amenities. EM Bypass has become the new hub of development, with several neighbourhoods along this stretch offering premium residential spaces. Duplex apartments on EM Bypass are in big demand as they provide spacious living just like bungalows and villas but at a cheaper cost.

New replaces old

Being the IT corridor, EM Bypass is the emerging face of modern Kolkata. With spatial extension around the fringes, there are major changes taking place. Luxury apartments on EM Bypass have redefined the real estate skyline. If Chowringhee and BBD Bag represent the colonial glory of Kolkata, EM Bypass is the choice of the young generation employed in IT, insurance and banking sectors. Earlier, it was just a connecting road from North to South, and now it is the new lifeline that provides seamless connectivity to Salt Lake, New Town and Rajarhat. Split into three stretches, the northern part starts from Chingrighata, connects with Kolkata East, the central part runs from Chingrighata to Ruby and the southern part starts from Ruby to Kamalgazi.

Better connectivity

Luxury apartments on EM Bypass register impressive growth in demand as the new Metro route nears completion. Greater connectivity is expected to boost the prospects of the neighbourhoods close to EM Bypass. The entire stretch of EM Bypass is set to become the main arterial road of Kolkata and ramp up the real estate potential of the area.

Duplex apartments on EM Bypass

EM Bypass was developed to ease the flow of traffic but it has improved connectivity and infrastructural growth along the stretch. Premium housing complexes have come up with international amenities. Educational institutions and medical centres, shopping malls, commercial markets and dining restaurants have created valuable social infrastructure. With high-end constructions in the adjoining areas, EM Bypass is fast developing into a residential hotspot with a mix of commercial growth. Duplex apartments on EM Bypass attract home buyers from the upper-middle-class families who prefer to invest in these properties for a better lifestyle and convenient living with large families.

Advanced lifestyle amenities

Driven by the rapid growth of branded retail outlets, star hotels, and hospitals in the northern and southern parts of EM Bypass, along with proximity to the central business district of New Town and the IT hub in Sector V in Salt Lake, neighbourhoods around EM Bypass have developed into a premium residential zone. Luxury hotels and upscale restaurants have created an advanced lifestyle for the upper-middle-class segment. Luxury apartments on EM Bypass have attracted middle-income group customers with posh residential options available in the affordable price range. Duplex apartments on EM Bypass meet the privacy needs of the home buyers and offer multiple benefits of peace, connectivity, spaciousness, facilities and infrastructure.

New pockets of growth

Kolkata’s real estate market has evolved in the last decade. Promising areas of real estate development near EM Bypass – New Town, Rajarhat and Madurdaha – have become popular choices. Property experts view New Town, a planned satellite city in West Bengal, as a central business district today. The area has well-balanced commercial and retail development due to the growth in the size of the workforce who seek housing options near their workplace. Its proximity to the IT hub in sector V in Salt Lake is the prime reason explaining the growing popularity of this micro-location.

Salt Lake Sector V is a premium residential zone with access to all civic amenities. The IT hub at Sector V located nearby makes Salt Lake the ideal choice for those employed in the IT sector, for business owners and high-ranking government officials. Clusters of fancy restaurants and fine-dining eateries serve global cuisines. Upscale malls for entertainment and shopping purposes and private hospitals for advanced healthcare are located within easy reach. Salt Lake Sector V is a thriving commercial real estate hub in Kolkata.

Shopping and entertainment hub

With the development of luxury apartments on EM Bypass, there is a sizable community of people with high disposable income showing interest. Also, people from other parts of the city flock to this area for entertainment and shopping needs every day. EM Bypass has already become a food destination, displacing Park Street in cuisines. The premium housing complexes along the EM Bypass offer quality food outlets. Malls in the vicinity offer eating joints and lifestyle brands to indulge in a truly international shopping experience, providing dollops of entertainment to the millennial generation with money to splurge.

Healthcare hub

EM Bypass has some of the best healthcare facilities. The stretch, lined with reputed hospitals such as Ruby, Apollo Gleneagles, Fortis, Desun, Medica, Peerless and RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, is recognised as a premium healthcare hub in Kolkata. EM Bypass has state-of-the-art hospitals and nursing homes that bring in residents here. The proximity assures families of advanced medical facilities and timely medical care during emergencies. As a result, there is a spurt in gated complexes with luxury apartments on EM Bypass for well-to-do families who seek the best environment for healthy living.

EM Bypass has become one of the coveted locations for business and residence, encouraging developers to launch their high-end projects. With almost a dozen roads offering better connectivity to other parts of the city, the prices of luxury apartments on EM Bypass have already gone up. Government policies and initiatives have also contributed to the development of the EM Bypass neighbourhoods, creating vast infrastructural facilities that have led to the real estate boom in the area, making it a good option for luxury living and shopping.

In the coming decade, EM Bypass is ready to emerge as the most livable area with everything available in the vicinity. Already, in the last couple of years, there has been an exponential rise in the real estate projects offering duplex apartments on EM Bypass. This trend is going to gather momentum in the future.

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