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By Pratik Balasaria
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Among homebuyers in Kolkata across the length and breadth of the city, there is a form of residential real estate that has caught everyone’s attention- the duplex flat! There are many reasons for the growing fascination for this sought-after layout in Kolkata and why it’s the ideal home solution for prospective homeowners in the Bangla capital. In this blog, we will explore those reasons, and suggest coveted housing projects in Kolkata for your due consideration that can come in handy while shortlisting a duplex flat.

5 bhk flat design in Duplex flat: Exploring the Benefits

duplex flat: benefits of living in a  duplex flat
  1. Multi-floor layout: A duplex flat features a multi-floor layout which is missing in the typical simplex flat. It consists of two floors stacked vertically one on top of the other which lends an air of privacy while upholding togetherness between two families. The duplex flat setup is ideal for larger families that can utilize the space amicably and comfortably as and when the need arises. Certain duplex homes also feature separate entry and exit points such that individual family members can enjoy an extra sense of mobility and convenience within the house.
  2. Elevated ceilings: The structural design of a duplex flat is extended over two floors that are connected via a common staircase or elevator. Due to this design, the living room often features a double-storey ceiling height that adds to the grandeur of the flat and gives the home access to a lot of natural light. Elevated double-height ceilings can lend an air of luxury to any home.
  3. Extended family spaces: Another fascinating aspect of a duplex flat is the shared family spaces that are outlined as part of the layout of the house. Most duplex apartments in Kolkata feature extended games, multi-media, or outdoor family units where the whole family can gather and spend time together. This central space for bonding is missing in the layout of typical flats in Kolkata.
  4. Best of both worlds: Many homebuyers have a thorough fascination for living in a bungalow or row-house although these housing options may not have the amenities and activities that are typically part of a high-end apartment complex. Building and maintaining a standalone bungalow involves a serious amount of work; from setting up the civil infrastructure to establishing the plumbing framework, the structure requires repeat repair and maintenance every few years. On the flip side, buying a duplex flat within a premium housing complex gives you access to the shared amenities offered within the clubhouse such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, and sports facilities that are missing in a standalone row-house or bungalow. Even repair and maintenance of these homes is easier because of the ease of access of support staff in the society that is merely an intercom call away!

5 bhk flat design in duplex flat in Kolkata

duplex flat: 5bhk duplex flats in Kolkata

Here are our top two picks for you. These luxurious residential buildings in Kolkata are a class apart then any other apartments Kolkata city has to offer. Sustainable, Smart, State of the art technology, landscaping, club houses, amenities, and layouts have been designed with precision and extravagance. These two properties may be perfect for you, if extravagance is your style.

1. PS Aurus : A coveted 5 BHK Duplex in South Kolkata near em bypass Kolkata

Few properties in Kolkata can match the stately elegance of Aurus. The twin towers located just off the 22km long EM Bypass overlook the wetlands on one side and the Mirania lake on the other. Located in between ITC Sonar and JW Marriott, Aurus lives up to every standard of luxury and elegance you can hope to find in a 5-star hotel. Resplendent and picturesque in appeal, the 5BHK duplex flat will make all your dreams come true. Here is why:

  1. Layout: If you were ever hoping to live in a condo at Madison Avenue, the airy layout of the 5BHK duplex flat will transport you straight to the famed streets of New York. It is the most awarded luxury project in Kolkata, and it’s not without reason. The lower floor of these duplex apartments offers a total carpet area of 1438 sq.ft. with an enclosed balcony area of 59 sq.ft. while the upper floor encloses a total carpet area of 1116 sq.ft. This south-facing 5 BHK duplex flat emphasizes greatly on open-air ventilation and natural light. The lower floor features a L-shaped dining and living room with two bedrooms and three washrooms. The upper floor features the master suite with a lavish walk-in closet that leads into a state-of-the-art washroom. This floor also houses two bedrooms with attached toilets, a storeroom and a central sit-out area for the whole family to unwind in. When it comes to a duplex flat in Kolkata,
  2. Amenities: All residents of the 5BHK duplex flat will have exclusive access to the Club Aura- the sprawling society clubhouse that is spread across 40,000 sq.ft of space. Club Aura is a members’ only club open to the residents of Aurus who can use avail amenities like the 40mt. swimming pool, exclusive health club, squash, tennis & badminton court, sky lounge at 374 ft. high, an international concierge among others.
  3. Design: Aurus is the epitome of stellar design; with considerations given to providing a feeling of space and openness in the middle of the city, it is truly a sight to behold. Aurus is designed by International Consultants, SRSS Singapore.

2. PS Navyom: An exquisite 5BHK duplex flat in the heart of New Alipore

Located in the heart of New Alipore, Navyom is soon emerging as the quintessential heartthrob. Thoughtfully designed to harmonize all aspects of quality living in the lap of the beautiful outdoors, Navyom offers 5BHK duplex flats with 22 ft. tall living area, extra-large balconies, large kitchen, service yard, as well as a separate room for domestic help to enhance everyone’s living experience.

  1. Layout: Anyone who’s looking for a 5BHK duplex in Kolkata will feel an instant difference as soon as they step into a unit at Navyom! From a usability and convenience point of view, everything has been thought of! The lower floor features a floor plate of 1314 sq.ft which opens up to an expandable 142 sq.ft balcony area. The upper floor is slightly more compact; this space adds up to a total of 1140 sq. ft. Almost half the area of the lower floor plate is dedicated to the living room and the balcony area, while the remainder of the floor encompasses the two bedrooms with an attached bath and the kitchen area with a service yard. The upper floor gives way to three spacious rooms with attached washrooms while making way a unique enclosure dedicated for family space. This setup is the true highlight of the 5BHK duplex flat at Navyom.
  2. Expandable Living: Another unique aspect of the duplex flat at Navyom is the concept of ‘Expandable Living’ which has been introduced in the city of Kolkata for the first time through this project. At Navyom, you get an extension of the finest landscape right in your living room. Expandable living is all about letting the outside filter in from the breeze to the light and the views. Navyom has wide windows, big balconies and cared-for terraces, all playing their part in amplifying the bounty of nature. 
  3. Amenities: When it comes to amenities, the planners and architects have left no stone unturned. Navyom has an exquisite athleisure lounge that features a double-height sports arena with an attached sky turf. The enthralling clubhouse offers the residents of these distinguished duplex in Kolkata, the option to engage in badminton, basketball, volleyball, and even indoor Cricket with their near and dear ones. In addition, the property boasts of a tennis court, a fitness station, and a volley of spaces to stretch as well as never-ending play areas for kids. All in all, Navyom is a large expanse of luxuries divided by greens.
  4. Design: Navyom is situated right in the heart of 1.45 acres of plantation land that are enriched by lush greens which can strike a harmonious ecological balance. The areas surrounding these towers are thoughtfully designed in such a way that all the towers, greens, work pods and leisure avenues line up aesthetically. The cabanas extend to the family dining area. The banquet extends to the pool. The pool merges with the forest trail. The club extends to gardens. Navyom is the perfect example of harmony at play.

The best residential properties in Kolkata

Whether it’s prospective residents looking for flat for sale in new alipore or investors hopeful about buying flats in em bypass kolkata, the inquiries for duplex apartments in Kolkata are on the rise. Join in on the rising trend of buying beautiful homes in the City of Joy!

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