Top Residential Housing Complex in Kolkata in 2021
By Pratik Balasaria
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New homeowners are increasingly looking to buy a home within housing projects in Kolkata rather than a standalone building. This is because residential complexes have a lot of benefits. These include safety, amenities like playgrounds for children, and green spaces for walks, which make them an attractive choice. If you too have been contemplating buying a property in a residential housing complex, keep reading. This article covers all the pros and cons of buying a house in a residential complex. You can then go ahead and at a look at some of the upcoming residential projects in kolkata.

What is a residential housing complex?

housing complex

A residential housing complex is also known as a housing estate. It is what we call a group of flats or buildings built together as a single development project. Within a housing estate there may be multiple kinds of homes or other buildings located within the same complex. 

There are many upcoming residential projects in Kolkata as the demand for these housing complexes has surged in these pre-COVID times. These projects include housing complexes in many prominent areas of Kolkata like a new 4 bhk flat in south Kolkata, residential projects in Kolkata new town, and new residential projects in Kolkata north. Trends have also shown a particular hype towards residential projects in sonarpur Kolkata and rsidential flats in Rajarhat.

With the feeling isolated in modern cities, living in upcoming residential projects in Kolkata could be the perfect solution. Thus you enjoy all the benefits of living in a beautiful apartment with shared amenities.

Residential Housing Complex in Kolkata in 2021

housing complex

Here are a few of the new and noteworthy residential complexes in Kolkata that we have found:

1. Housing complex in EM Bypass at Aurus by PS Group

Located just off the EM Bypass, Aurus by PS Group is a new residential project in Kolkata south. It offers the best ready-to move in flats in Kolkata. These are 3BHK, 4BHK and 5BHK flats that start at an affordable price range of 3.07 Cr and above. 

Some notable features of the Aurus housing complex :

  • The flats in this housing complex are designed in accordance with modern, minimal style, open plan living with a living room at the center and bedrooms in the 4 corners.
  • A 374 ft. high sky lounge 
  • Homes with 22 ft. High ceilings and 22 ft high balconies
  • It was named the Luxury Project of the Year in 2020’ by Realty+. 
  • A residents-only clubhouse with sports amenities and 50,000 sq ft of open space
  • Centrally located, close to schools, malls, and the airport

2. Flats in New Alipore at PS Vyom 

Vyom is part of a series of ultra-luxurious new residential projects in Kolkata south by PS Group Reality, located in one of Kolkata’s best localities, New Alipore. It offers 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats that are inside the largest landscaped housing complexes in New Alipore. The residential township is spread over 7 acres of serene greenery and natural water bodies.

Some notable features of the Vyom housing complex :

  • Offers residents high-end amenities for luxury living like 3 swimming pools, a children’s learning center, a wellness and health center, sports amenities, etc.
  • A residents-only clubhouse spread over 31,500 sq. ft. 
  • A certified Green Building that is IGBC compliant

3. Flats in Salt Lake at PS Panache 

Located in the heart of Salt Lake, Panache offers luxe 3 BHK flats in the tallest residential towers in the area which have airy balconies with a great view and spacious homes that are perfect for your family. Living at Panache embodies the meaning of PS Group- It’s Family Time

Some notable features of the Panache housing complex :

  • Luxurious amenities for residents like green landscaped gardens, an outdoor gym, children’s pools, and playground along with preschool and Montessori facilities within the complex
  • A fully equipped clubhouse
  • Ample car parking space
  • A certified Green Building that is gold-rated IGBC certified
  • An infinite view of the wetlands

4. Ready to move in flats at New Town at PS Amistad 

Amistad is a luxurious high-rise tower located centrally in New Town by the PS Group Kolkata. Residents can enjoy its proximity to Kolkata’s IT hubs and its extensive recreational amenities like a mini theatre, fully equipped gym, co-working space, a game room for the kids and for the adults a yoga and meditation room. 

Some notable features of the Amistad housing complex :

  • Luxurious amenities for residents like a mini theatre, fully equipped gym, co-working space, a game room for the kids, and for the adults a yoga and meditation room. 
  • Serene green environment
  • Close proximity to Biswa Bangla Sarani Road which connects teh property to all of the renowned IT hubs of Kolkata

So what are the benefits of living in a housing complex?

While every home comes with its fair share of attributes and advantages. The benefits of living in a multi-story housing complex outweigh those of living in a standalone building by far. Let’s take a look at all the reasons.

The assurance of 24/7 safety

Each modern housing complex is a gated community that is equipped with high-tech and efficient safety systems that give you a sense of security. These include equipment like CCTV surveillance systems, manual security guards noting down visitor information at the entrance gate, intercom facility that allows homeowners to screen visitors to their apartment. These security provisions prevent the entry of unwanted visitors and allow the residents to live worry-free. They are also equipped with fire safety equipment, like smoke detectors and alarm systems that alert the residents and allow for early evacuation to prevent any damage. Modern high-rise buildings are also equipped to be earthquake resistant as per the norms.

Amenities for all your recreational needs

Upcoming residential projects in Kolkata by the leading real estate builder in Kolkata offer unlimited luxury and recreational amenities like gyms, swimming pools, clubhouses, children’s playgrounds, and sports facilities like badminton courts, jogging or walking tracks, a number of green spaces, gardens and even community halls for celebrating special occasions. 

Green and serene environment at a housing complex

Upcoming residential projects in Kolkata boast of welcoming green expanses that give a welcome respite, especially in COVID times. Green spaces are proven stress busters and also give much-needed space to walk, run or jog and stay healthy for the residents of the housing complex. A lot of new complexes have also taken measures to be more sustainable and include eco-friendly measures that can give residents a better quality of life. These include solar panels, rainwater harvesting measures, lighting fixtures that are energy efficient, and other sustainable technologies that are good for you and the environment.

Better COVID protocol

Every reputed housing complex takes care to regularly sanitize its surroundings and also has the staff availability to maintain high standards of sanitation and cleanliness. Housing complexes are also extremely cautious about following guidelines as a large number of old people and young children live in the complex. Upcoming retail properties in Kolkata are extremely careful about screening people who enter the building using thermal and handheld temperature monitoring measures. Apart from these basic precautions, housing complexes also have large open spaces that provide some relief from being cooped up inside our homes.

Encourages community living and forges connections

The ties we build with our neighbors in community living spaces give us a better quality of life by encouraging everyone to bond. These complexes usually have reliable people who add value to your living experience by bringing you a sense of belonging and safety as they are located in high-end neighborhoods. Humans are social beings and need interactions to feel happy and content. 

Residential Housing Complex in Kolkata is the best buy

If you crave the safety of community living, buying a home in upcoming residential projects in Kolkata is the perfect solution. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of fine living and superior amenities while sharing space with like-minded families. Make sure you take your pick wisely!


1. Is it good to buy a flat in Kolkata?

A number of new initiatives introduced by the government in recent years have made it easier than ever to buy a house in Kolkata. These include a number of subsidies and incentives such as relaxation in stamp duties, GST waivers etc. There has truly not been a better time to purchase a property in Kolkata.

2. How do I know that a project is perfect for me based on the location?

Check for three things – good connectivity, great surrounding, and presence of commercial facilities within close vicinity. 

3. What should be the ideal price for a new apartment? 

The ‘ideal’ price for a new apartment depends on a gamut of factors like location, apartment specifications, facilities, the type of targeted buyers, etc. 

4. Is the presence of luxurious facilities all that important?

In our opinion, missing out on major facilities will hamper the true essence of dwelling in a luxurious residential project. This list of top 10 flats in Kolkata gives you the best of what a luxury residential project has to offer at an affordable price.

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