6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Flats at Kolkata During COVID
By Pratik Balasaria

The Coronavirus Pandemic has turned the world upside down. It has changed the way we live our lives, made us question the small luxuries we take for granted, and brought the world economy to a screeching halt. Multiple rounds of lockdown around the world have disrupted travel, trade, and everything in between. Needless to say, real estate developers constructing flats at Kolkata have suffered a violent blow on account of a construction slowdown and migration of labor. But every adversity is an opportunity in disguise and in this sense, the pandemic is no different.

Every economic downturn has presented unique avenues for investment-growth that have released synergies and have created immense wealth for investors in the years that follow. In fact, investments across asset-classes that originated in the 2008 financial crisis have yielded a multi-fold return in the decade after. So, whether you’re looking for flats at Kolkata for end-use or as a long-term investment, there are several good reasons to take the plunge in 2020.

Top 6 reasons to buy a flat at Kolkata during COVID

Let’s take you through some of the most compelling reasons for buying properties in Kolkata, especially residential flats at Kolkata during COVID: 

flats at kolkata during Covid: top 6 reasons

Buyer’s Market

COVID has severely impacted the sale of real estate around the country. On account of restriction in movement of people relocating from other cities, loss of jobs, delay in perks and promotions, many homebuyers have delayed purchases. In this situation of slowing demand, a wider variety of flats in Kolkata are available across all localities. Whether you’re planning to buy flats in Kolkata south or towards the northern suburbs, the market is abuzz with a variety of options. If you have the intent and liquidity to make a financial commitment to new flats in Kolkata, you could potentially walk away with a lucrative residence at a fraction of the pre-pandemic cost.

Decrease in home loan rates

In order to revive the Indian economy, the government has to revive real estate. Both the central and state government have announced a wide range of fiscal packages and policy measures including a moratorium on loans for two straight quarters to help homebuyers afford flats in Kolkata. In order to spur home purchases, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has slashed the repo rate, and as a result, home loans have dropped to just under 7%. As a homebuyer, this is a massive drop from the 8-9% home loan rate that was prevailing in the market over the last few years. For example, a 75 lakh INR home-loan at 9% would fetch an EMI of 67,479 INR, while in the current scenario, the same loan amount secured at 7% interest would translate into an EMI amount of 58,147 INR. This discount eventually adds up to a few lakhs in savings over the long-run. Hence, if you have the requisite savings to make a down-payment, you must not miss out on this golden opportunity to purchase apartments in upcoming residential projects in Kolkata. You can read about Real estate laws in India here.

Viable market for asset creation

If you’ve been following the news over the last few months, you’d know that the leading stock market indices of the country have posted stellar returns over the last two quarters. This means that wise investors who were bullish enough to see value in buying quality scrips at throwaway prices in the month of March have been handsomely rewarded by 50-600% gains in a short six-month period. The same is true for real-estate which succumbed to 5-year lows in the month of March but hasn’t quite recouped the complete fall, i.e., there is still significant value on the table for a savvy investor to create a long-term asset. A well-thought-out purchase decision towards acquiring bungalows or flats in Kolkata could prove to be a life-changing investment.

Room for Negotiations

2020 has created multiple challenging situations for developers. The economic slowdown has stalled the flow of credit while successive lockdowns have resulted in a mass-exodus of labor abandoning construction sites and returning to their towns and villages. This double-edged sword has compelled developers to revise payment schemes and release attractive offers on the sale of flats at Kolkata. If you are keen on flats in Kolkata for sale that you’ve visited pre-lockdown, this would be an opportune time to rally hard and secure an attractive deal on your dream home. That said, make sure you’re familiar with the developer profile and the project details before making a deposit; be mentally prepared for project delays on account of prevailing market conditions. 

Supply Crunch

In the current residential real estate industry, not too many real estate developers in Kolkata are embarking on launching new projects. While this doesn’t change the supply of flats at Kolkata in the short-run, in the long run, this collaborative decision to hold back on supply may push home prices up. As more and more home buyers flock to the city in search of a home in the subsequent months, developers may look to secure a premium on their ready to move in flats in Kolkata. Taking a decision to book a property you’re sure of, can save you unforeseen costs that may arise in the future on the back of this trend.

Lifestyle Changes

We’ve all witnessed a mammoth change in our lives over the last few months. Many of us were used to spending long hours every week to get to work and back; however, over the last few months an increasing number of firms have not only adopted the work-from-home regime but have also advocated making working-from-home a norm as time progresses. As we embrace the new normal, we need to make room for quality workspaces for ourselves in our homes; a dedicated work & study space is a criterion that we can no longer ignore. Keeping this in mind, investing in a new home tailored to your present-day needs can help you create a balanced life for your whole family. Thanks to the pandemic, there is plenty of time to browse properties to search for your dream home. Many upcoming premium housing complexes feature well-furnished business lounges that provide the ideal office environment within the gates. Your new home can offer all the luxuries.


As we battle uncertainty after uncertainty in 2020, the true value of protecting our health and wealth has never been more apparent. While the risks of investing in real estate cannot and should not be ignored by any cognizant homebuyer, the prevailing market conditions are also uniquely conducive for long-term asset creation, both financial and fundamental. Having a safe space to house your family is a fundamental human need that must be prioritized above all others, however, you must take into account all factors of consideration to make a sound home purchase that you cherish for many generations to come! If you are in search of the residential properties in Kolkata, you should check out these upcoming localities that are offering  2 bhk, 3 bhk, and duplex flats in Kolkata at an amazing deal. 

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