Property for Sale in Kolkata: Tips for online research
By Pratik Balasaria
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The internet is a storehouse of information. Whether it’s ordering a meal, buying an appliance, or deciding which movie to watch next, all of us do a quick search online before making a choice. Hence, understandably so, online research is a valuable piece in the process of finding the ideal property for sale in Kolkata. That said, since the amount of money typically invested in property is a lot higher than most items on offer, online research to scout the ideal commercial, retail or residential property for sale in Kolkata tips must be conducted responsibly.

Property for Sale in Kolkata: Tips for online research

property for sale in Kolkata: tips for online research

In this blog, we’ll discuss salient points to keep in mind while researching property online.

Identifying the property type is an important Kolkata tip

There are varying types of real estate on offer in Kolkata. While some investors look to buy plots of land to develop for personal or commercial reasons, others look to buy a well-constructed property for sale in Kolkata. As far as existing real-estate projects go there are two main types of properties in Kolkata:

  • Residential properties in Kolkata

This category of real estate includes flats in Kolkata, duplexes as well as individual bungalows for sale in Kolkata. Any property purchased for personal residence and extended stay comes under this category.

  • Commercial properties in Kolkata

This category includes real estate that is acquired and utilized for commercial/business purposes.

– Commercial office space in Kolkata

This category includes different types of commercial office space in Kolkata across Grade A, B & C standalone buildings and business parks.

– Retail properties in Kolkata

This category includes commercial shops for sale in Kolkata both in multi-retail complexes such as malls as well as standalone shops for sale in Kolkata on high-street.

While researching properties online, it’s important to understand which category of property you’re interested in, because the price range of properties in Kolkata varies to a very large degree. For example, retail real estate located on Park Street can cost up to 50% more than flats in Kolkata across the city. Failure to understand this segregation can lead to a fair bit of confusion, making it one of the crucial Kolkata tips.

Finding the right sources of information

Before you do focussed research online on the property for sale in Kolkata of your choice, make sure that you get a macro perspective on the real estate market in general. Many leading real estate advisory and property consulting firms publish trend reports on the leasing and sale transactions carried out in residential properties in Kolkata as well as commercial property on sale on a quarterly basis. Glancing through these data-rich reports can give you a very sound understanding of the prevailing market conditions, upcoming infrastructure developments, and promising areas of growth you can look out for.

Kolkata tips to Understand the location

A great starting point for investigating property for sale in Kolkata is through identifying a neighborhood or locality of interest and deep-diving into various other criteria that can affect your purchase price as well as return on investment. You can research various aspects of the civic and social infrastructure of the locality such as access to public transport and general provision stores, distance from recreational centers such as malls and shopping complexes as well as well-developed shared infrastructure such as playgrounds and parks.

Getting a thorough understanding of the location while researching properties in Kolkata can help you gauge the underlying value proposition of buying real estate across localities in Kolkata. Hence, this is also one of the important Kolkata tips to remember.

Kolkata Tips : Exploring quality projects

There is no lack of options for a buyer looking to invest in a property for sale in Kolkata. That said, not every real estate company in Kolkata is credible and can be entrusted with the task of delivering high quality residential or commercial property. A quick search online will tell you about the real estate developers in Kolkata with an established track-record for timely delivery and quality construction over the years. As you search online, you should visit their independent websites to gather details of their upcoming projects and running discounts and giveaways on offer. Alternatively, you can do a detailed search online to find out about the pending cases and legislation against these developers to understand the risks of investing before jumping in. 

Kolkata Tips : Comparing floor plans and layout details

One of the leading benefits of researching property for sale in Kolkata online is that you can compare different layout plans in real-time. Most leading real estate developers in Kolkata display variable flat & bungalow layout plans complete with (North/South) directions and road access plans. You can actually compare the area efficiency of shortlisted flats online by downloading different floor plans and gauging which option suits you better. This method can also be used to plan interiors and furnishing in the future.

Buying a property for sale in Kolkata requires a fair amount of legal paperwork and compliances including but not limited to securing a title deed, non-encumbrance certificate, occupancy certificate, allotment letter, and no-objection certificate among others. You can carry out a thorough search online on various forums that enlist all documentation required for easy reference. In addition, many platforms also enable homebuyers to share their experiences with respect to buying properties in Kolkata along with recommendations and grievances towards the same.

Kolkata Tips : Investigating various property loans

The city of Kolkata is abuzz with flexible credit and loan facilities that can be extended for buying homes as well as commercial office space in Kolkata. Elaborate research online will give you compare loan options from across nationalized banks, private lenders, NBFCs, and other forms of institutional credit. You must visit these bank sites online and compare interest rates, collateral requirements, and terms of repayment before committing to a single mortgage provider. 

Kolkata Tips : Scrutinizing property records

Certain cases of land and sale of properties in Kolkata go wrong due to misinformation and lack of transparency in the documentation. To a large extent, these fallacies can be overcome through conducting tedious title research and verification to reveal ownership details, history of sale and property transfer, chain of transfer, nature of the right of the owner and their legal competency, nature of property and terms of use and existing litigation on the property if any. Retrieving this search report can save you countless hours and hard-earned money in the course of a property transaction.

Pro-Tip: In addition to conducting an online search, you must engage a lawyer to carry out detailed due diligence on the above points especially if you’re investing independent/ standalone property for sale in Kolkata.

Use these Kolkata Tips in Property for Sale in Kolkata

The internet is considered the oracle of information in the ongoing digital age. Whether you’re a prospecting homebuyer or an interested investor on the lookout for property for sale in Kolkata, conducting a thorough online search on properties in the city, looking through the legal documentation before making a sizeable investment.

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