Perks of Living in a Residential Flat at Kolkata
By Pratik Balasaria
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Investing in real estate or property is one of the top investment preferences of a majority of the Indian population across varied asset classes. People often look for a high-return, low-risk combination in an investment product. Unfortunately, this does not exist in reality. Risk and returns directly go hand-in-hand, i.e., the higher the returns, the higher the risk and vice versa. While investing in properties in Kolkata, the location of the property is the most important factor that determines the value of the property and also the rental it can earn. With your investment in a residential flat at Kolkata, you can profit from returns in two ways—through capital appreciation and rentals. 

Perks of Living in a Residential Flat at Kolkata

residential flat at kolkata

The offtake of residential units is majorly driven by new residential projects in Kolkata south’s suburbs of Joka, Kasba, Behala, Jadavpur, Tollygunge and properties in Kolkata’s eastern suburbs of EM Bypass, Rajarhat, Topsia. A smart investment in upcoming residential projects in kolkata has the potential to change your lives, and owning a home of one’s own is everyone’s dream—fulfilling this dream gives not only emotional satisfaction but also monetary benefits and this is just one of the many benefits of owning a flat at Kolkata. Let’s consider some of the other perks of living in a residential flat at Kolkata—

  1. Round the clock security measures are worth the price  

Flats in housing societies have in-built security amenities. This is one of the major reasons why the percentage of demand for residential flat at kolkata is higher. 24/7 CCTV surveillance, super-tight gate security, visitor’s book, no trespassing, provision for an optical fiber network, video surveillance system, perimeter security and lobby entrance security, fire prevention, suppression, detection and alarm system as per fire norms, lift safety are some of the top priority safety features considered by homebuyers. Furthermore, if you are buying flats in kolkata some of the upcoming high-rise buildings are also earthquake resistant. For families, kids’ safety is the most important feature and flats with gated security make for a good selling point. 

  1. There are more amenities than just free gym  

Most of the upcoming residential projects in kolkata are equipped with modern amenities and are part of well-maintained townships that have gymnasiums, badminton courts, recreation centres, play area, open grounds and gardens, jogging tracks, swimming pool, community hall, etc. among others. With a clubhouse or a community hall within the premises of the residential complex, homebuyers can organize small functions without the hassle of finding halls at the last minute.  If you are into green living—there are residential flat at kolkata that offer green building features such as solar panels, electric car charging facility, sustainable building material, among others. It is every homebuyer’s choice to prioritize amenities between must-have and luxurious amenities that sync with their family needs. 

  1. An overall sense of united community enhances the quality of living 

Residential complexes of reputed real estate developers in kolkata are usually located in a nice neighborhood. When you buy a residential flat at Kolkata, you will prefer to be surrounded by high-quality, reliable neighbours, who are just like you. You can consider asking your builder about the profile of your potential neighbours. After all, staying in a united community will make your stay happy and safe.  It also brings you a sense of belonging and safety. 

  1. No burden of bearing direct responsibility

One of the remarkable advantages of buying a residential flat at kolkata in a cooperative housing society is that you do not have to bear the responsibility of anything solely. There are appointed members of the society who share it with you, this includes the maintenance responsibilities that are looked after by a body of members who are appointed by the residents.

  1. Flats are less expensive than houses 

Living in a residential flat at kolkata is less expensive than living in a bungalow in kolkata. First of all, the down payment for purchasing a flat is less and the maintenance cost is also comparatively less as it is divided among many members of the society. The renovation and expansion costs are also affordable than the regular maintenance costs of independent houses. Your quality of life remains high, at the same time, you don’t have to shell out extravagant costs in comparison to independent houses. Furthermore, flats are a great investment option

  1. Living in a positive environment impacts quality of life 

When you buy a residential flat at Kolkata in housing societies, you tend to meet fellow residents belonging to different cultures and communities. Interaction and co-existing with people from various communities enhances your social values, provides more opportunities to understand different religions, creates a positive vibe, and gives you a sense of satisfaction. 

Why should you buy a residential flat at Kolkata?

We are sure after reading through the list of the above mentioned perks, you have already made up your mind and are already looking at flats in kolkata for sale. However, there is another big advantage of buying a residential flat at Kolkata, the city itself! Take a look—

  1. Greater Affordability 

The City of Joy is 20–25% cheaper when it comes to food, rents, transportation costs, and even electricity in comparison to the other urban cities in India like Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. 

  1. Pocket-friendly transportation

With IT hubs mushrooming around the city, Kolkata is becoming populous with working professionals. As the city is gradually transforming into an IT city, commute within the city is made easy and is also affordable. The city is well-connected with bus, auto-rickshaw, metro, trams, taxi and private cabs. Furthermore, the traffic management system of Kolkata has also improved over the past few years with construction of flyovers connecting to major parts of the city.  

  1. Growing job opportunities 

Although Kolkata joined the bandwagon of the popular IT city culture much later, today the city is a preferred choice for IT corporations such as Cognizant, Infosys, TCS, and Wipro, among others. Kolkata is flourishing with job opportunities for young professionals as start-ups are contributing to the rise of Kolkata’s economy. This change is followed by major infrastructural developments in the city such as East-West Metro, and proposed government projects such as SEZ in New Town, thus boosting opportunities in real estate kolkata. 

  1. The city is a blend of cultures

Kolkata has a rich past of colonial architecture, culture, and intellectual awakening. While South Kolkata replicates modern culture which is visible in its well-planned and stylish complexes, malls, and condominiums, North Kolkata bears testimony to the bygone colonial era. If you are looking for a flat at kolkata south, you will be spoilt for choice with well-planned complexes and luxury flats in south Kolkata, while if you are looking for a flat at kolkata north, you will come across the old alleyways flanked with buildings having ancient Victorian architecture.

In closing

While purchasing a residential flat at Kolkata, remember real estate is highly illiquid. There is a big risk of getting the necessary regulatory approvals. It is therefore wise to calculate the risk factor beforehand and match your own risk profile with the associated risks of the property before investing. Furthermore, don’t get carried away by the lure of profits, stay patient, do thorough research of the property, check the papers, check market rates, talk to the neighbours, calculate your finances, negotiate and lastly,  remain positive. 

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