How to choose the Best Real Estate Company in Kolkata
By Pratik Balasaria

Purchasing a flat at Kolkata can be challenging for a first-timer and let’s not forget the fierce competition among developers in the city, which is further bound to confuse your decision about a good real estate company in Kolkata. Moreover, the process of buying a house is grueling—so many tasks, steps, and requirements. Don’t worry if you are taking time to check and analyse, you don’t want to make an expensive mistake. Furthermore, if you are buying a flat for sale in Kolkata, you should also know, the face of the city is changing—alongside its spacious Victorian buildings, high-rise complexes, shopping malls, and chic restaurant in new town, real estate developers in kolkata are making most of the new launches in some of the hotspot residential areas of the city. 

How to choose the Best Real Estate Company in Kolkata

real estate company in kolkata

In this article, we have put together a list of must-know things to make the home buying process manageable and to help you make the best decisions possible. Let’s look at some of the guidelines to help you choose the best real estate company in Kolkata—

  1. Run a background check 

In case you are wondering, where and how to start looking for the best real estate company in Kolkata, this is one of the first things you need to do. Thorough research on the name of the developer, the financiers, promoters, company’s history, its product portfolio and associates is essential to start with. Furthermore, check the past projects completed by the real estate developer in kolkata. This will give you an idea about the quality of the projects, their structure, and the developer’s delivery record. Ideally, the developer should have completed at least two successful projects. An overall background will help you to understand the builder’s service, quality, success rate, and knowledge about the industry.

  1. Check RERA to confirm the developer’s authenticity 

The introduction of stringent norms in real estate india has brought discipline and organization. Furthermore, they justify the authenticity of the developer. With several customers taking developers in the courts of law over the delivery of homes, it has become necessary to check if the real estate company in Kolkata has incorporated the Government’s housing acts such as RERA and HIRA (applicable for real estate kolkata). 

Abiding by the government initiated agreement between the buyer and the builder, developers are obligated to deliver, in terms of built-up area or carpet area. Furthermore, HIRA and RERA help in maintaining transparency between the buyer and the developer.

Incorporated on 02 August 1988, PS Group Realty Private Limited is a Private Non-govt company, registered at Registrar of Companies, Kolkata. Regarded as one of the most trusted and top real estate companies in Kolkata, PS Group offers several RERA registered properties across the city.  

  1. Inquire into the developer’s knowledge and experience 

Ideally, the longer the developer has been in the business of Indian real estate, the better—more the experience, the more the efficiency of the developer to hold a record of consistent performance. In addition, a lot of information is also available on the web about an older and reputed real estate company in Kolkata, therefore the company’s previous projects can be easily verified. This also makes it simpler to cross-check the quality of its construction and its reliability. 

  1. Knock and check the quality of construction 

The most important factor of a home lies in its quality of construction. A well-constructed building with long-lasting strength and quality is the main component of construction. One of the ways to determine the status of the real estate developer in kolkata is through the quality of construction. As a homebuyer, your first task should include examining the quality of construction of your new home. Thorough research and making comparisons between real estate companies will help you make a wise decision. 

  1. Check the scope of amenities offered by the developer

With fierce competition among real estate developers in kolkata, your choice of the best real estate company in Kolkata will become easier if the developer is catering to consumer’s high-end expectations in terms of amenities. The choice of amenities offered by developers has become an important asset and differentiator. Developers are offering a wide array of amenities for the good value of consumers’ money. Furthermore, the scope of amenities provided by the developer has become a crucial marketing strategy to build a loyal customer-base and a strong referral system.  Real estate developers in kolkata are offering ultra-luxury residential homes with high-end amenities such as sustainable quality of construction, ergonomic designs, state-of-the-art fittings for kitchens and washrooms, etc to maintain brand value. If a developer is giving special importance to amenities, you are in good hands. 

PS Group is one of the premier real estate companies for luxury apartments in kolkata.  Housing projects by PS Group offer an array of modern amenities for the health and well-being of its strong consumer base— from sustainable, green features such as water bodies for rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment, cycle-friendly infrastructure, solar power, and e-mobility, to meditation gardens, extra-large balconies, exclusive garden homes, and other such seamless leisure, luxuries, and athleisure amenities. 

  1. Don’t overlook testimonials and awards 

There is no dearth of referrals and testimonials for trusted real estate developers in kolkata. The greater the number of happy customers, the more trustworthy and reliable is the builder—this is the most trusted receipt for you. Testimonials further also help to gauge the quality of construction material, occupation services, and adherence to the time schedule of projects. 

Furthermore, reputed real estate developers in kolkata are often felicitated with various awards and recognition. Browsing through the realty periodicals, local newspapers and developer’s website will help you to identify their forte and accomplishments.

  1. Don’t miss out on the easy sanction of loans 

Your chances of getting a bank loan become easier when you invest in a reputed real estate company in Kolkata. Established real estate companies have earned a name and built a certain amount of trust in the market of Indian real estate, therefore investing in their properties, ensures ease of loan approval. Furthermore, trusted developers sometimes also have tie-ups with banks. This set-up further opens up the opportunity to get attractive interest rates from the bank and speaks a lot about the developer’s reputation in the market.   

  1. Check if the developer is digitally attuned 

Digital marketing has become a smart strategic tool and extremely beneficial for the industry of real estate india in the current times of COVID-19. As social distancing has become the need of the hour, reputed real estate developers in kolkata are incorporating the latest new-age digital tools to attract potential consumers. Virtual Reality, drone tours, and 3D images can give you high-quality pictures and videos. Virtual video tours with developers can further help you in making informed decisions about a property purchase. 

Furthermore, a developer’s website will speak volumes. Updated website with enlightening blogs on real estate India, and multiple filters in search-listings indicate that the developer is well-informed about the market and does not hesitate to offer personalized and customized packages to consumers. 

In closing 

It is rightly said, you don’t buy a home, you buy a dream. It is an emotional purchase. We hope we have demystified the process of home buying and you can make the most out of the dream. In the end, remember the decision of buying a home shouldn’t be taken lightly or in a hurry, don’t make an expensive mistake. 

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