Buying flats in kolkata: Make Green Buildings a top priority
By Pratik Balasaria
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Today, businesses around the globe are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices to cut down on the carbon footprint. With global warming, and climate change taking center stage, businesses across the world are embracing the ‘green trend.’ The realty sector in Kolkata is adopting the eco-friendly architectural trend by targeting the Green Building Certification since it’s a growing consideration among cognizant citizens who’re buying flats in Kolkata. BataNagar Township, Kolkata International Airport, Unitech’s Info Centre, Kolkata International Convention Centre are some of the latest green development projects in the city, while various other green projects are under construction.

Several residential projects in Kolkata have been awarded the gold certification from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). As compared to other major cities such as Bangalore, Gurgaon, Pune, and Chennai, the number of Green Buildings in Kolkata is comparatively less but is picking up pace. Let’s not forget Technopolis– one of the largest green buildings in India, was built in Salt Lake, Kolkata in 2006. 

With that it’s safe to say, the realty estate businesses of Kolkata have joined the green brigade. ‘Green building’ projects have become a subject of value creation for developers because what’s good for the planet is also good for business.  By supporting consumer’s sustainable needs, businesses are altering their ways, and profiting by offering consumers exactly what they want. Going green has become a win-win situation.  

We are also witnessing a change in the mindset of consumers. Several consumers today are concerned about at least one environmental issue, which reflects in their knowledge about recycling, composting, product packaging, sustainability, among others. As a result, they are demanding to go green and are making responsible purchases that are in sync with the environmental norms. 

Let’s face it, buying flats in Kolkata is not easy. There are several questions you want answers to, from knowing property in Kolkata for sale, to price of flats in Kolkata, or choosing between 2bhk flats in Kolkata to 3 bhk flats in Kolkata, or 4bhk flats in Kolkata. With several developers now offering sustainable housing projects, you might have more questions, as to why living green should be your top priority. Let’s understand some crucial pointers while considering property in Kolkata for sale. 

What is a green building?

buying flats in kolkata; what is green building

Different from a conventional building, a green building optimizes energy and resource efficiency. It does not look ‘green’ per se but is constructed differently from the traditional form. For instance, green buildings generate less waste, conserve natural resources, use environment-friendly building material, and are built by conforming to the eco-friendly norms for construction, demolition, maintenance, and renovation.  Because of its overall high energy efficiency, green buildings are also known as sustainable buildings or high-performance buildings.

Why go for high-performance green buildings?

buying flats in kolkata: high performance green buildings

While buying flats in Kolkata, you might wonder why you should prioritize a green building over a traditional one. While it is true the initial investment for a green flat at Kolkata is 5-10 percent greater, experts determine the incremental cost in constructing a green building is a one-time investment. Here are some reasons why you must consider purchasing and residing in green buildings:

1. Long term savings

According to a study reported by the India Green Building Council (IGBC), the operating cost for green buildings is 30 percent less, and the incremental investment is only 5-8 percent greater. 

Furthermore, the best flats in Kolkata adopt energy consumption practices to cut down on electricity costs. In your journey of buying flats in Kolkata, you will find the most luxurious apartments in Kolkata use solar water heating, high-efficiency windows, biomass, insulation in walls, floors, ceilings, and generate power through hydropower and wind power. These salient features of green buildings not only limit carbon emissions but also helps you to save on your electricity bill.  

With your purchase of sustainable houses in Kolkata, you won’t have to stress over pocket-pinching electricity bills, while also contributing to reducing the carbon footprint. 

2. Additional incentive for green buildings

While buying flats in Kolkata, it is important for you to know that the Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation offers a 10 percent additional incentive on the floor area ratio (FAR) for high-performance houses in Kolkata. Developers in Kolkata are intending to avail of this additional incentive proposed by the Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation. Luxury apartments in Kolkata, as well as other apartments in Kolkata are certifying the merits of the respective housing projects by adapting green architectural features such as renewable power, eco-friendly building material, among other features prescribed in the guidelines for FAR. 

3. Being a responsible citizen

Buying a house is one of the few decisions that we make in our life that affects our future in direct and indirect ways for a long time to come. Green buildings help negate the harmful negative effects of city life and congestion that can take a toll on the quality of life of society at large. If you shortlist and purchase a home in a green building, you’re not only acting in the interest of your family and loved ones, but also in the interest of the society at large. 

4. Healthier environment

By virtue of innovative design and holistic architecture, green buildings consume fewer resources such as water and energy thereby reducing the overall burden on the environment. These considerations not only reduce the greenhouse gas emissions but also play a part in limiting temperature rises. Given the wide variety of sustainable developments across properties in Kolkata, green buildings are undeniable the way to go. Residing in a green building will ensure a better quality of life for your whole family, especially for elders and kids. 

Everyone can Afford Green Buildings in Kolkata

Previously, green architecture and green buildings projects were limited to high-end housing projects in Kolkata. However, today even mid-sized developers are offering green initiatives for new flats in Kolkata, such as garbage disposal, rainwater harvesting, waste management, sewage treatment, solar light fixtures, among others. Leading developers are increasingly embracing the green trend to become more socially responsible and resource-efficient.

That said, the onus of making the right choice lies with society at large. Everyone can own the responsibility of being socially responsible by choosing an environmentally viable residence that fosters good-health and long-term well-being.

Common questions to ask before you buy a ‘high-performance house’

Before you fix on a place you are going to call your home, here’s a quick checklist to go through that will help you meet the green standard you always coveted. Doesn’t matter, if you are looking for apartments in Kolkata, an independent house for sale in Kolkata, or are planning to buy duplex houses in Kolkata, you may want to look for some basic criterion of green features—site selection, energy, and water efficiency, scope for solar, hydropower and wind power, waste and water recycling; for instance, see if you would you would be able to recycle wastewater to use for gardening and for other maintenance issues. 

Localities with Green initiatives in Kolkata

buying flats in kolkata: localities with green initiative

With environmental pollution rising to alarming levels, the Government of Kolkata is taking strict measures to invest in eco-friendly and sustainable buildings. The State Government of Kolkata has initiated a 10 percent incentive for green buildings. This is encouraging more developers to adapt to green norms. 

1. Green Development for Flats in New Town Kolkata 

New Town was awarded the ‘Platinum-rated Green City Certificate’ in August 2020 by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), a prestigious honour conferred previously only to four other cities— Chennai, Amravati, Rajkot, and Dholera. The new feather in the cap underlines the continuous effort taken by New Town Development Authority (NKDA). Previously in August 2018, New Town Kolkata also received a gold certificate from the IGBC for their work in green initiatives. 

2. Flats in Salt Lake gets an eco-friendly makeover

The City of joy is pegged as the fastest growing cities in India and the superfluity of the IT hub intensifies the need for adapting the green change in the city, not only within the industrial perimeters of the city, Kolkata’s residential projects are also achieving a higher Green Mark, as several projects have received the gold certification from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). 

Salt Lake the IT hub of Kolkata inaugurated its first eco-friendly in as early as 2006. With the two most successful projects of green prosperity, there is a high concentration of eco-friendly buildings in the IT hub of the city and many more green projects are in the pipeline.  So, even if you are looking for flats in Kolkata salt lake, or houses in salt lake Kolkata, you are in for green luck! 

3. Residential real estate in Alipore goes Green

If you are looking for high-end sustainable property in Kolkata for sale, you might be interested in a flat at Kolkata north and houses in Alipore Kolkata. Green home projects in Kolkata are setting a new benchmark with developers vying to offer consumers responsible living in some of the most luxurious apartments in Kolkata, while also keeping with high standards of energy and water efficiency to maintain their conservation consciousness.  High-end green building projects in Kolkata offer facilities like organic waste converters with a capacity of even up to 200 kg per day or electrical charging facilities for vehicles. 

In closing

We have already adapted to the new normal in the year 2020. With temperatures rising, and news about climate change, global warming, and plastic pollution making headlines on a regular basis, recycling and sustaining is the new wave of the future. Plastic production has become one of the world’s most urgent issues. In such dire times, going green offers various benefits for businesses and companies. Apart from providing healthier workspaces, improved efficiency; we also profit from cost, energy and resource savings. While living green may seem intimidating in the beginning, green buildings and green cities are making us ‘future-ready.’ It is forward-looking, and necessary to save the Earth. 

If you are buying flats in Kolkata and are a stickler to green housing, you should check out our portfolio of residential real estate development at PS Group. As one of the premier real estate companies in Kolkata, we’ve always pushed the envelope in developing construction technologies that are both comfortable for our residents as well as kind to the environment. Across various housing complexes in the city, we have made cycle-friendly infrastructure, developed water bodies for rainwater harvesting, and for wastewater treatment. Moreover, we have incorporated other green practices in areas of solar power and e-mobility. If you’re considering green options while buying flats in Kolkata, get in touch with our sales team today!

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