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By Pratik Balasaria
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This is the best time to buy a house. Yes, you read that right. Based on data by real estate experts, property affordability today is the highest ever, given the present real estate prices, falling home loan interest rates, and rising incomes. According to property consultants and lenders, the incomes have risen faster than the real estate prices, compared to the past decade. And with work from home becoming the new normal, a raise in demand for a 4 bhk flat is quite evident.

4 BHK Flat in Kolkata: Top Localities to consider

4 bhk flat

Before jumping on the many lucrative benefits of owning a 4 bhk flat, let’s explore some of the preferred residential localities in Kolkata. PS Group especially offers ready-to-move-in homes with modern amenities in prime locations of Kolkata such as:

Flats in Beleghata – Phoolbagan

With EM Bypass in the vicinity, Phoolbagan and Beleghata in North Kolkata is the most sought-after locality in the real estate business. Upcoming IT hubs have added to the high-end market value of the area, which is especially becoming popular among NRIs and IT professionals. 

PS Group offers two prime projects in the area— Jiva has 4 bhk flats in Kolkata covering a carpet area of 1490 sq.ft along with a balcony area of  95 sq.ft. that cost above 2 cr. 

Close to EM Bypass, is another residential project by PS Group—Anassa for a 5 bhk or 4 bhk home. A 4 bhk flat in Kolkata at Anassa ranges from 2084 sq.ft to 2566 sq.ft. and with carpet area of 1971 sq.ft and 151 sq.ft balconies, it costs above 3.07cr.

Flats in New Alipore / Alipore

Alipore is among the best preferred upmarket residential areas in Kolkata. It has some of the best attractions like Diamond Harbour Road, Basanta Lal Saha Road, New Alipore Children Park in the vicinity, in addition to good connectivity to hospitals and schools.

Vyom by PS Group offers 4 bhk flats in Alipore that range between 2.27 – 2.50 cr. with a carpet area of 1700 sq.ft to 1831 sq.ft. 

Loudon Street

In proximity to posh Park Street— Loudon Street sprawls in the heart of Kolkata among luxurious bungalows, mansions and independent houses. The area has good connectivity to road and rail. Hazelton by PS Group is an under-construction residential project scheduled to open in 2023. Surrounded by Park Street, Hazelton offers premium 4 bhk homes in Central Kolkata. 


Tangra in East Kolkata is Kolkata’s latest preferred locality for residential buyers, owing to its connectivity to North and South Kolkata. PS Group’s Aurus offers 4 bhk flats adorned with 22ft wide balconies, and double ceiling homes with cross- ventilation. The flats have a carpet area of 1777 sq.ft and a 151 sq.ft of balcony area and costs above 3.73cr.

4 bhk flat in Kolkata : Benefits & Advantages

Owning a 4 bhk flat is not as difficult as it was earlier, in fact you can benefit from it. Let’s explore how—

  1. The layout of a 4 BHK plan offers ample space to cater to the needs of every family member.

A 4 bhk house plan, especially that of a 4 BHK duplex house plan offers you the luxury of owning lots of space you can customize to suit your needs. You can use the large space suiting to every family member’s individual preference and taste. The maneuverability of ample space is bliss for family members, especially after returning from the chaos of the hectic city life. Furthermore, with people compelled to spend more time indoors during the pandemic, you will appreciate the quiet of your own private space. You can also use some part of the large house to pursue passionate part-time hobbies such as painting, craftwork, dance classes, etc. Moreover, the extra space also provides you the liberty to experiment with furniture and designs and accommodate your personalized needs. 

  1. It has the long-term prospects of higher living standard 

Kolkata has been pegged as one of the fastest-growing cities in India. With the superfluity of IT hubs, the city is becoming populous with working professionals and working parents. The innumerable employment opportunities available in the city are bringing about an overall economic and social development, thus uplifting the standard of living of the people in Kolkata. 

Homebuyers are therefore not shying away from buying 3 Bhk & 4 BHK flats in Kolkata to increase their standard of living. Increased levels of income are linked to greater standards of living. By buying spacious homes, professionals are creating and embracing their dream of having a luxurious lifestyle for themselves and their families. By buying or investing in a 4 bhk flat, people are harnessing long-term prospects in higher standards of living. 

  1. There are several perks to comfort living 

The need for comfortable living becomes a priority when you decide to upsize your family. As your family grows, your needs for an ideal home begin to change. Even the 1 bhk flat in Kolkata’s upmarket locality which previously seemed like the perfect place for your partner, suddenly seems cramped and insufficient for the demands of kids and elders. Homebuyers with kids therefore need to look for a bigger space for the comfort of their family needs. A 4 bhk flat is exactly what you need if you have outgrown your space. The amenities available in a 4BHK flat suit every family member’s needs and with the extra space and the additional rooms, no one has reasons to complain. 

  1. You can make most of the available amenities 

While deciding on a 4 bhk flat, homebuyers consider amenities that are in favour of their family needs. Safety is the highest priority for most. Most 4 bhk flats are usually part of well-developed residential complexes that come with CCTV surveillance of the real estate property, super-tight gate security, etc. Apart from that, homebuyers look for play area, open grounds and gardens, jogging tracks, spas, badminton and squash courts, banquets and recreation centers etc. Most of the upcoming and new real estate projects come with modern amenities, thus serving as a popular benefit for homebuyers looking for a 4 bhk flat in Kolkata.  PS Group lays special emphasis on adding sustainable and green building features to its projects. Environment-conscious homebuyers will especially value the popular green building amenities offered by PS Group like solar panels, electric car charging facility, open green spaces and jogging tracks, projects from sustainable building material, etc. In addition to luxury residences, PS Group also offers esteemed food and beverage establishments within the complexes to make it easy for residents to entertain guests.

  1. Well-maintained social infrastructure is an add-on

Today, most real estate developers are introducing residential complexes in well-developed townships or in locally and socially developed infrastructural spaces. With shopping malls, theatres, restaurants, schools, colleges, hospitals in the vicinity, homebuyers can enjoy the perks of healthy and quality living. Real estate developers are catering to the recreational and leisure needs of homebuyers, it is therefore a good idea to compare the basis of social infrastructure around the residential complexes before you make the final decision of buying the 4 bhk flat.

  1. You can enjoy the benefits of higher ROI

Given the fact that rent escalates about 10% every 11 months, investing in real estate in India is both lucrative and satisfying. Buying a 4 bhk flat is therefore a great asset. Furthermore, in cities like Kolkata, it is easy to buy a 2 BHK flat but in the future, the small flat will turn out to be more stressful for your family members. With the inadequate space in 2BHK apartments, you will have to look for a new 3BHK/4BHK apartment. Therefore, for all practical purposes, 4 BHK flats in Kolkata are a sizable investment. If you are still in doubt about your purchase, aggregate the cost involved in purchasing your new home and compare it to the rental yield of the different localities that you’ve shortlisted, or calculate the long-term ROI if you want to lease it out to tenants.

  1. There is no huge price difference

Surprising as it may sound, when you carefully consider the prices of 2 BHK, 3 BHK, & 4 BHK flats, as per their built-up area and locality, you will realize the differences are not very high. Furthermore, real estate developers are launching residential projects at affordable prices. Adding to homebuyers’ advantage are also Bank Home Loan schemes to cater to the dire needs. Banks like ICICI, HDFC are offering home loans with a lower interest rate. The recent falling loan rates and stagnant real estate prices also suggest that you can get a better loan deal than ever before.

Sometimes, buyers investing in a 1 BHK/ 2 BHK apartment in Kolkata end up spending twice the amount in comparison to the cost of a 3 BHK/4 BHK. Moreover, be it, 2BHK, 3BHK, or 4BHK, the paperwork and the eligibility for home loans are the same for all types of homes is the same. Therefore, you do not need to be intimidated by the prices of a 4 bhk flat, with help of reputed real estate developers like PS Group and home insurance in India, it is not as bad as it seems. 

In closing

With affordability rising, homebuyers can buy a bigger property with the current income. In addition, home loan rates are also down by about 1.2-1.3 percentage points compared to last year alone. However even if affordability is at its best for an average homebuyer, don’t rush to buy a house just because the loans and prices are attractive. Consider your decisions wisely. 

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