Best 8 Foyer Designs For Indian Flats And Apartments in 2022
By Pratik Balasaria
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Living rooms define the way our homes and apartments look. In these cases, the first impression is indeed the last impression. Hence, foyer designs for Indian flats have recently become a trending topic among homeowners and homebuyers. Whatever the reason for this trend, decorating one’s living room space can be very satisfying and comforting.

8 foyer designs for Indian flats in 2022

Foyer designs for Indian flats and apartments are ever-changing over the years. However, these trends have stayed consistent throughout the decades and can transform your living room.

Place appropriate lighting in the right places

foyer designs for indian flats

Lighting has the power to transform the look of a room or even an item entirely. You can highlight the charming corners of your luxury apartment in Kolkata with foyer designs for Indian flats with plenty of appealing lighting options. Consider lighting up the corners and nooks, staircases, corridors, and reading corners. You can also play with floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps, chandeliers, etc.—adding lights accentuates the beauty of your house. You can also highlight a specific wall, a particular corner or artwork, statement pieces, and other well-thought-out details of your house. 

Do also consider using energy-saving bulbs or tubes and artificial lights that are available everywhere on the market for sustainable and affordable foyer designs for Indian flats. There are also several lighting options that are easy on your pocket and cleaning them regularly improves their efficiency and brightness.

Find storage smartly with innovative foyer designs for indian flats

foyer designs for indian flats

Having plenty of storage options has become a top prerequisite for homebuyers looking for an ideal home. Modern flats in Kolkata today are all about smart design ideas for storage that not only look stylish but also help in conserving living room designs indian apartments. There is no dearth of choices for homebuyers looking for smart storage options—multipurpose tables, compact wardrobe and closet ideas—you can have tailor-made storage choices for your space that will allow you to take advantage of every nook of your 2 bhk or 3 bhk flat in Kolkata

Use mirrors smartly 

foyer designs for indian flats

Mirrors are one of the simplest and cheapest items to trick your guests into believing that your 2 bhk in Kolkata is larger than it appears. If you don’t believe us, try it out yourself. Place a mirror directly opposite a window—it will make your room appear larger than it is. Furthermore, you can also use mirrors to hide the defective walls or corners of your house. You can also add one if you have run out of ideas for an empty wall. You may also consider other decorative items such as hanging lamps, pots, photos, to create an alluring look to your foyer designs for Indian flats. 

Add some lavish points where it matters

foyer designs for indian flats

Up the cool quotient with simple items like floor rugs or carpets, cushions, and curtains that contribute a decorative accent to your living room designs indian apartments. The right choice of carpet will help to bring a fresh look and beautify your house with elegance. Make sure that the size of the rug matches the dimension of the room and is not too large to completely take away the room space. Ideally, a carpet should be spread at least a few feet away from the room’s walls.  

Cushions and curtains have an ornamental quality to amplify elegance, glamour, and beauty. Before choosing, take into account the color, texture, size, and orientation of your room. Try to achieve the right balance between the three elements to bring out the best of your room. 

Stay artistic with foyer designs for indian flats

foyer designs for indian flats

Decorate your walls with family photographs, classic paintings, or customized murals to give your house a grander look and also make an attractive style statement. Remember to choose a wall of the house where the frames will become the focal point and the center of attention to your guests as innovative foyer designs for Indian flats. Hanging them at the correct height will further accentuate the piece of art. Finally, choose the right shape, style, and color of the frame so that it complements the foyer designs for Indian flats in the best possible way.

Bring home natural greenery 

foyer designs for indian flats

Adding a few potted plants to the wall or creatively arranging succulents on slabs of wood will give your living room designs Indian apartments a refreshing look. You can even consider adding some lights to highlight the potted plants to make your house more beautiful and welcoming. If you have a bigger budget, there are also a variety of options in green wall installations. 

For example, PS Vyom is a plush residential complex that is spread over 7 acres of lush greenery and natural ponds, making it one of the largest landscaped townships in New Alipore.

It’s all about comfort 

foyer designs for indian flats

If you are looking for an ideal home design for your new flat in Kolkata, you should consider understanding the basics of ergonomics. The design and layout of small elements such as wider doorways, a good kitchen work triangle, and a living room layout allow plenty of light and can bring great comfort and elegance to the house. You may also consider treating the windows, replacing the faucet, re-polishing the furniture, adjusting the lighting fixtures, adding new accessories, improving the bookshelves, and even decluttering. 

Let the breeze inside your living rooms

foyer designs for indian flats

Being outdoors is not only enjoyable but also healthy. Several studies have established that spending time outside lowers stress and reduces levels of cortisol— a hormone that contributes to feeling tired and foggy. You don’t have to constantly live amidst greenery but in terms of foyer designs for indian flats, outdoor living areas, such as balconies, terraces, patios and decks, have a high desirability factor with homebuyers. So, consider adding a patio, or a balcony to your home.  

Interior home decor and foyer designs for Indian flats

Home decor is essential to give your flat and apartment in Kolkata a luxurious and comfortable feel. But this requires the foundation of spacious and amenity-filled apartments provided by the best builders in Kolkata. PS group is one such real estate company in India that has provided innovative housing solutions for over 30 years.


What are some features of luxury home design?

Some features of modern luxury home design are:
1. Statement furniture
2. Luxe textures
3. Mood lighting

What are the best colours for luxury home interior design?

Royal purple, dark green and maroon are considered to be very luxurious colours.

What metals are considered luxurious for flat interior design?

Statement metals like Gold, Copper and Silver are very luxe and will add a lot of richness to your luxury home design.

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