Difference between flat and apartment - Meaning of flats & apartments
By Pratik Balasaria
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Buying or renting a property as a homebuyer? You may have come across the terms flat and apartment. But what is the difference between flat and apartment and what are flats and apartments exactly? Let us understand these terms so that they can help you when searching for properties in Kolkata to buy or rent. 

Difference between flat and apartment

difference between flat and apartment

Here are the 4 key differences between flats and apartments:

  1. A flat is a collection of rooms—1 BHK, 2 BHK, or more—that are a part of a larger structure, commonly referred to as a society. It consequently forms a larger portion of dwellings. An apartment is a specially constructed home built in a better location that also has many households.
  2. In British English, the term “flat” is used, but in American English, the term “apartment” is used.
  3. An apartment can have more than one story, but a flat typically has one.
  4. Sometimes, the terms “flat” and “apartment” are used interchangeably to describe low- and middle-class housing, respectively.

Now that we know the distinction between flats and apartments, let us take a look at what is flat and what is an apartment individually. We also dive into the different types available in the real estate market.

What is an apartment?

The term can be generical, applied to any residential unit that is located inside a building. The building can be anything from a house, townhouse, a large residential building, and even high rises known as condominiums. 

Types of Apartments: the difference between flat and apartment

Apartments come in many different price ranges, sizes and layouts. It can be hard to find the right apartment as there are so many different factors to consider. To help you find a flat and apartment that meets your needs and exceeds expectations and understand the difference between flat and apartment, here is a simple guide to the different types of apartments that will help you distinguish one from the other.

1. Studio Apartments 

A studio apartment is usually used to denote a small apartment with an open floor plan. It consists of a single room that combines the bedroom, living room, and kitchen space with an attached bathroom. These are small spaces but they do not lack amenities. For individuals living alone, who are looking to stay close to their offices or universities, a studio is ideal. They are affordable and perfect for those looking for their first home.

2. Duplex 

A duplex is a single house or apartment that usually has two or more floors with a staircase connecting the floors from inside the apartment. Duplexes are ideal for large families or joint families who want to live together yet have their own privacy. In India, there are various kinds of duplex apartments including luxury duplex apartments.

3. Serviced Apartments

What is a serviced apartment? For those looking for a full set up apartment for a short-term stay in a city different from the one they reside in, a serviced apartment is the perfect solution. They are usually fully furnished and come with various amenities like furnishings, wi-fi, housekeeping, and in some cases meal services. These are hassle-free living spaces that come fully equipped and highlight a key difference between flat and apartment. 

4. High-rise Apartments

A high-rise apartment is a unit in an apartment complex that has 12 or more stories. These kinds of apartments usually have access to multiple elevators.

5. Low-rise Apartments

A low-rise apartment is an apartment in a building with one to four floors that may or may not have access to an elevator.

What is a Flat?

A flat means unit that has bedrooms, which may include a standard-sized master bedroom, and other smaller rooms. Along with this, there is a hall space, kitchen, and bathrooms that may be attached to the rooms. Among flat and apartment in Kolkata, these units are becoming increasingly popular. 

Since individuals and families are now working from home and need extra space, flats in Kolkata are a smart choice. They are becoming increasingly affordable as well. A flat in Kolkata offers endless amenities for discerning home buyers looking to upgrade their lifestyles. 

Understand the foundation difference between flat and apartment

Choosing whether a flat and apartment is right for you, requires an understanding of one’s needs. Moreover, the number of people living in the space along with the work situation is necessary to finalize the home configuration you need for your house in Kolkata.


What is the difference between a flat and an apartment?

The word flat is mostly used in the UK and the adjoining Commonwealth countries. Whereas Americans generally use the term apartment. Another main difference between the two is that a flat has one storey usually and an apartment can be multi-storeyed.

What is the meaning of apartment?

An apartment is in simple words, a single living space among many others within the same building.

Which floor is best to live in apartment?

Living on the top floor means access to the best views and lesser outside noise. Whereas living on the bottom floor also has its own pros. Thus ultimately, choosing which floor to live in is a matter of personal preference and choice.

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