What Is A Studio Apartment? Everything You Need To Know
By Pratik Balasaria
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Studio apartments are all the rage in this modern day and age. With the space crunch in most of the cities, these apartments are the best answer.  But what is a studio apartment? How is it different from other apartment configurations like those found in apartment in kolkata, and what are its merits and demerits? In this blog post, we look at answering all your questions about studio apartments. We will also be giving you all the information you need to determine what is right for you. Studio apartment meaning have been gaining a lot of popularity in India due to a lack of space in metropolitan cities. There is a space crunch in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai due to which large residential developments cannot come up.

What is a studio apartment?

what is a studio apartment

A studio apartment meaning is usually used to denote a small space with an open floor plan. It consists of a single room that combines the bedroom, living room and kitchen space with an attached bathroom. These are small spaces but they do not lack amenities. For individuals living alone, who are looking to stay close to their offices or universities, a studio is ideal. They are affordable and perfect for those looking for their first home.

What is a studio apartment configuration?

Studio apartments have a living space, space for a bed, a kitchen and a bathroom area. Some have partial walls to create a demarcation and to give you privacy, when you have guests.

Size of studio apartments

What is a studio apartment standard size? These are built on the principle of effective space utilisation. Thus they usually have minimum barriers in the form of walls and space demarcation. Most studio apartments usually have an open floor plan. However this could vary based on the city or locality. The standard size vary from 250 to 700 sq ft, depending on the developer, location and many other factors.

What is a studio apartment usually priced at?

Studio apartments come in many different price brackets. They are usually found in the urban metropolitan cities, as there is more of a demand for them here. When located in the city center and other strategic locations, they may be priced at Rs. 1 crore and above among luxury apartment in New Town Kolkata. In upcoming locations, they may cost 25 lakhs and upwards.

Who should consider buying a studio apartment?

Studio apartments are popular amongst both tenants and buyers. They are best suited for single working professionals, or people who stay alone. Small families looking for an affordable home can also consider moving into one of these. It is also a great investment as a rental unit. In cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, and Kolkata, it can fetch good returns and is a worthy investment.

Difference between a 1 BHK and a studio apartment meaning

Some people tend to use 1 BHK and studio apartment interchangeably and can mean the same thing. However the two are different, albeit very slightly. A 1 BHK unit provides a room, a kitchen, a hall space and a bathroom and each of these has a very significant demarcation and boundaries. A studio apartment meaning is one single room with an open floor plan and the person living there will need to allocate space as per their needs within the room.

How can you demarcate space in a studio apartment?

Creating more space and demarcating distinct areas is one of the biggest challenges of living in a studio apartment. Here are some easy solutions that can help you overcome this problem.

  1. Room divider curtains

    These are available in a variety of colours and patterns, so you can easily find one that matches your decor theme. Installing room divider curtains is a simple solution to segregate the house.

  2. Sliding doors

    This is an elegant solution to create more space and give you a sense of privacy in your home. Compared to regular doors, they do not occupy too much space.

  3. Floor to ceiling bookshelves

    If you need some storage space along with creating privacy, this may be the most practical solution. These bookshelves can also elevate your living space and give it some pizazz.

  4. 4. Glass or wooden screens

    A glass or a wooden screen will visually separate your space while also allowing sunlight inside.

Benefits of living in a studio apartment

Despite being small in size, these offer plenty of benefits for those who choose to rent or purchase one. These are a few of the benefits of living in a studio apartment.

  1. They are space-efficient
    Since they utilise space efficiently, they are best suited for people living alone who want to maximise their living space.
  2. They consume less electricity and water
    Thus leading to lower water and electricity bills.
  3. Affordable
    The rent tends to be lower and thus they are more affordable in comparison to other types of configurations.
  4. Centrally Located
    Such apartments tend to be centrally located. As they are close to all the major hubs they have a direct connectivity to the major roads of the city.
  5. Requires low maintenance 
    They do not require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, therefore they are hassle free.

Disadvantages of a studio apartment

While studio apartments have a lot of benefits, they also have some drawbacks. Here are some factors to consider before investing in one.

  • Not suited for large families
  • Limited space – no clear demarcations between rooms
  • Requires additional storage space
  • Lack of privacy for which one can make demarcations as mentioned above

A studio apartment is all you need!

A studio apartment is the perfect option that has both affordability and flexibility. Various home design tips can be used to decorate the apartment to make it your own. Do check out our other blogs like flats near Phoolbagan Kolkata, flats in Joka, and flats in New Alipore to know more about the other types of apartments and more.


What is a studio apartment?

It is usually used to denote a small apartment with an open floor plan. It consists of a single room that combines the bedroom, living room and kitchen space with an attached bathroom.

What is a studio apartment priced at? 

They are located in the city centre and other strategic locations may be priced at Rs. 1 crore and above. In upcoming locations, they may cost 25 lakhs and upwards.

What is a studio apartment floor plan?

A studio is a one-room apartment where only the bathroom is separated by closed doors. All the rest (kitchen, living, bedroom, office, etc.) needs to fit into one single space.

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