Bathroom Color Ideas | Colors for your Bathroom
By Pratik Balasaria
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So you just bought a new home, congratulations! Now you can begin the process of customizing every element of your home that you bought in those luxury apartments. The most unnoticed part that takes the least priority turns out to be the bathrooms. So, we’re here to ensure that every corner of your home looks impeccably gorgeous, even bathrooms. Selecting the paint colour for your bathroom can be tricky, so we’ve curated a list of bathroom color ideas that’ll match your aesthetic perfectly. 

Bathroom Color Ideas

Bathroom color ideas

From bold to classic, there are an endless number of bathroom colors for every type of homeowner. No matter what your style is, we are sure you will be able to find the perfect colour for your bathroom. Be bold and add a statement wall with a bright red, or choose a soothing taupe to give your bathroom a zen feel. There are colour ideas for everyone. Here are some of our favourite bathroom color ideas that will brighten up your new home:

1. On-trend Pink

Bathroom color ideas

Pink bathrooms are slowly emerging as one of the year’s biggest trends, and pink bathroom color ideas are popping up everywhere. Especially for luxury flats and 4 bhk apartments, a pink bathroom can brighten up the entire space. There is a beautiful spectrum of pinks in the colour palette that you can pick from if it appeals to you. From pale almost beige like pinks, to bold earthy red pinks, there is an endless number of choices for pink bathroom color ideas. Go for just a splash of pink if you want to play it safe.

2. Classic Grey

Bathroom color ideas

If you are looking for classic bathroom color ideas, grey is always a popular choice. You can go for a darker grey to create a more dramatic look or choose a softer grey if you want to go with a timeless bathroom color. A combination of grey with dark wood will create your own personal luxurious retreat inside your home. For those preferring a more classic style, grey contrasted with white tiles is a modern take on the classic style.

3. Go bold with a splash of Cherry Red

Bathroom color ideas

If you love colour but are afraid of painting your home with it, this bathroom color idea is for you. Painting one wall in your home in that colour is a happy compromise. A bright cherry red is full of life and will give your home a fresh look. To balance this bold shade, choose a complementary shade like blue that pairs well with this bold hue. A bathroom painted in bold red will have a warm, cosy and protective feel. If you are fond of a contemporary minimalist aesthetic, red bathroom color ideas will be perfect for your new home.

4. Go ultra dark and sophisticated with a Charcoal Black

Bathroom color ideas

To add a super sophisticated touch in luxury apartments, go with a chic charcoal wall in your bathroom. When combined with premium bathroom fittings, charcoal walls can create a space that feels grown up and luxe. Brooding dark shades also provide the perfect backdrop for rich toned metallic fixtures in gold or brass. A rich shade like slate also gives a cocooning effect in your home. If you are looking for premium bathroom color ideas, charcoal black is a great option.

5.  Create a spa like vibe with Sage Green

Bathroom color ideas

If you are looking for bathroom color ideas that will help you create a zen space, a soft green hue is the perfect colour. Compliment the delicate green colour with foliage and wood to get transported to a spa in Bali. A splash of green will add calmness to the space. Choose from a pista green shade or a pistachio green for a more vintage feel. 

6. Go nautical with Blue

Bathroom color ideas

Blue walls are sure to add a touch of tranquility to your bathroom space. Choose a sea blue to add a touch of serenity to your space. For something more interesting than a neutral shade but something that will still withstand the test of time, go blue. A brighter blue shade will add a nautical touch to your bathroom. Pair it with clean white fixtures for a clean and minimalistic look.

7. Go for something timeless with neutral Beige

Bathroom color ideas

For bathroom color ideas that will make a statement, but not be overpowering, beige is the perfect solution. It will warm up your space yet remain timeless. If white feels too boring and lacklustre, then neutrals like beige and cream are the perfect colours to pick. Subtle shades can still pack a punch if executed well. If your home has a minimal yet modern aesthetic, then bathrooms painted in tans and neutral shades will complement your home perfectly. Beige is one shade that will always remain in trend.

8. Add some sunshine with a pop of Yellow!

Bathroom color ideas

Bright yellow when paired with white tiles, gives your bathroom a slightly retro feel. For a bright and airy space that will brighten up your mood, yellow is just what you need. To avoid going overboard with this bright colour, consider painting just one statement wall in yellow. 

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Since we are all staying at home, it is important that space reflects who we are. If you have purchased a new home, and want to add some personality, these bathroom color ideas are perfect. If you are looking for ready to move flats in Kolkata, browse our other blog articles to find your new home. These 4 bhk apartments and 3 bhk apartments come fitted with the perfect bathrooms already so you can just move in.

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