Types of Residential Apartment to Help Home Buyers
By Pratik Balasaria
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Whether you are looking for a house or for a place to rent, you often come across terms such as duplex, penthouse, studio, residential apartment, etc. Although these terms are used interchangeably, they mean specific types of houses of different configurations. 

Types of Residential Apartments

residential apartment

As a new home buyer, you want the best and the right type of apartment in terms of location, layout, price range, storage space, noise and pollution, etc. In addition, if you have so many types of apartments to choose from, determining the right one becomes difficult. We have compiled a comprehensive guide that will help you to meet your needs and expectations. Let’s take a look at the various types of residential apartments:

1. Studio Apartment

studio apartment also known as a studio flat is an apartment with a single room and an open floor plan. A studio apartment typically consists of living space, bed space, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Some studio apartments also have partial walls to create a demarcation. Variations of studio residential apartments include an alcove studio or a convertible studio. 

Homebuyers often confuse between a studio apartment and a one-bed apartment. The only difference between the two is the separate bedroom. 

A studio apartment is the best choice for single homebuyers, whereas a one-bedroom residential apartment is a better choice if you are moving in with someone. Both studio and one-bedroom offer space, storage and comfort for two people. However, it depends on your lifestyle.  

Pros of Studio Apartment

  • Low cost 
  • Availability in prime locations 
  • Easy to clean and keep clutter-free

Cons of Studio Apartment

  • The small size 
  • Difficult for socializing and having guests over
  • Limited scope for redecorating 
  • Small closet space 

2.  2, 3, 4 bhk Apartment

The City of Joy has a plethora of options in 2, 3, and 4 bhk flat in kolkata. BHK stands for Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen. 2 bhk stands for a house that has two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. Thus, 3 bhk and 4 bhk are houses that offer 3 and 4 bedrooms respectively in addition to a living room and a kitchen. 

2, 3 and 4 bhk flats for sale in Kolkata accommodate the needs of a family. The design of such flats provide personal space for every family member and plenty of options to redecorate, entertain, work, and relax. Furthermore, there is enough storage space and room for in-built amenities and full-sized appliances. 

Pros of 2, 3, 4 bhk Apartment

  • Affordable
  • More popular in the rental market
  • Easy to sell
  • Lower maintenance
  • Better security and amenities
  • Ideal for families

Cons of 2, 3, 4 bhk Apartment

  • Limited space
  • Limited privacy
  • Overcrowding
  • Not easy to customise

3. Duplex Apartments

A duplex consists of a living space constructed on two floors. Duplex houses have become quite popular in Indian real estate. Duplexes consists of a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. In a duplex house, the two floors are connected through a staircase. It is hence sold together and is owned by a single individual. 

This is the main difference between a two-storey house and a duplex. Two-storey properties are independent of each other and may or may not be connected through an in-house staircase. A duplex residential apartment is a great option for bigger families as they offer much-needed privacy for every family member and enough parking space. Some popular examples of duplex apartments to check out are luxury duplex in South Kolkata and 5/6 BHK duplex flats in New Alipore.

Pros of Duplex Apartment

  • Privacy 
  • Greater ROI 

Cons of Duplex Apartment

  • Maintenance costs 
  • Limited options

4. Penthouse Apartments

A penthouse is a luxurious residential apartment on the top floor of a multi-storeyed residential building. The price of this type of luxury apartment in Kolkata is on the higher side than the rest of the apartment types, penthouses are usually 5-15% more expensive than other units in the same building. Furthermore, they are located in upscale residential neighborhoods as it falls under luxury housing units. 

Pros of Penthouse Apartments

  • Beautiful view 
  • Penthouse status 
  • Spacious and Luxurious 

Cons of Penthouse Apartments

  • Expensive 
  • Hard to find 
  • Long elevator rides 
  • Too hot for summer and too cold for winter  

5. Row Houses

Row houses are a series of houses with similar floor plans. These are usually located side by side and have a common wall. This is the main difference between a row house and villa. Villas do not share a common wall. 

Furthermore, the design pattern, architectural style, and appearance of the row houses are similar. The concept of row houses is gradually gaining its momentum in Indian real estate industry.

Pros of Row Houses

  • Independence 
  • Community living 
  • Privacy and security 

Cons of Row Houses

  • Maintenance cost 
  • May not be as secure as gated societies 

6. Villa Apartments

A villa is a large and luxurious farm house or a country house. These are generally separated from one another—they are built as individual units and have all the facilities. Villas in India are generally constructed in gated communities. Villas mostly make lavish holiday homes and are surrounded by lawns and landscaped gardens.

Pros of Villa Apartments

  • High levels of privacy
  • Luxury of space
  • No overcrowding
  • Land ownership
  • Easy to customise
  • Ideal for large families, NRIs and HNIs 

Cons of Villa Apartments

  •  Highly expensive 
  • Extra expenses for security 
  • May only be available in suburban locations 
  • Low rental yield
  • Difficult to sell 

7. Gated Communities

The concept of gated communities is very popular in India and the majority of Indian homebuyers find their residential apartment in gated communities. Homebuyers that move in with their family usually choose flats, row houses, or villas in gated communities as they provide a controlled and protected environment. Furthermore, they also provide facilities and amenities that are limited and customized to the residents—these include stores, gyms, restaurants, etc. Some famous examples of such complexes are flats in EM bypass Kolkata and residential apartments near Thakurpukur.

8. Integrated Township

Integrate townships is another popular residential type in India. Flats in Rajarhat and apartments in Salt Lake Kolkata are part of integrated townships.  Homebuyers find a residential apartment most convenient as it is in a self-sustained community that offers all the necessary amenities such as parks, healthcare facilities, schools, recreational centers, roads, water, electricity, etc. 

Private real estate developers in India are also launching integrated townships, especially in the suburbs, and enhancing the value of the homes by offering all the urban modern amenities. 

PS Group offers well-maintained townships that offer its residents a high standard of living. Jiva by PS Group has premium 3 and 4 bhk flats in Beliaghata.  There are exclusive 2 bhk residential apartments in the 102, and PS One 10, among others.  

Choose Your Residential Apartment Wisely

Ultimately, deciding which apartment type is right for you depends mainly on three things—your lifestyle, family size, and budget. Furthermore, before you zero down on your new flat in  Kolkata, you need to prioritize issues like privacy, amenities, and location. Remember, there’s no simple answer to the debate—‘which apartment type is ideal you’, because, there is no such thing as ‘enough space’.  In such cases, it’s best to take the advice of Roger Wohlner from KeyBank. He once rightly said—“Deciding where to live is a choice that impacts your lifestyle in many ways. Take the time to compare the cost of living and determine what’s best for you.”


Which is the most posh area in Kolkata?

The list of posh residential areas in Kolkata include—
1. South Kolkata – Jodhpur Park, Jadavpur, Lake Gardens
2. Alipore
3. Ballygunge – Rashbehari Avenue & Southern Avenue (Dr Meghnad Saha Sarani) 
4. Central Kolkata – Camac Street, Bhawanipore, Park Street, Woodstreet
5. Salt Lake

Why are penthouses so expensive?

A penthouse is expensive because you pay for prime real estate.  Since you live on the highest floor, you won’t be able to hear the noise on the lower floors during rush hour, plus you get extra space and better views.

Are higher floors hotter?

Flats on the higher floors have a natural tendency to be warmer than lower levels as the roof absorbs a ton of heat from the sun, unless there is a lot of shady tree cover. 

Which floor is best for apartment living?

The views from a middle floor apartment are better from those from the bottom floor unit. There are also not many stairs or long waits at the elevator. Seasonality and utility bills are also a major plus on the middle floor. Top floors tend to get hot and are difficult to cool down during the summer months.

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