The importance of the natural conditions for selection of an ideal site
By Pratik Balasaria
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As a new homebuyer, we understand your dilemma over the many choices you have. An ideal way out is to consider the natural conditions for selection of an ideal site. For example, if you are buying a flat in Kolkata, you should know that buying a flat in front of a hospital, cemetery, or high voltage power stations is a bad idea. Similarly, a flat at Kolkata that is facing a highway or has electrical lamp posts or a tree in front of the gate or main door is not ideal.  Designing an adaptable home has a lot of things to think about. Some of the other natural conditions for selection of an ideal site are, location, privacy, noise, services and utilities (food, medical, transport), and susceptibility to natural hazards such as earthquakes, flooding, chemical contamination, etc. 

The natural conditions for selection of an ideal site are

The natural conditions for selection of an ideal site for home

The following list of natural conditions will help you choose an ideal flat at Kolkata that will bring you good fortune and comfortable living. Let’s take a look—

  1. Natural ventilation and clean air
    Ideal home design brings positive vibes—well-ventilated and airy homes are the first natural conditions for selection of an ideal site for a flat Kolkata. Ample sunlight and healthy air-flow are useful for several important reasons—it helps to control the lingering moisture inside the homes and also keeps the floors, ceilings, walls and the furniture dry. Furthermore, proper airflow removes the bad odor from the house and the house smells fresh at all times. Given the greenery and pollution-free atmosphere in the area, flats at Ballygunge are an ideal location to look for houses with natural ventilation and clean air.  
  2. Ergonomic interior design 
    One of the basic natural conditions for selection of an ideal site is the in-built ergonomic design—a design pattern with well-utilized space. A developer that brings intelligent ergonomic ideas will also make the rooms spacious with good space utilization and carefully considered interior built. You don’t want to buy a house that opens first to a toilet and then the living room.  
  3. Good quality construction material
    As a homebuyer you have invested your entire life’s savings into buying that special new flat at Kolkata, good quality construction is one of the must-have natural conditions for selection of an ideal site. Zeroing in on a flat from reputed real estate developers is one of the trusted ways. It is through the quality of good constructions that developers earn their name in the market. Residential properties by PS Group use the best quality construction material—this has been one of the main reasons for improving the company’s sales figures. Most of the reputed developers in Kolkata try to use improved raw materials in their projects so that they can provide good dwelling solutions to homebuyers.
  4. An ideal height of the ceilings 
    One of the best ways to make the rooms of the house look spacious and larger is by increasing the ceiling height of the house. One of the natural conditions for selection of an ideal site is to look for a flat at Kolkata that has a ceiling height of at least 10-12 feet. Apart from making the rooms look capacious, a good ceiling height will also give you the freedom to keep the false ceiling design you always wanted without making the rooms look congested. 
  5. Spacious living rooms 
    Living rooms are the most vital and frequented parts of any house as we tend to spend most of the time in these spaces. Apart from well- designed ergonomics, living rooms should be able to accommodate the dining area as well as have enough space to keep the chairs and sofas. Think about it. 
  6. Large kitchen area 
    The kitchen is one of the most-frequented and important rooms of the house. Before buying the new apartment at Kolkata, make sure the kitchen area has enough space for kitchen essentials and cooking stoves. 2 bhk flats in Kolkata by PS Group have spacious and streamlined kitchen areas that you need to check out. 
  7. Quality fittings 
    Before you invest in the new flat, consider the quality of fittings. These include good taps, shower fittings, bathroom fittings, locks and lighting. Moreover, good fittings add a touch of luxury to the house interiors and make the property look exclusive.
  8. Availability of water 
    It is important to choose a house in Kolkata that has a sufficient supply of water. Water is one of the precious natural resources and soon it is going to be a huge necessity. You should consider a residential complex or a society that has plenty of water supply throughout the day. Properties by reputed builders usually take care of basic necessities such as water, electricity and sewage. Make sure to look into these before you make the down payment. 

Future-proof your home

Before investing in a new flat at Kolkata, future-proofing also becomes an important thing to consider apart from the other natural conditions for site selection. Ask yourself the following questions—

  • How long do you plan to live in the particular flat? 
  • How is your lifestyle likely to change during that time?
  • Will it be a suitable home, for example, if you start a family, or when your children leave home, or if you get a new job or your health changes? 
  • Could the neighbours change and will it affect you, or how will your future plans affect your neighbours?

The natural conditions for selection of an ideal site are important

Before buying a new apartment in Kolkata, it is necessary to consider if you’ll be able to build or renovate the house the way you want without substantially changing the house’s existing floor plan—this could be a costly affair. Furthermore, you need to also find out if any work has already been done by the previous owners, so you are aware of any substantial costs that could emerge later. Finally, choose a flat in Kolkata that has an in-built good design, this will ultimately also reduce the impact on the house.  


What are the criteria for site selection?

Four important factors for site selection are—
1. Easy accessibility  
2. Compatibility with nearby stores 
3. Parking space 
4. Standard of living and costs 

What are the factors affecting site selection?

General factors that should be considered while selecting a site for building construction are—
1. Purpose of Building 
2. Quality of Neighborhood
3. Availability of Facilities
4. Government Laws
5. Terrain Condition
6. Type of Ground Soil
7. Natural Light & Air.

What is an ideal site?

An ideal site must include utilities, roads, topography, prevailing winds, existing buildings, neighbors, public areas, setbacks, and state and federal government laws and regulations.

What is the first step to good site selection?

Create a detailed list of selection criteria-
1. Analyze qualitative & quantitative factors
2. Research competing communities and evaluate data
3. Consider incentives and bonuses
4. Finalize the decision, memorialize the deal.

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