Indian House Color Combination Outside- Make The Right Choice
By Pratik Balasaria

If you have just bought a home, from the interiors to the furnishings, there are a lot of decisions that you need to make. Along with the interiors, the exteriors also are a reflection of your personality and aesthetic. Finding the right Indian house color combination outside can be tricky. The exterior of our home is the first thing that visitors see. It gives the viewer the first impression of your home and is a reflection of your personality. In India, a lot of factors influence the choice of paint color when it comes to the exterior of your home. 

Tips to choose the right Indian house color combination outside

Indian house color combination outside

Before finalizing an Indian house color combination outside, here are some tips that can help. 

1. Stick to one or two color

When it comes to the outdoor Indian house color combination outside, stick to a maximum of 2 colors. A general rule of thumb is to use one or two colors at most. More than two colors will look cluttered and give the outside of your home an unsightly look. If you find one color to be too monotonous, consider using different shades of the same color. This will create a beautiful ombré effect. Ombré is one of the modern Indian house color combinations outside trends that is becoming extremely popular. 

2. Choosing the right color 

Generally speaking, experts recommend that you avoid dark color like black. These dark colors absorb dust particles and can need frequent repainting. This is not cost-effective and can be quite expensive In the long run. You can instead opt for a shade of a dark color such as grey and combine it with another light color that is complimentary. The dark color can be used to highlight the main features of the house.

3. Chose colors that will last long

Whichever color you use, be sure to choose paints that are durable and will last a long time. Since painting the exterior of your home is quite a big investment, you will want to be sure that the paint lasts long. Paints like high gloss paints are not suited for painting the exterior of your home. The paints that give the perfect exterior wall paint finish are satin, and eggshell. These paints are durable as well as easy to clean. They also come in many shades, so you can create the perfect Indian house color combination outside. 

4. Keep in mind the effects of nature and your surroundings 

Whatever color and finish you choose, ensure that it blends with your surroundings. The Indian house color combination outside should go with the rest of your environment. For example if you live in a hilly environment, choose a combination that suits the cool environment and green of the mountains. 

5. Attractiveness 

Ultimately whichever color combination you choose should be attractive and pleasing to the eyes. The exterior is the first look that onlookers get to see of your home, therefore it needs to be attractive. Bright color are thus best suited for the exterior of your home as they catch the attention of onlookers from a distance and create an instant appeal. 

6. Choose a theme

It will be easier to choose a color combination for your exteriors once you have a theme in mind. Having a theme will help you think out of the box and come up with some unique Indian house color combination outside. It will also make your home a feeling of oneness and give it a nice feel. Keep in mind these basic tips while choosing an attractive outside color combination for the Indian home. 

Let us now look at a few popular color combinations that will inspire you when you choose an Indian house color combination outside. 

1. Peach and White

Indian house color combination outside

Peach and white is the perfect Indian simple house color outside. This color combination is very classy and can elevate the exterior of your home. This is a very clean color combination. Peach is balanced out by the white in equal proportions. If you prefer a minimal and simple look for the exterior of your home, this is a perfect choice. 

2. White and Indigo

Indian house color combination outside

For homeowners looking for a modern Indian house color combination outside can go for bold indigo paired with a neutral white. White should be the dominant color while indigo accentuates the features of the home. 

3. Red and Cream

Indian house color combination outside

Red has traditionally been used to paint the roofs of Indian homes. Thus this traditional red and white Indian house color combination outside can give your home a touch of tradition. This combination is both traditional and contemporary. 

4. Yellow and White 

Indian house color combination outside

This bright and attractive color combination is sure to stand out. If you want to brighten up the exterior of your home, yellow and white is a great choice. But yellow on its own can be quite loud. When paired with cream or white in the right proportions, yellow can be toned down to look more sophisticated. 

5. Grey, White and Orange

Indian house color combination outside

If you are looking for a unique color combination, this combination of bright colors with a neutral accent color is for you. It gives the home a unique and attractive look. 

Make the best first impression with the best exterior house colors

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