2 BHK Home | 2 BHK Flat: Ramp up with these Nifty Decor
By Pratik Balasaria
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In a 2 bhk home, chances are that you will have to struggle to make the most of the space at hand. Our extensive guide will help you to avoid the space crunch in your 2 bhk apartment in Kolkata. With our tips of the smarts, you will never experience a lack of space, leaving plenty of room for rest and entertainment alike; and, of course, enough storage options. Let’s indulge in our exhaustive set of tips for all family types that are looking for expansion options—

Best 2 bhk home designs for bachelors

2 BHK Home

It is time that we do away with the notorious stereotypes of an ultimate bachelor pad—something that does not always involve empty beer bottles stocked in the balcony, pizza boxes and magazine tear-outs. There are also 2 bhk flats of bachelors that are clean and sophisticated and have nothing but luxury design ideas. Here are the ideas to create a perfect space for an ideal bachelor pad for a 2 bhk home:

  1. Invest in a comfy living room
2 BHK Home

Bachelorhood calls for interesting discussions with friends, parties, binge-watching, etc. For such events, bachelors usually spend most of their time in the living room to unwind, relax, and host parties. Consider making the living room a perfect combination of comfort and style. Place a cozy sofa and sofa chairs in front of a sleek TV panel. You may also consider an artistic wall behind the sofa for a chic look—a mix of paint and wallpaper, perhaps?

  1. Leave room for entertainment 
2 BHK Home

What is a bachelor pad without an entertainment center? You don’t need to have a big budget to invest in a large 4 bhk flat in Kolkata, simply get a dartboard that can be directly screwed to the wall. Having a bar cabinet is the next obvious thing in a bachelor’s house. This will probably be the center of attention when you have your friends for a party. Again you don’t need big space for a bar, you can even have a cool drinks trolley in the living room or a foldable bar counter between the living room and the kitchen.

  1. Dine in style 
2 BHK Home

No rulebook that says that bachelors have to eat dinner over the sink or in front of the television. You can have a small table with a couple of extra chairs for occasional company. You can also separate the living room from the dining area with subtle lighting or clever partition ideas. 

  1. Think of a private retreat 
2 BHK Home

You may also consider having a smooth study table beside the bed. A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe will make your room look bigger. You may also add a mirror panel in between the wardrobes to save space. Beds with built-in storage compartments or headboards that open up as storage shelves are a great idea to hide your belongings. 

Best 2 bhk home designs for young couples

Owning a 2 bhk in Kolkata is a coveted dream for most of the young couples in the city. Young couples however have occasional visits from in-laws and also need to accommodate a washer-dryer, a large TV set and work area for both. Let see some options that work for both the partners: 

  1. Use Wall-mounted shelves
2 BHK Home

Mountable shelves are an easy way to create enough walking area around the room. You can use these shelves to display artifacts or picture frames in the living room or even store books, and clothes in the bedroom. Another way to maximize storage without bringing in bulky cabinets and cupboards is by adding hooks and hangers to keep the extra clothes and other bits and bobs.

  1. Make space for the extra bits
2 BHK Home

You may also add storage niches that hide behind a painting on the wall, or think of a storage cavity in diwans, stools, or coffee tables. Window seating with pull-out drawers or sliding wall panels is also a great idea to have seating as well as storage.

  1. Think clever ideas for the washing machine
2 BHK Home

Usually, 2 bhk homes have tiny bathrooms and having a bulky washing machine takes up too much space. In such a case, consider placing the washing machine in the more unconventional parts of the home—maybe in the balcony that is attached to one of the bedrooms or inside the kitchen. Important is that you choose a space that isn’t heavily frequented by guests.

  1. Consider guest accommodation
2 BHK Home

Young couples usually have in-laws or other couple friends for a stayover. You could consider having a sofa-bed in one of the rooms that can be used as a bed as well as extra seating when you have a party. The second bedroom in your house can also be made into a multi-purpose room. Using pull-out furniture such as a foldable desk for your workstation or a sofa-cum-bed will take minimal space and can also be rearranged easily for other occasions. 

Best 2 bhk home design ideas for families

Before we tell you the best interior design ideas of a 2 bhk flat in Kolkata, let’s understand what families are looking for from their 2 bhk home—

  • Maximum utilization of space 
  • Personal space for every member of the family 
  •  Luxury home design that doesn’t overshoot the budget 

It is possible to meet all these demands by keeping in mind the optimum space utilization that can accommodate all family members. If you moving into your new 2 bhk home with your kids for instance, you might want to try these ideas—

  1. Use a see-through partition 
    Using a see-through partition instead of closing up space completely is a good idea to make the house look bigger. For instance, you can separate the dining area from the rest of the living room with a see-through partition—a brilliant idea that ensures the space doesn’t look cramped and also does not allow full visibility. You can also decorate the partition with a vertical garden for a fresh, inviting look. 
  2. Consider sliding wardrobes
    To accommodate every family member’s wardrobe, plenty of storage area is a must-have in the new 2 bhk apartment. In such a case, using a reflective surface for the wardrobe creates an illusion of space, and with sliding wardrobes, you do not have to worry about opening and shutting doors and blocking the space between the bed and the wardrobe. 
  3. Create seating with space
    Moving in with the family calls for various occasions to host guests and play dates that require plenty of seating area. Furthermore, every family has several miscellaneous requirements. Choose a sunny spot from the living area or other rooms and create a space ledge by the window. This will provide you with more seating, storage and plentiful natural light at once! 
  4. Consider pull-out beds for the kids
    Having trundle beds or pull-out beds is an intelligent design to have two beds under a single bed. If you are a family with two kids, having a pull-out bed that can be folded back during the day is an easy way to keep the bedroom spacious. Moreover, it also allows the kids to use the space to move around freely. You can also use the free space for a study table. 

The Most Comfortable 2 BHK Homes

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How can I decorate my 2 BHK flat?

Here are some simple tips to decorate 2 BHK flats for a less budget—
Keep it clutter-free and spacious
Use multi function smart furniture
Remember beauty lies in the simplicity
Use light colours on the wall
Consider decorative accessories.

What is meant by 2 BHK flat?

The full form of BHK means bedroom, hall and kitchen. The term BHK is refers to the number of rooms available in a flat or house. A 2BHK flat means 2 bedrooms, 1 hall and kitchen. Whereas the full form of 3BHK house means 3 bedrooms, 1 hall and a kitchen.

What are the 7 elements of interior design?

The 7 elements of interior design include space, line, forms, light, colour, texture and pattern. It is important to keep them balanced to create an aesthetically pleasing interior.

What is the most popular home decor style?

Traditional. By far the most popular design style in India is a traditional mix of beautiful, timeless and well-defined elements.

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