5 Modern Main Door Design For The Modern Homeowner
By Pratik Balasaria
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We often hear the phrase – the first impression is the last impression.  This is definitely true of the impression one forms before we enter a house, workspace or an enclosed area. We sometimes base our opinion on the first design element we come across, primarily the main door design. Besides the practical use of doors in various premises, there is an aspect of art and decor associated with the main door or the entrance door of a home.

In today’s modern times, the door has its own uniqueness and presence in a house, a fancy store or even an office.  Designers are experimenting with various materials to create a unique main door design and elevate them to make it a piece of art.

Let us have a look at some different types of doors made on the basis of the material used to make them.

Materials used in main door design and types of designs available

main door design

The main door design is made keeping in mind security and safety of the residents. Material available is also an important factor that determines the design of the door.  Though the most common materials used for making main door design are metal and wood, there are some alternatives too. Both of these mediums are widely used because of their sturdiness and durability. Sometimes glass is also a common material used, primarily for its aesthetic appeal. Aluminium is also a favoured material along with PVC but loses out because of lack of innovativeness in main door design and is difficult to work with. 

1. Wood and Timber Main Doors

Among the main door design types available, homeowners favour timber as the material used for making main doors.  Timber and other varieties of wood look beautiful and have a scope of intricate patterns or designs and inlays. In many designs, carving is the most favoured kind of work in the doors. It gives an aesthetic feel to the door and allows the artist to express their art. The natural material and texture gives an appeal to the whole design. It gives the designer the freedom to play around with various textures. 

One main drawback of this type of main door design is that most of these doors are expensive or steep on the pocket as natural materials are expensive.

The benefits of wooden doors is that they provide sound proofing and insulation. From a security point of view, wooden doors are the most reliable. They are easy to install because of the material and easy to clean, thus making it a favourite among many.

2. Glass Doors

Glass doors are the next best material for main door design as it gives an elegant, rich and modern look to the home. However, these are delicate and require extra care and protection while handling them. Handling them with care is a basic rule if you have glass main doors. Cleaning and maintenance too could also be a point of concern. Security has been an issue with glass doors. However the issue can be tackled with the use of toughened glass which is gaining a lot of prominence in recent times.

3. Fiberglass Doors

One of the next favoured materials is fibre glass. A favourite among many because it gives the elegance of glass but is less cumbersome to maintain and handle.  These doors have many design options and can be easily moulded into many shapes and designs. Thus making it stylish and durable. They are more economical than glass doors and therefore are better for affordable houses.

4. Steel Main Door Design

A new emerging material is steel, in which doors have a steel face and a foam core for insulation. Incorporated with brushed steel it is a favoured choice for its stylishness. They are very strong as compared to the other doors and thus very secure. They are not used for many homes as they do not look as attractive as wooden or glass doors but are a preferred material mostly because of durability and security.

5. Fiber reinforced plastic Doors

A latest trend in doors that is emerging is Fiber Reinforced Plastics doors, also known as FRP Doors. They are available in various colours and finishes in the market. These doors give numerous advantages such as higher strength, low maintenance, all-weather resistant, easy fabrication, lightweight, and corrosion-free. However they are not very aesthetic.

Factors to consider while choosing your main door design

There are two main factors determining while designing a main or entrance door. These are the weather conditions and the material available. The thickness, size, stability and durability of the door is dependent on the weather.  In most main door design, the doors are given a protective coating of paint and polish to bear harsh weather conditions.

Other factors that determine a good and appealing main door design is the placement of the area and the mechanism to be used to maximise the use of the area around. Design and usability go hand in hand in main door design. A bigger area around the door makes it easy to operate and makes it more usable.

Main door designs that can blow you away

Thus the modern main door design is designed to incorporate natural themes without sacrificing aesthetics to express the personality of the designer and the owner. They add an extra element of aesthetic value when it comes to home decor and interior design for your luxurious apartments.

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