Why To Buy An Independent house for sale in South Kolkata
By Pratik Balasaria
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Looking for the best independent house for sale in south kolkata? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we run through the best builders in South Kolkata to find the house of your dreams. 

Better to buy an apartment or an independent house for sale in south kolkata?

But wait!! Is buying an apartment a better decision than buying an independent house for sale in south Kolkata?

PriceMuch cheaper than a houseThe most expensive residential space
AreaSmaller space and limited outdoor areaMuch larger space and significant outdoor area.
LoanabilityUp to 90% of the apartment’s cost can be loaned.Up to 70% of the house’s cost can be loaned.
MaintenanceMaintenance costs are shared by all residents of the buildingMaintenance costs are paid by only the owner of the house
SaleabilityEasy to resellDifficult to resell

Top 4 builders in kolkata for an independent house for sale in South kolkata

independent house for sale in south kolkata

Finally, here are the best four builders and developers who have built the best independent houses in Kolkata, filled with the best amenities.

1. Independent house for sale in south kolkata by Merlin Group

The Merlin Group was established as a real estate company in 1984. The group started out as a developer in the city of Kolkata, however, now operations include cities of Ahmedabad, Raipur, Pune, Chennai as well as Colombo. Under the leadership of Mr. Sushil Mohta, the group has constructed over 100 office buildings, retails outlets, malls, country homes, IT buildings, hospitality establishments, hotels, resorts, and residential projects over the last three decades. Hence, it is considered one of the top builders in India.

2. Ambuja Neotia flats in Kolkata

The Ambuja Neotia Group has been in business across multiple industries including real estate, hospitality, healthcare, education, and incubation over the last 20 years. Their real estate footprint has been expanded under the guidance of Chairman, Harshavardhan Neotia over the last two decades which has witnessed the development of several residential, commercial, and residential real estate.

3. Srijan Realty for independent house for sale in south kolkata

Srijan Realty Private Limited is one of the top builders in india in Kolkata that has a presence across Asansol and Burdwan in Eastern India & Chennai in the south in addition to real estate development in our own city of joy. Srijan Realty has its roots in marketing, i.e., it started out as a real estate marketing company (NK Realtors) that evolved into real estate development in 2003.  Srijan has completed 16 projects since its inception. Currently, 14 projects are ongoing while 10 more are in the pipeline for development.

4. Vinayak Developers

The story of Vinayak Developers was started by Umesh Kyal in the 1980’s. Mr. Kyal started initially as a real estate investor who started his journey by developing small & mid-size residential and commercial properties in Kolkata as well as in Vizag. Over the last three decades, Vinayak Developers has developed several residential and commercial real estate projects in Kolkata that are rich in design as well as innovative infrastructure. Vinayak Developers are perceived positively as one of the top builders in India.

Find the right builder and developer for you

The above builders for an independent house for sale in south kolkata are great developers of bungalows and houses. But if you are looking for the best flats and apartments in Kolkata, PS group is the best builder and developer for you with an experience of over 30 years in the real estate industry.


1. Is it good to buy a flat in Kolkata?

A number of new initiatives introduced by the government in recent years have made it easier than ever to buy a house in Kolkata. These include a number of subsidies and incentives such as relaxation in stamp duties, GST waivers etc. There has truly not been a better time to purchase a property in Kolkata.

2. How do I know that a project is perfect for me based on the location?

Check for three things – good connectivity, great surrounding, and presence of commercial facilities within close vicinity. 

3. What should be the ideal price for a new apartment? 

The ‘ideal’ price for a new apartment depends on a gamut of factors like location, apartment specifications, facilities, the type of targeted buyers, etc. 

4. Is the presence of luxurious facilities all that important?

In our opinion, missing out on major facilities will hamper the true essence of dwelling in a luxurious residential project. This list of top 10 flats in Kolkata gives you the best of what a luxury residential project has to offer at an affordable price.

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