What Is A Penthouse Apartment And How To Find The Right One For You
By Pratik Balasaria
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Luxury housing is the main player in the current real estate market. New homebuyers and old are looking for luxury homes and houses in Kolkata. A penthouse apartment in Kolkata or anywhere in the country is now known as a symbol of status and class. In this article, we describe what is a penthouse apartment and list down features to find the best apartment for you.

What is a penthouse apartment?

A penthouse apartment is an apartment typically situated on the highest floor of a residential building, a tower, or a hotel and is equipped with luxurious amenities. However, nowadays penthouse apartments are a term given to an apartment situated on any floor which is filled with the best amenities and facilities, such that the resident enjoys the most luxurious life.

What to look for when buying a penthouse apartment?

penthouse apartment

Are you looking for the penthouse apartment of your dreams? This guide will help you filter out the many apartments in Kolkata and choose the one that’s made for you! 

Architectural Excellence of the penthouse apartment

Your home is an extension of your personality. While looking for a penthouse apartment in Kolkata, you should prioritize those with eye-catching architecture and unique aesthetic appeal that set them apart. Factors such as the facade and elevation of the apartment structure should add a sense of grandeur and glory at first glance. Pay attention to the flooring, bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, and general layout of the house while shortlisting a luxury home. 

Location and Exclusivity

When it comes to luxury, the pin-code matters. You wanted to be located in the heart of the city within a reasonable distance of all the utilities and prime attractions. This aspect is the defining factor behind the upmarket appeal of a locality and project. While shortlisting a luxury property such as a 3000-5000.sq.ft 5BHK penthouse apartment, you should closely analyze the neighborhood, the sentimental value, and what it means to build a home there. Fulfilling these aspects before making a purchase decision is critical, as it will mark a permanent change to your daily life. 

The commute time to the airport, railway station, schools, and educational establishments, shopping complexes, other upmarket localities including localities visited frequently for socializing and/or work, et cetera are the important considerations to factor in finalizing a decision to buy a luxury apartment in Kolkata.

Amenities and Services at the penthouse apartment

Penthouse apartments require luxury amenities and features that can take care of your every need. As far as luxury apartments in Kolkata are concerned, facilities such as gymnasiums, clubhouses, swimming pools, and playgrounds are available. Sports arenas housing varied indoor and outdoor sports are also fairly standard. Moreover, well-equipped security services, personalized concierge, and valet services are fairly standard. 

You might additionally want to consider softer aspects of luxury such as well-thought-out water and energy conservation systems. You can also add waste management and green facades that enhance the beauty and ecological aspect of the complex.

Resident Profile

Social interaction is a constant and ongoing part of our life and is an inevitable component of routine functioning. In Kolkata, luxury apartments are even located throughout the city, but what takes precedence over all else is the resident profile. You want to be in the company of the well-heeled and your premises must provide for this networking opportunity. 

Most penthouse apartments in Kolkata cater to these needs if investigated properly. Having people from a similar economic background and stature helps attain such a level of satisfaction. Ask your real estate builder to give you a list of the gentry that reside in the apartment.

Status Symbol with the penthouse apartment

When you buy a luxury home in Kolkata, you make a statement. Your home is a testament to who you are and how far you’ve come in life. All the aspects of the home, both interior and exterior must reflect your stature and celebrate your success. 

If you’re buying a penthouse apartment in Kolkata in the city’s prominent skyscrapers, consider how your home will fit in with your persona. Also, think about how it will elevate your lifestyle and your perception in your social circles before making a decision. 

Live in style!

Finding the right penthouse apartment is all about finding the right real estate company. Do check out the PS group, a famed luxury developer in Kolkata known for crafting luxury homes for three decades.  

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