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By Pratik Balasaria
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Real estate in India saw a severe downfall during the second wave of Covid – 19. However recently in the last couple of months, the search term ‘apartments for sale near me’ has again seen an upward trend. This signifies that the intent to purchase apartments for sale near me is steadily increasing. Since stay at home & consequently, work from home became so essential during times of Covid – 19, families are looking to move to the best apartments that can meet all of their needs. 

The search phrase ‘near me’ is a crucial piece of information for advertisers. If people are looking for ‘apartments for sale near me’ it is a very strong signal of intent. Another strong trend has been that people are no longer adding zip codes or pin codes that are location qualifiers from their searches. Why are they doing this? They assume that the results will be automatically relevant to their location thanks to their devices. 

Apartments for sale near me
  1. Increase in Search volume
    Recent trends in 2021 have shown that the volume of organic search results for ‘apartments for sale near me’ has gone up by 4.4 K. This shows a steadily growing increase in apartments for sale near me. People are keen to upgrade their living spaces as staying at home. 
  2. Location preferences
    Search technology has helped people find what they need in a much more precise manner. Homebuyers are clear about the area where they want to purchase apartments for sale near me. Thus, being informed buyers they no longer want to waste their precious time looking at multiple different areas in which to purchase their home. 
  3. Investment opportunities in the neighbourhood
    Earlier the search phrase ‘near me’ was associated mostly with restaurants and gas stations or specific places. However people are now using the search phrase ‘apartments for sale near me’ to look for apartments for sale in Kolkata in their localities. Advertisers & developers can use this information to give homebuyers the exact information they need pertaining to apartments for sale in Kolkata. 
  4. Multitude of real estate options
    With an endless number of options available to them when they search for ‘apartments for sale near me’, the challenge would be to capture their consideration. If realtors and realtor groups are able to do this, they will be able to increase the number of sales of properties in Kolkata.
  5. Demand for key cities
    Cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bangalore have seen the most prominent increase in the search for ‘apartments for sale near me’. This is because homebuyers in these cities are keen to purchase the perfect home that has wide enough spaces and amenities to ease their living situation.
  6. Boom in Affordable Housing
    Real estate in Kolkata has especially witnessed a growth in demand for mid-segment and affordable housing. Homebuyers want to make sure they purchase the best apartments in Kolkata when they look for ‘apartments for sale near me’.
  7. Shift in search preferences from offline to online
    By identifying that potential homebuyers are searching for ‘apartments for sale near me’ , real estate websites can list the most relevant search results for properties in Kolkata. It is estimated that almost 44% of real estate buyers start their search for the perfect home online and 95% use the internet for assistance in the buying process. 

    Therefore visibility on search engines like Google is of the utmost importance for real estate websites. If they do not appear on the top 10 searches, potential leads may go to higher ranking competitors. 
  8. Rising prominence of gated societies with amenities
    Related queries show that homebuyers have also searched for new apartments for sale near me. Thus implying that they are keen to explore the new apartment complexes that have come up in their localities. Some related topics that have since seen a rise in searches recently are ‘gated community’. This shows that community living is clearly a priority for new homebuyers. During Covid – 19, we all felt isolated and the need to live near likeminded people for social interaction. But the good news is that more and more gated communities with modern amenities and common spaces to live and interact in are being built in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

    There was a peak in interest especially in related keywords like new apartments near me for sale, new apartments for sale near me, flats for sale near me, apartments for sale, and apartments to buy near me.  

Top Properties in Kolkata for Sale

Now that we have shared these key demand trends, let us take you through the top ‘apartments for sale near me’ in Kolkata:

1. The 102, FLats in Joka

Located in Joka, one of the real estate hotspots in South Kolkata. This is because 102 offers 3 BHK flats with over 650 sq.ft of space. Also, it is named The 102 as it offers 102 amenities to its residents. These also include a 30-meter long swimming pool, skating track, karaoke room, library, yoga lawn, and golf-putting area. 

2. One10, Flats in New Town

One10 offers the best apartments in Kolkata in the New Town area. Homebuyers have the option of purchasing either the 2 BHK apartments offering 592 sq.ft of space or the 3 BHK apartments offering 664 – 1508 sq.ft of space. The apartment complex also offers 37,000 sq.ft of landscaped gardens, for homebuyers looking to live in the midst of nature.

3. Vyom, Flats in New Alipore

Vyom offers 3 BHK flats in New Alipore for residents looking to live in the lap of luxury. It is one of the largest landscaped townships in Alipore. 

4. Amistad, Flats in New Town

Amistad offers plush apartments in the heart of Kolkata New Town. These come in 900 to 1000 sq.ft of space. 

5. Aurus, Flats in EM Bypass

At Aurus, potential homebuyers can get premium 3 and 4 BHK apartments in the Kolkata, EM Bypass. It was also awarded the Luxury Project of the Year in 2020’ by Realty+.

6. Jiva, Flats in Beliaghata

For homebuyers who prioritise living in nature, Jiva is the answer. This is because it is made up of 43% water bodies and features floating gardens and natural ponds.

7. Panache, Flats in Salt Lake

Panache is located in one of the most sought after localities in Kolkata. This is because it offers plush 900-1000sq.ft flats in Kolkata Salt Lake with spacious and airy balconies in high-rise towers. Panache is also right in the heart of Salt Lake and has the tallest residential towers in the neighbourhood.

The ‘near me’ Trend

The search term ‘apartments for sale near me’ is going to continue to trend for the next few years. Have you recently noticed a shift, do tell us. For those looking to buy ‘apartments for sale near me’ we also have compiled many helpful guides with the best apartments in Kolkata.

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