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By Pratik Balasaria
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When you buy an apartment in kolkata, you want to be absolutely sure that everything goes smoothly. HIRA-approved projects in Kolkata, come with the assurance of a secure home. For several years, homebuyers have had to depend on the goodwill of the developer and just plain luck. However, in 2017, the revolutionary West Bengal Housing Industry Regulatory Act (HIRA) came into existence. HIRA-approved projects in Kolkata ensure that there is transparency and security in the process of buying a home. 

Often upcoming residential projects in Kolkata go unregistered, causing a lack of transparency. After the implementation of HIRA, the housing industry in West Bengal has seen a positive change. HIRA-approved projects in Kolkata have led to user-centric practices becoming the norm rather than the exception in Bengal.

When a homebuyer logs onto the HIRA website, they can get a lot of information on the HIRA approved projects in Kolkata. From the title deed, to the completion date, and sanction plans, the contractors involved in the project, all this information is available. Those looking to buy HIRA approved projects can easily get access to this information.

What is HIRA and HIRA approved projects?

Passed in 2017, HIRA was introduced to regulate real estate and the housing sector. It aims to bring transparency to sell and buy in the real estate sector and to protect the interest of potential homebuyers. HIRA approved projects in Kolkata aim to benefit the West Bengal real estate market in the following ways:

  • HIRA approved projects in Kolkata aim to provide proper guidelines for buying flats in Kolkata. 
  • It aims to promote properties in Kolkata and the real estate sector in West Bengal.
  • This approval ensures the sale of new flats for sale in Kolkata in an efficient manner
  • Also it protects the interest of the consumers who want to buy upcoming residential projects in Kolkata.
  • It also has created a mechanism to quickly solve real estate related disputes. 
  • To put all relevant information related to HIRA approved projects in Kolkata
  • HIRA has resulted in the formation of proper rules and regulations that ensure compliance
  • HIRA can also conduct investigations and impose penalties against violations in real estate

Under the HIRA act, all housing properties in Kolkata need to be registered with a Regulatory Authority. These apartments in Kolkata must be above 500 square metres or have more than 8 apartments.

HIRA Approved Projects in Kolkata

HIRA approved projects in Kolkata

Now that the provisions of HIRA are clear, let’s talk about some of the well-known HIRA approved projects in Kolkata.

1. PS Vyom, flat in New Alipore

Vyom, is a premium residential complex by the PS Group among the HIRA approved projects in Kolkata. Located in the luxurious neighbourhood of New Alipore, Vyom is the perfect balance of living in nature and city living. It has hence been considered the largest naturally landscaped area among the 3bhk flats in new alipore. The amenities at Vyom also include 3 swimming pools, a natural pond rich in biodiversity, and a wellness center. It also has an exclusive kid’s learning center, multiple sports courts including squash and basketball, and a yoga room. For buyers considering luxury flats with premium facilities, Vyom is the perfect choice

2. PS Aurus, flat in EM Bypass

Aurus offers 3 bhk luxury flats in Kolkata, conveniently located in the EM Bypass. Because Aurus is among the HIRA approved projects in Kolkata, buyers get assurance that they will find their perfect home. It is a beautiful 33 storey building that is equipped with every modern amenity residents might possibly need. Each home has 22 feet high ceilings to give residents maximum ventilation in the flat. Hence Aurus is among the best luxury apartments that takes luxury living to the next level.

3. PS Anassa, flat in EM Bypass

Anassa, meaning Queen in Greek, offers 4 and 5 bhk flats in one of Kolkata’s prime locations. Situated just off the EM bypass, Anassa comes with a host of amenities. Some of these also include a 418 ft high sky lounge, 635 sq.ft. carpet master suites. The em bypass flats in Anassa also have large French windows and extra-tall ceilings for natural light and ventilation. The swimming pool offers a breathtaking view from a height of 405 ft. The complex also has grid-tie solar power generation and the driveway has lights with timers. The building is also sustainable. It thus has renewable energy through regenerative elevator drives. The parking garages are also equipped with electric vehicle charging points. 

4. PS Navyom, flat in EM Bypass

A unique residential complex among the HIRA approved projects in Kolkata, Navyom offers 4/5/6 duplex houses in Kolkata. It also offers beautiful garden homes. It also comes with amenities like a jacuzzi, flower garden, butterfly garden, tennis court, and much more. Navyom is hence the Winner of two Estate Awards in 2020. The awards were given in the categories of ‘Luxury Project of the Year’, and ‘Environment-Friendly Project of the Year (East).

5. 88 East

88 East is a HIRA approved projects in Kolkata that has a unique architectural design. The 3 and 4  BHK homes at 88 East are a true testament to luxury.

6. The Zenith, flats in Ballygunge

The Zenith in Ballygunge, offers 2 and 3 BHK flats. It has amenities like an open sky gym, yoga zone and a kids play area.

Always opt for HIRA approved projects in Kolkata

With the popularity of the HIRA act, consumers can be more empowered in their home buying decision. All information about HIRA approved projects in Kolkata is available on a single website making it easy to find whatever you need.  HIRA approved projects in Kolkata fundamentally tell the consumer that their rights are protected under this act. It makes the process of buying properties at Kolkata much more consumer friendly. It helps assist homebuyers in finding the best flats in Kolkata. Now homebuyers do not need to feel worried about feeling disappointed when buying HIRA approved projects in Kolkata. It legalizes the real estate sector investments in Kolkata and the rest of West Bengal.

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