10 Easy Simple Kitchen Design Ideas That Make a Big Impact
By Pratik Balasaria
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If you’ve just moved into your brand luxury apartment in Kolkata you must be scouring the Internet for some easy simple kitchen design ideas that are suitable for your Indian home. This guide puts together some ideas for a modern and contemporary Indian kitchen including simple kitchen designs for small spaces.

10 best easy simple kitchen design ideas

Here are 10 easy simple kitchen design ideas to jazz up the vibe in your kitchen and make a statement!

1. Parallel modular Indian kitchen designs with plenty of counter space

easy simple kitchen design

The specialty and uniqueness of this design is that it has a lot of countertop space to cook lavish meals for the entire family. Even if multiple people in the family come together to cook, this kitchen has enough space to accommodate them all. It also provides plenty of easy simple kitchen design storage space with modular configurations to store all those spices and ingredients that make our food so flavourful!

2. A peppy yellow island kitchen

easy simple kitchen design

We love bright and colorful kitchens that brighten up the home, and this bright yellow easy simple kitchen design is just that. This poppy yellow shade is sure to add lots of color and become a central point of your home. The kitchen island is also big enough for all your chopping and cutting for your meal prep. This kitchen pop design is sure to look great in your home.

3. A neutral kitchen with lots of loft space in your Indian kitchen design

easy simple kitchen design

Lofts add that extra bit of storage space that an Indian kitchen in a flat at Kolkata needs. Neutrals also add that extra touch of sophistication to elevate the kitchen space. With these floor-to-ceiling lofts, no space in the kitchen goes to waste. An Italian kitchen design with loft space will be perfect for your home.

4. A kitchen with a unique blackboard wall and organisation space

easy simple kitchen design

An easy simple kitchen design idea is adding a blackboard wall. A blackboard wall is extremely functional and aesthetic for an Indian kitchen. It can be used in multiple ways, from making grocery lists, to menu planning or even to give instructions to your household help. Add some extra organization in the form of hooks to hang all your ladles and spoons, and this kitchen becomes a game-changer that everyone will want to imitate!

5. A kitchen with a separate utility area

easy simple kitchen design

Having a separate utility area with an extra sink can help keep the kitchen looking a lot cleaner as the main sink won’t get filled up with dirty dishes. This is an easy simple kitchen design hack for a more organized kitchen area. A modern kitchen partition design can incorporate this separate utility area.

6. An easy simple kitchen design with pantry pull-outs

easy simple kitchen design

Tall units with pantry pull-outs are a great way to store all your groceries in an organized way. And as a bonus, they look great as well! They are spacious enough to store everything easily without occupying too much space in your Indian kitchen design.

7. A kitchen with plenty of spice racks and shelves

easy simple kitchen design

An easy simple kitchen design with plenty of spice racks and open shelving can solve the problem of where to store all the numerous spices that we use on an everyday basis. Make these shelves aesthetic by matching them to your kitchen walls.

8. Backsplash tiles with Indian motifs

easy simple kitchen design

We have lots of different popular architectural styles in our country. Why not use these patterns to create beautiful and unique backsplash tiles that will make your kitchen stand out! Set against a white or neutral kitchen, this backsplash is sure to be a statement-making piece.  

9. Dark-colored cabinets to hide stains 

easy simple kitchen design

An easy simple kitchen design with a classic blue and white color palette for your kitchen is great both aesthetically and also as protection against high temperatures and stains from all kinds of spills that might occur accidentally. 

10. A fan in the kitchen for summers and ventilation

easy simple kitchen design

Due to our humid climates in most parts of the country, having a fan in the kitchen is a great boon for the person who cooks. A fan also helps disseminate smoke and strong smells quickly. Kitchen interior design India has plenty of ideas to incorporate fans into the kitchen. 

How is Indian kitchen design different from Kitchens in the West?

Kitchens in India would differ based on the lifestyle of the person and the kind of food they are most likely to cook. For example, a single person living in a 1 BHK flat would have different kitchen needs than a person living with a large family with, say, a 3bhk flat in New Alipore. However, based on the kind of cuisine we cook, these are some of the basic needs that a traditional Indian kitchen design space in India should be able to accommodate.

  1. An Indian kitchen would need to have a closed layout preferably as there are many strong flavors and smells that brew in our cuisine.
  2. It should have plenty of storage space and some easy simple kitchen design storage ideas to keep all the lentils, pulses, and grains that Indian cooking uses.
  3. Dark-colored kitchen counters as we use a lot of tadkas in our cooking that make the oil splatter.
  4. Sturdy flooring and countertops such as kitchen granite design that are easy to clean.

Let these easy simple kitchen design ideas work their magic!

The above-mentioned kitchen design ideas can really beautify your kitchen like nothing else. The kitchen space is often the space where the family gets together to cook and eat, hence it is imperative that this space emits positivity. Along with the vibe, it is essential that the kitchen allows enough accessibility that only modular kitchen ideas can provide. So let your kitchen charm everyone with these easy simple kitchen design ideas and check out our other blogs like apartment for sale in Kolkata and flats in em bypass Kolkata to buy and decorate the house of your dreams!


What are some essential features of an Indian kitchen?

Easy simple kitchen design with lots of storage, a strong chimney and easy to clean countertops are just a few essential features of an Indian kitchen. 

Which type of kitchen cabinets are the best for Indian homes?

The cabinets in a kitchen can be segregated into three categories depending on their location — base cabinets, wall cabinets and lofts. Based on size, they can be divided into normal cabinets, tall cabinets and mid-tall cabinets. As per functional requirements or opening mechanisms, they can be classified into roller shutter units, lift up cabinets and various others. In any Indian style kitchen design, any combination of these cabinets can be used to provide optimum storage. It really depends on the way you use your space. However, most designers agree that every kitchen should have a tall unit with a pantry pull-out accessory, because it provides the maximum amount of storage space. 

Is an open kitchen plan good for an Indian home?

Both open and closed kitchen plans have their pros and cons. Based on your lifestyle, you can choose the best kitchen plan for you. 

What kind of wood is suitable for our kitchens?

Since solid wood kitchen cabinets are expensive, plywood is more commonly used. Typically, BWR (boiling water resistant) plywood is used for the wet zones in the kitchen. For the rest, any other variety of engineered wood or plywood can be used. The quality and properties of the plywood determine the cost and durability of the kitchen

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