Online Real Estate: How to Search For a Home Online?
By Pratik Balasaria
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Purchasing a home might have been a painstaking process earlier, but it isn’t any longer, with several people online and otherwise, willing to aid you and provide answers to whatever questions you might have. Investing in property could be much breezier if you choose the correct resources and reach out to experienced professionals. Today, online real estate services can be accessed at the tip of your fingertips and the process might even be accelerated by several days. Sure investing in property is a big decision, but who says it has to be long-drawn and complicated?

Online real estate tools have expanded over the years from property portals to data analysis services for home buyers. While offline resources still exist, the resources available online have expanded greatly as the internet has become increasingly accessible. Today a quick search can tell you the approximate value of your dream home while an online agent takes you through some of your general doubts and queries. It’s a much easier world we live in now!

online real estate: search for homes

However, if you wish to buy flats in Kolkata, and the latest internet search is overwhelming you; allow us to take you through the several online as well as offline resources available to aid your research.

Real estate in Kolkata- A quick look

Kolkata has seen tremendous financial and industrial growth in the past decade and the infrastructural landscape continues to provide better properties to its residents across the city. Apart from properties, the government has been undertaking several steps to beautify the city and make the infrastructure citizen-friendly and accessible. Some of the key areas in Kolkata are- Rajarhat, Newtown, Salt lake, EM Bypass,  Jessore road, while places in south Kolkata like Joka and Behala are slowly grabbing investor eyeballs.  

While flats in Kolkata, Newtown will bring you closer to the business hubs, flats in Kolkata, salt lake, the IT hub of Kolkata, will bring you closer to the hotspots and prime locations of the city.

Places like Newtown, Salt Lake, and EM bypass are home to some of the best flats in Kolkata for sale. The several properties here offer luxurious 3,4 and 5 BHK homes with premium amenities seldom seen in the rest of the city. Moreover, the above districts are slowly developing their social infrastructure as more and more people are moving here to live or set up their industries. For instance, Newtown is soon becoming the second IT hub of Kolkata with acres of land being requisitioned for company offices while a soon to be constructed metro line is slated to boost the connectivity in the region.

If you are curious to know more and don’t know where to start, read on as we take a closer look at some of the offline and online real estate research tools which can help in deciding your next investment in Kolkata.

Online Real Estate research methods

Online real estate: online research method

Data portals

Several websites, such as Magicbricks, 99acres,, SquareYards, et cetera, provide databases for homebuyers to research according to the specifications they have in mind. If you have specific qualifications for your next home, say the square feet or area, set in the correct filters, and these online real estate websites will give you several options to decide from.

Beyond that, the portals have made an effort to create well-informed web pages about the properties which give you all the details you might need in order to decide your next purchase. The websites have details such as the locality where the property is set, the neighboring schools and entertainment centers, RERA certification, amenities, and even the stage of construction of most of the properties at Kolkata.

Most of these portals also have blogs where common and uncommon real estate subjects are discussed in great detail. Whether you’re looking to buy commercial or residential property, whether you’re a new buyer or an experienced one, an Indian citizen or an NRI, these pages will give you enough knowledge to kick start your search.

Real estate data analysts

Over the years several organizations have begun providing an in-depth analysis of the several factors which go into the process of deciding an investment. Organizations such as Propequity, Ressex, Propstack provide thorough information to their clients about investment returns, risk effectiveness, the percentage of growth likely in the area of investment.  With the help of information collected over the years and strategic data based calculations, they enable the home buyers to make informed decisions most likely to benefit them financially. If the calculations are too overwhelming for you, don’t worry as these organizations can do the work for you, all of it online!

online real estate: data analytics

If you are interested in investing in highly prized properties in Kolkata you might want to hire the services of analysts who can help you mitigate risks and make the most cost-effective decisions for your investment. 


Apart from web portals offering a host of information, there are blogs such as The Property Times or The Economic Times, devoted to real estate, where specialists write about the current trends and issues which could be helpful to investors. As people experienced in the subject, they offer a range of information on issues property investors should stay abreast with. Some, like JLL India, offer studies such as the – ‘home purchase affordability index report’- which gives a comprehensible status of the economy and the ability of the buyers to afford homes in that particular year.

So if you’re looking to invest in flats in Kolkata for sale, you might want to keep an eye on the regular posts these online real estate blogs have to offer.


Although not a source of information for property search, the RERA website is helpful to every home buyer today in 2020. RERA is an act set up in 2016 from the perspective of protecting the rights of the consumers and regulating the real estate industry. As a home buyer, the website provides information about the rights you have and the steps you can take to ensure lawful transactions.  It also provides ways of redressal in case you feel that the promoter might be engaging in activities against your interest as a home buyer.

An understanding of your rights might help you to ensure that your interests are not compromised and transactions are safe.

Tip- Real estate projects as well as agents need to be registered under RERA in order to transact business. Check the RERA certification of your real estate agent before hiring her or him for your next flat at Kolkata.

Builder’s websites

Builders have taken several efforts to provide a thorough idea of the property to prospective investors. The website includes a complete look at the layout of the property along with several details such as the carpet area, locality, unique features and amenities, and the prices of flats in Kolkata offered by them. With several of our properties, at the PS group, we have created a visual account of our property to give future residents a detailed look while seated in the comfort of their homes, and an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the perspectives of existing residents.  

If you have made up your mind about the next flat you want to invest in, head on to the builder’s website to take a closer look at the makers of your next dream home!

Offline Real Estate research methods

Online real estate: Offline Real Estate

While online research will help you educate yourself, you will need to step on to the road before you lock in any purchase. It is an investment you have worked hard to undertake, surely a few searches are not going to suffice your curiosities. As a home buyer, you would want to physically inspect the interiors where you might be living, for the next several years. It is only natural to actually inspect the area and the environment the property has to offer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the offline research methods you can employ before your next purchase!

Real estate agents

Do you want a 2 BHK flat in Kolkata at the centre of the city ? Or you are looking strictly for ready to move in flats in Kolkata. Maybe you want flats in Kolkata near the airport for your next commercial venture. Whatever the specification, a real estate agent can help you find your next home. Real estate agents know how houses work and have an understanding of the property which they can extend towards your search. Real estate agents will also help you with many other aspects of home buying and are definitely helpful in aiding your search for the perfect home! 


There might be several listings and homes in your neighborhood, you might want to learn about from online real estate websites. For that reason, it is important to stay up to date with the latest updates and maybe even have a chat with your real estate agent every once in a while to understand the market and learn about the new flats in Kolkata for sale. Keep in touch with neighbors, friends and colleagues to learn about the next flat which goes up on sale near you! 


Newspapers often have sections or separate newsletters devoted to real estate advertisements. Brew a cup of coffee and spend your Sunday short-listing some properties which catch your attention. The advertisements give general details but might be a good place to start your search in case you don’t wish to browse the internet just yet.


In 2020 there are several resources online from data analysts to blogs to real estate portals to guide you in your search. Whatever the question, rest assured that you will find an answer through credible sources, on the internet. These resources will help you gain ample knowledge even if you have to start from scratch.  However, while there are several online real estate portals to help you guide through your purchase, it wouldn’t hurt to get on the road and physically inspect the houses which interest you. Offline resources could give you enough information to get the ball rolling and might even help you in unexpected ways in which a real estate portal might not.

So if you’re looking to buy flats in Kolkata, don’t worry as there are enough resources to see you through!

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