Top 5 Residential MS Gate Design Trends For Luxury Homes (2022)
By Pratik Balasaria
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An elegant entrance will make a lasting impression on your guests. In fact, having a styled ms gate design for your home in Kolkata or any part of the country is an effective way to create a good first impression. Besides, the front door is a creative way to introduce the design theme of your house and it’s also the first thing that your guests will notice. 

5 Modern MS gate design

Let’s explore some ideas to create a great ms gate design that will take your guest’s breath away. 

1. ms gate designs with Grill Work 

ms gate design

This design is a great way to keep the plain, rich look of your ms gate design, while also elevating the style quotient. You can choose between several ranges of grillwork—a Warli-themed metal grillwork will give your door a touch of traditional and modern style. You may also choose a pattern of intricate metal designs. This ms gate design is an apt fit to strike a balance between a simple, straightforward wooden door and elegance.

Furthermore, this type of ms gate design is used mainly for the outside front door and is usually accompanied by an inner safety door, therefore your flat in Kolkata won’t require a peephole! The grill frameworks as a security door.

2. Wooden carvings on ms gate design 

ms gate design

This ms gate design jumps out straight from the bygone era and is definitely our favorite! An intricately carved wooden door reflects the beauty of our rich Indian heritage. You may have come across such intricate wooden designs in our temples or plush independent houses in South India. You can complement the antique look of such doors by matching the walls on the side of the door with other antique pieces such as a wooden frame or adding other showpieces of detailed woodwork. 

If you choose a wooden door for your entrance, you should know wood is often attacked by termites and needs maintenance. They also absorb moisture during monsoon and have a tendency to swell. Wooden doors hence need to be polished and sealed periodically. Furthermore, wood is an expensive material, but it complements the décor of both traditional and modern homes. Wooden doors can also be fabricated in different types of wood and colors to beautify your houses. 

3. Use a wall-to-ceiling ms gate design

ms gate design

Our next pick of gate design is more than just an ms gate design. It is an entrance—extending to the walls and the ceiling too! You can customize the ceiling and the wall panels according to your choice. For instance, you may choose an intricate wooden carving on the top, even hang a beautiful lamp at the centre of the ceiling panel, or use spotlights. Furthermore, you can accessorize the door by adding a distinctive door handle. You may even put a seating by the front door and add some greenery by putting succulents. 

4. Bold colored ms gate design  

ms gate design

Embellish the entrance door of your house in Kolkata with elegant intricate design patterns using golden metal or motifs. For instance, you might want to try a traditional design of lotus motifs. The golden designer motifs will give your door an elegant and sophisticated look. Besides, the bold color also highlights the color of the ms gate. You may also choose a golden metal door handle and accessorize the wall on the side with a brass bell or other wall art to complete the look. 

5. Add a touch of Glass

ms gate design

This type of residential modern gate design is definitely one of the classic patterns from the West and is used for several luxury apartments in Kolkata today. You can use glass for the front main door in several ways. For instance, you may add a glass panel with an elegant floral carving or geometric design on the side of the door. 

You may also create a wooden panel to ornament the main door and use glass alternatively for the design on the wooden panel.  Creating a combination of wood, glass, and grillwork will also give your home an entrance an elegant look. 

Opt for Residential ms Gate Design

If you are living in an old apartment, you may consider restyling your entrance by replacing tiles or painting. A clean and welcoming entrance will say a lot about your personality as well. Think bright and organize. You may also enhance the value of your home by spraying an uplifting scent of a room freshener just before your guests arrive. Check out our other blogs about apartments in New Town Kolkata, flats in Joka, 4 bhk flat for sale in Kolkata, and apartment in Kolkata.


Which is the Best Material for Doors in India?

1. Wood
2. Glass 
3. Aluminium
4. uPVC
5. Fibreglass

Which door frame is best in India?

Some of the best quality wood frames for Indian homes are—
1. Teakwood
2. Sal wood
3. Deodar wood
4. Shisham wood

Which is the best direction for main door?

The main door/entrance should always have a north, north-east, east, or west-facing, as these directions are considered auspicious. Avoid having the main door in the south, south-west, north-west (north side), or south-east (east side) directions.

Is granite door frame good or bad?

Granite is a very stable stone and will give your door good strength. Granite would also give a grand look to your entrance. Besides, Granite won’t have any problem with wear and tear, unlike wood.

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