9 easy Luxury Home Design Tips To Gets Inspired From
By Pratik Balasaria
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If you are looking for luxury home interior design inspiration, this post on luxury home design tips is for you. Ultimately the design of your home depends on your personal tastes and preferences. However home design focuses on curating small elements that deliver big on comfort, quality, sophistication and desirability in your dream apartment. The refined appearance of modern home interiors is what gives it that lux feel.

Easy Luxury Home Design tips to upgrade the interiors of your home

luxury home design

To get started on your own luxury home interior design, here are a few tips to get inspired from.

1. Find your luxury home design style and keep it authentic

luxury home design

What your home looks like on the inside speaks volumes about who you are as a homeowner. Luxury home design is not a matter of size or the number of square feet but a state of mind. Your sense of style will automatically make your home luxurious no matter how big or small it is. Even a studio home can dazzle and impress visitors if the design is executed well. Always keep it classy, no matter what your style is. Let your home reflect the authentic you in every piece of furniture or decor piece that you choose while curating your home decor.

Scour the internet for inspiration and choose your style from boho, minimal or classic. Once you define your style, you can begin the process of curating and collecting pieces that fit. Start with the biggest furniture pieces first and then choose decor pieces in the end. Choose a style that fits you best, to create a modern luxury home design that you love. You can then find inspiration that matches your style.

2. Find what inspires you in a luxury design

luxury home design

Luxury design can mean different things to different people. For some a minimalistic lounge with glass and wood could be luxurious. Whereas some would consider a space with chandeliers and heavy velvet curtains to be luxurious. Use your creativity to guide you and design the perfect home.

Maybe you want to luxury design a beautiful balcony garden that converts into an outdoor nook. You can find great examples to browse through in magazines like Architectural Digest, Good Housekeeping and Elle Decor India; these pages are great resources to find interior design references. These interior designers are masters of interior design and have the knowledge and experience of creating beautiful homes. This will help you pinpoint what you like. Observe minute details and emulate these in your own home in a way that matches your personal aesthetic. 

3. Plan your space

luxury home design

Every home makeover needs to have the perfect strategic plan. Think about how you will use your spaces and then start renovating accordingly. Make a layout that is functional as well as aesthetic in your modern luxury design. Choose the larger furniture pieces that will make up your room. Then choose the decor and finishing aspects that will give the room its overall look. Choose decor pieces that will enhance the room. This should not distract the eye from the other details. 

For example, in a living room space you could start with a focal point like an accent wall or fireplace. Then build from there. 

In a bedroom space, you can use textiles and textures for a glam factor. Think rugs, velvet cushions or even luxe curtains that can take your home from drab to glam in an instant. Modern luxury home design utilises high quality statement pieces with some signature details.

Incorporate modern technology that will improve your quality of life in your home and help you plan it better. From smart appliances that can be controlled from your phone to advanced sensor controlled lighting, there is a bevy of options available.

4. Add some glitz with metallics and fabrics like velvet and silk

luxury home design

Luxury home design is traditionally associated with luxe metals like gold, silver and copper. So add a few accents to highlight your interiors. These metals pair very well with fabrics like velvet and silk to give your home a glamorous look. But be careful not to go overboard as it can spoil the overall look and make it look tacky. Use them sparingly, and wait to see the magic they create in your home.

5. Layer your luxury design with luxe textures

luxury home design

Your home should exude warmth and coziness with its luxury home interior design. Play with textures and patterns to create the perfect luxurious look. 

6. Explore rich colours

luxury home design

Colours like dark green, purple and maroon have been associated with luxury throughout history. Purple has been considered a colour of the nobility and thus has always been considered extravagant. Adding a statement wall in any of these colours or incorporating it into your luxury design through fabrics. 

7. Use lighting to create a mood

luxury design

Lighting can instantly make a home feel more luxurious. Add different lighting that you will use throughout the day. You can even consider a few accent lights that will highlight different corners of your home. Showcase your statement pieces to make them feel more luxurious as part of your luxury home design.

8. Invest in statement art

luxury home design

Rather than buying too many pieces of art that will clash with each other, invest in one or two statement pieces. Curate your art wall carefully with art pieces that resonate with your style as statement art is the ultimate symbol of luxury.

9. Buy high-end furniture for better luxury design

luxury home design

To create the ultimate luxurious home, buy furniture that is high end and will last the test of time.  Choose pieces that are classic and timeless and match the aesthetics of your luxury home design.  

Transform your home with these luxury home design tips

To create the ultimate modern luxury home design, all you need is some inspiration and creativity. Luxury home design is nothing but an amalgamation of art and comfort that makes you feel at home. We hope these design tips are useful to get you started on your own journey in your  luxury house in India..


What are some features of luxury home design?

Some features of modern luxury home design are:
1. Statement furniture
2. Luxe textures
3. Mood lighting

What are the best colours for luxury home interior design?

Royal purple, dark green and maroon are considered to be very luxurious colours for luxury design.

What metals are considered luxurious?

Statement metals like Gold, Copper and Silver are very luxe and will add a lot of richness to your luxury home design.

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