Top 9 Flat Interior Hacks: Luxury Apartment | Luxury Flats in Kolkata
By Pratik Balasaria
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Flat interior is one aspect of home life that we all want to be picture-perfect. May it be small flats or big flats, or even luxury flats, all need a dose of interior design to look their best. Many statement pieces can elevate the look of your home while saving details to fill your design and keep the budget.  

9 flat interior hacks to enhance your living space

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Here, we visit a few easy-to-implement tricks that will help you decorate your 4 BHK apartment holistically without burning a hole in your pocket. 

  1. Lay the right foundation for the best flat interior
    Unless you’re buying ready-to-move-in flats or resale properties, you can avail the option of buying a 4 BHK apartment in upcoming residential projects in Kolkata. At this stage, you can get involved in multiple aspects of a duplex house interior which can involve flooring, lighting, and plumbing fittings and fixtures provided by the builder. 
  2. Money matters
    People invest in their flat interior depending on individual tastes and preferences while keeping in mind their financial constraints. The best way to proceed is to outline a realistic budget that you can allocate to doing up your home. Put quality and comfort and prioritize things that matter the most. Acknowledging your must-haves at the start can help you manage your finances better. 
  3. Let the professionals do it
    While this ‘hack’ may not exactly seem very intuitive, getting a vetted interior designer to decorate your duplex house interior can save you a lot of money. The reason behind this is simple- they are professionals who understand the intricacies of the furnishing industry well. While we might feel compelled to buy a designer sofa in the mall, a good interior designer will know many wholesale vendors that can save you a greater margin of your outflow. Discuss your budget and priority list with them early on and let them do the heavy lifting.
  4. Know what suits you and your flat interior best
    The first thing you will need when you plan interiors for your duplex house interior is proper planning. Being prepared does save you time and money. Use professional magazines or the internet to find your desired style. Do you love intense colors? Do you want a modern or vintage house? Whatever your tastes are, make sure to make a list of ideas and begin planning the décor of every room. A bit of research on Etsy, and Pinterest online along with publications like Good Housekeeping will help you fix a theme, paint types, accessories, furniture, and other items. 
  5. Repurposing materials
    There are many smart ways of repurposing old furniture to not only save costs but to add an edge of quirkiness to your duplex house interior. If you have an old lampshade that seems outdated, repurpose it to hang plants off the wall. If you have old doors that need replacing, retain and paint the chunk of wood in bright colors to make a unique center table. Here are some DIY ideas that might come in handy:
    1. Redesign your duplex house interior by remodeling your old furniture instead of buying new furniture. 
    2. Repaint the old furniture, which will make them look alive and have a touch of elegance.
    3. If you’re bored of old curtains or pillow covers, ask a local tailor to blend them together to make a funky wall hanging.
    4. Use colorful and bright upholstery, which will make the interiors of your house look as good as new.
  6. Material of flat interior floors
    Modern flooring materials are durable and appealing; options such as tiles, laminate, vinyl, and many more, are available in various styles and colors. You will also get an excellent finish when you choose from these high-quality materials. Try to create an eye-catching floor, since this is the most minimalistic way of making a room pop.  Tiles come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, but they are comparatively less costly than wooden or marble flooring. You will save a high cost of money by going for floor tiles. Plan your purchase around special sales and discount season to get a steal deal for your flat interior.
  7. Ceilings of duplex house interior
    False ceilings add to a room’s ambiance but elaborated, and full-fledged ones can be very costly. If you want to incorporate false ceilings in every room of your 2 BHK apartment or duplex house interior, you should be prepared for a surge in the interior design cost. One good idea would be to go for the peripheral false ceilings or less intricate designs. Visit a few flats in Kolkata belonging to family and friends to get a realistic expectation of the final look and feel.
  8. Light the right places
    Lights play an essential role in cost-effective interiors for your home. Even the best flat interior can be ruined by poor lighting; don’t let this fate befall your house. It does not matter whether it is high-end or affordable interior design. It is about lighting; the key is layering and using the space in various ways. The main tip to attain good lighting is to always start with overhead lighting, which lights up the room in general. Then add table lamps and floor lamps. They will grant you a spot to comfortably write and read while switching the main light off; it will create a softer ambiance for the evening.
  9. Introduce textures in your flat interior
    Not only carpets are very costly, but they are also high on maintenance. Rugs are the best alternative; There are a variety of branded and local rug-makers that offer an excellent variety of rug styles. Nowadays, rugs are not in any way inferior to carpets. In fact, rugs are even considered a style statement. If you must, buy a carpet for your living room but in other spaces, buy rugs.

Need better flat interior designs?

Everything comes with a price tag, but proper planning and designing are a must to convert a flat interior into a convenient and comfortable living space. You certainly want to make your house look cozy and give it a personal touch. However, it can be expensive, especially if you hire a professional interior designer. Contrary to beliefs, it does not need to be expensive if you were to splurge or spend less. The best solution in such cases though is fully furnished flats and apartments offered by leading real estate companies like the PS group. Do check out their mind-blowing projects and find the home of your dreams!


What are some features of luxury home design?

Some features of modern luxury home design are:
1. Statement furniture
2. Luxe textures
3. Mood lighting

What are the best colours for luxury home interior design?

Royal purple, dark green and maroon are considered to be very luxurious colours.

What metals are considered luxurious?

Statement metals like Gold, Copper and Silver are very luxe and will add a lot of richness to your luxury home design.

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