Flat in a Residential Complex Or Flat in a Gated Community: Choose Wisely
By Pratik Balasaria
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Homebuyers find themselves in a dilemma over a lot of choices they need to make while buying a flat in a complex or to opt for standalone buildings. From locality to the number of bedrooms, and level of the building, several questions will present homebuyers with difficult choices. One of the first things homebuyers will have to think about while buying a new flat in Kolkata is whether to opt for a flat in a standalone building or a residential complex. Both have their own set of pros and cons. Let’s observe the benefits of a flat complex more closely:

Buying a Flat in Residential Complex

Flat Complex

Residential complexes have garnered substantial demand from homebuyers in Kolkata across different zones in the city. With several residential projects mushrooming around the city, flats in Rajarhat New Town and other city fringes are mostly preferred as most of the projects in these areas are in gated societies. 

Benefits of a flat complex in residential societies

  1. Round-the-clock security 
    Flats in Kolkata’s housing societies have in-built security amenities. This is one of the major reasons for the substantial demand for flat complexes in residential societies. 24/7 CCTV surveillance, super-tight gate security, visitor’s book, no trespassing, provision for an optical fiber network, video surveillance system, perimeter security and lobby entrance security, fire prevention, suppression, detection and alarm system as per fire norms, lift safety are some of the top priority safety features. Furthermore, if you are buying flats in kolkata some of the upcoming high-rise buildings are also earthquake resistant. 
  2. Luxurious amenities 
    Most of the upcoming residential projects in kolkata have modern amenities. These flat complexes are part of well-maintained townships that have gymnasiums, badminton courts, recreation centres, play area, open grounds and gardens, jogging tracks, swimming pool, community hall, etc. among others. With a clubhouse or a community hall within the premises of the residential complex, homebuyers can even organize small functions. If you are into green living—residential flats at kolkata offer green building features such as solar panels, electric car charging facility, sustainable building material, among others. 
  3. Sense of community living 
    Flat complexes of reputed real estate developers in kolkata are usually located in a high-end neighborhood. If you prefer this feature, flats in Ballygunge, or other flats in Kolkata south will offer you high-quality, reliable neighbours, who are just like you. You can consider asking your builder about the profile of your potential neighbours. After all, staying in a united community will make your stay happy and safe.  It also brings you a sense of belonging and safety. 
  4. No direct responsibility
    One of the remarkable advantages of buying a residential flat complex at kolkata in a cooperative housing society is that you do not have to bear the responsibility of anything solely. There are appointed members of the society who share it with you, this includes the maintenance responsibilities that are looked after by a body of members who are appointed by the residents.

Buying a Flat in Standalone Buildings

As compared to flats in residential societies, there is steep demand depreciation for standalone buildings. The preference for gated communities is mainly due to high-end security and an array of amenities. Moreover, the inhabitants do not need to deal with issues related to basic facilities such as water, electricity and sewerage. However, there are still several homebuyers that prefer living in a flat complex from a standalone building owing to the following reasons. Let’s take a look— 

Benefits of a flat complex in a standalone building

  1. Greater affordability 
    The biggest highlight between flats from residential complex and standalone building is the Price. A flat complex in a standalone building in the same locality is cheaper and hence more economical, as property price in a gated community is usually higher by 10 to 40 percent Furthermore if you choose a flat in a standalone building in a central locality with well-established infrastructure like schools, hospitals, markets, banks, etc. it is a more convenient purchase. 
  2. Lesser maintenance costs 
    Since standalone buildings do not offer sprawling landscaped gardens or swimming pools, the maintenance cost of flats in a standalone building is lower as the common facilities are either fewer or non-existent.
  3. Option to rent 
    Some residential societies are strict about owners giving the flat on rent. Flat owners in standalone buildings usually do not face such a problem. If you are transferred or are not living in the flat, you can rent it out for extra income.
  4. Standard amenities 
    Standalone buildings today come with built-in amenities on basements, ground floors and rooftops. In addition, there is also an option of a larger parking space. 

How to Choose: Residential Complex Vs Flat in Standalone Building

Your choice should ultimately depend on your preference and family needs. For instance, as a potential homebuyer, you should be able to prioritize between must-have and luxurious amenities. You can start by making a list of what is the most important to you—location, price, community living, etc.  We have weighed between some pros and cons: 

  1. Real estate builders

    Real estate builders of residential complexes are far superior, RERA registered and mostly have a better reputation for construction quality, compliance, and timely delivery.

  2. Location 

    Centrally located residential complexes are hard to find. Standalone buildings are usually situated in popular city centres as sprawling residential complexes cannot find a place in the busy hotspots of the city. 

  3. Options to expand 

    Flats in residential complexes offer limited expansion options as compared to flats in standalone buildings.  

  4. Budget 

    As a flat owner in a residential complex, you should be prepared for increased budget. With luxurious gated communities and quality facilities, the maintenance charges are likely to keep growing with time. 

  5. Social life 

    If you are not much sociable, you will prefer living in a standalone building as it offers limited social interaction. In residential complexes, you will live among neighbours from different cultures and backgrounds. 

  6. Electricity and Water 

    In gated societies, the power supply backup and treated water facilities are in-built. On the other hand in standalone buildings, you will have to arrange backup power supply and water tankers. 

  7. Neighbours 

    Gated communities are usually preferred by families, whereas standalone apartments are preferred by bachelors and students. 

Demystifying Flat in a Residential Complex vs Standalone Building in Kolkata

The dilemma that haunts most first time home buyers is the fact that standalone buildings are much easier on the pocket, whereas residential complexes are costlier owing to the abundance of amenities, some of which are probably not even required by the buyer. In general, the city of Kolkata is a good city to live in—it is 20-25% cheaper than the rest of the urban cities in terms of food, transportation and electricity. With growing job opportunities in the city and well-connected commute with bus, metro, rickshaws and trams, Kolkata is definitely a livable city. Whether to live in a residential complex or a standalone building—you know what syncs the best with your needs. 


What is a standalone building?

A standalone building is a free-standing residential building that offers minimum amenities and fulfills basic requirements. They are usually constructed in centrally-located areas of the city. 

Is it good to buy flat in gated community?

Investing in a gated community is a good option. Though the price of flats in gated community is slightly higher than other property options, buying property in such communities is profitable especially if bought from a trusted builder.

What to check before buying a flat in Kolkata?

Some of the important things to check before buying a flat in Kolkata are—
1. The Title Deed
2. Certificate of No Encumbrance
3. The Building Approval Plan
4. Receipt of property tax (paid or not)
5. Commencement Certificate (in case it’s an under-construction property) 
6. Completion Certificate (if it’s a constructed property). 

What is the meaning of housing complex?

A housing complex refers to an estate or sometimes a housing development that involves a group of homes and other buildings that are built together as a single development.

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