1bhk flat in 2022- Should New Homebuyers Buy Them
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While 2 BHK apartments may appear to be the best option for unit families, 1bhk flat offers value all their own that cannot be undervalued. 1bhk flat and apartments are quite popular among a wide range of purchasers in metro areas like Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad. Although young professionals and bachelors make up a large portion of the pool of potential purchasers for 1 BHK homes for sale, newlyweds and investors also appear to be drawn to them.

Benefits of purchasing a 1 BHK apartment

1bhk flat

Here are some of the key benefits of buying a 1bhk flat:

A 1bhk flat is affordable 

It is commonly known that a 1bhk flat is among the most cost-effective residential property kinds. Even if you want to borrow money to buy such a house, you will profit from lower down payments and regular payments. Therefore, 1bhk flat is what you should be thinking about if you want to save some money while finding yourself a place to live.

Low cost of maintenance 

Owning a 1bhk flat has another major benefit in that it takes less effort and hence requires less maintenance than multi-bedroom flats. Smaller properties also pay less in property tax.

1bhk flat and apartments that are rentable are also wise investments since they are in high demand, particularly in major cities that are commercial centres. To be more precise, 1 BHK flats are quickly rented in towns with large and growing immigrant populations, such as Kolkata, Delhi, Noida, and Ghaziabad.

How to solve space problems in 1bhk flat?- Hacks for small flats

1bhk flat

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding one-bedroom apartments for sale is that they are compact and easily crowded. The way that individuals chose to preserve their property, not the actual property itself, is the issue. Even if you have a lot of possessions for one person, you still need to acquire the proper techniques for arranging everything in your flat in a tidy manner. You must bear in mind a few factors in order to do this, such as:

1. Sorting your belongings and getting rid of anything unnecessary

People frequently find up collecting more stuff than they need, whether it is clothing, files, books, or other loose goods. So, to save some room, go through your belongings and get rid of whatever you no longer need.

2. Use many storage options in 1bhk flat

Modified storage containers are one clever strategy for making the most of the space in a one-bedroom apartment or studio. These are often pieces of regular furniture that have been adapted to include extra storage. Additionally, you can utilise some items more than once; for example, a study table can occasionally double as a dinner table.

3. Utilize vertical spaces

Most homeowners overlook the fact that an apartment has usable vertical space in addition to horizontal space. Some of the greatest instances of the same include vertical gardens, cabinets, and wall-mounted storage units. Along with the aforementioned, you should also concentrate on giving your area a feeling of alignment, especially in terms of the positioning of things. This will also help your home seem more organized and spacious.

1bhk flat in 2022- A hit or a miss?

1bhk flat is a great option for smaller families and bachelors who are looking for the right space within a budget. With smart space hacks, it is very easy to find ample living space in 1bhk flats. Check out our other blogs to know how to decorate your luxury apartments in Kolkata.


What is the full form of BHK?

The full form of BHK is ‘Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen”. Thus, it becomes evident that the term BHK denotes the number of rooms in a room or property. Let’s explore this with an example. Suppose you are looking at a 3 BHK in Kolkata, this means that this particular property has three bedrooms, a hall and a single kitchen. While the number of bathrooms could vary, the full form of BHK signifies the number of bedrooms, a hall space and a kitchen.

In this way we can understand that;
In 1 bhk apartment, the full form of BHK is 1 Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen
While 2bhk means , the full form of BHK is 2 Bedrooms, Hall and Kitchen
In 3BHK, the full form of BHK is 2 Bedrooms, Hall and Kitchen

What should you know about the size of a property?

As there are no defined regulations for property sizes, builders may package different sized BHKs in the same space. For example some builders may package a 1BHK house in an 800-sq ft space, while others may package a 2BHK in that size.

What is the definition of a 2.5BHK?

Two bedrooms plus a tiny room, which may be utilised as a storeroom or servant room, make up a 2.5BHK home. 

What does a 1.5BHK mean?

A 1.5BHK is a little bigger than a 1BHK. Like we mentioned earlier the full form of a BHK is bedroom, hall and kitchen. Thus a 1.5 BHK has 1 standard sized bedroom and additionally a smaller half bedroom space that can be converted into a study, Pooja room or store room as per your needs.

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