Best Place to Buy Flat in Kolkata in 2022 | Upcoming Localities in Kolkata
By Pratik Balasaria
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In India, markets with cheaper real estate have the potential to get higher yields. Research conducted by the Economic Times suggests that with a 3.96% return, real estate in Kolkata has the highest rental yield while the rental yield is around 4.4% and 4.3% in localities like Barasat and Garia respectively.  Here, we list down the best place to buy a flat in kolkata, considering the rental yield and the accessibility of the location.

Best place to buy flat in Kolkata for new homebuyers

best place to buy flat in kolkata

In spite of the fast-paced developments in Kolkata, accessibility to infrastructure, and connectivity, Kolkata is one of the most affordable markets in India that offers high rental yields with beautiful homes.

Best place to buy flat in kolkata – flats in newtown 

Developed as a smart city, this suburb in Kolkata not only has high-end residential units with proximity to two major roads— the EM Bypass and the VIP Road, but the area is also well-connected to bus and other public transport services. Furthermore, commercial properties, clubs, business parks, and offices of top-notch companies like Tata and DLF, make this Government developed locality an ideal concoction of residential and commercial developments. 

Becoming a major IT industrial hub, New Town Kolkata witnesses high demand from millennial out-of-state IT professionals. This locality is therefore pegged at number one for rental accommodations in Kolkata, and mostly in the segment of 1BHK, and 2 BHK flats in New Town, Kolkata. The rental ‘asks’ are between Rs 8,000-12,000 per month, and with 3 BHK in the new town— the monthly rental ‘ask’ can go up to Rs 13,500-17,000. Check out the exclusive flat for sale in newtown for buying.

The upcoming metro line running from Airport-New Garia further boosts the residential prospects of New Town, and the connectivity quotient of the locality will foster the demand of the area.

Housing projects in kolkata at Bansdroni- best place to buy flat in kolkata

Rental properties in Kolkata from this locality offer the next best rental accommodations with over 60 percent, especially for 2 BHK variants. It is well connected to the southern employment hubs— a crucial reason for the massive rental yield of five percent, ranking the rental yield in Bansdroni as one of the highest in Kolkata. 

The locality also boasts an equally divided rental accommodation rate of over 60 percent in the 1 BHK and 3 BHK segments. With the proximity of Masterda Surya Sen Metro Station and the emerging development of housing complexes in the area, the demand in the area is anticipated to rise in the near future, considering that the property prices in the locality have also doubled in the last five years. 

Residential Properties in Kolkata at Flats in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake is one of the newer, more metropolitan regions of the city that has witnessed a lot of new construction in the last decade. Plush with great residential and commercial structures, Salt Lake houses some of the biggest IT and software companies in the gated parks. Many premium three-star hotels are also conveniently located in the city’s largest open greenspace. Residential real estate in this area is available in the range of Rs 6,500-7,000 per sq.ft. Owing to the large IT employers in the area, a lot of employees look for rental homes in this area; this phenomenon makes flats in Salt Lake the best place to buy flat in kolkata.

Luxury Apartments on EM Bypass

Located in East Kolkata, the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, popularly known as EM Bypass has become the primary artery connecting North & South Kolkata. Given the seamless connectivity of the 32 km highway to all the suburban roads running from multiple premium localities across the city, EM Bypass is becoming a hotspot for luxury projects offering flats for sale in Kolkata and the best place to buy flat in kolkata. 

Investing in large residential complexes that house 4 BHK and 3 BHK flats in EM Bypass can yield significant rental yield as well as attractive returns at the point of a future sale. You will find houses that fit into every affordability bracket in this locality, EM Bypass flats that attract the well-heeled citizens of Kolkata are available for anything above 2.5 Cr. 

Retail Properties in Kolkata in Ballygunge

Ballygunge is the most notable upmarket and the best preferred residential locality for houses in Kolkata.  The area is well-connected to Kalighat Metro Station, taxis, and bus. If the question of ‘real estate where to invest’ has been your family’s priority, top-ranked schools in the city like Army Public School, Modern High School, and South Point High School are all located in the plush area of Ballygunge. Furthermore, with Park Circus, and Lake Gardens in the vicinity, a great number of families have started to reside here. 

 With the city in general refurbishing several civic and social infrastructure developments, upcoming projects of metro lines in the works, marked by the presence of schools, and healthcare institutes, retail malls, shopping complexes, and residential localities in Kolkata are adequately endowed with social infrastructure promising healthy returns on rental investments. In the future, healthy traction from the homebuyer community is thus anticipated for properties in Kolkata for the best place to buy flat in kolkata.

The best place to buy Luxury apartments in Kolkata

As India is rapidly urbanizing in recent decades, and with the urban millennial population growing substantially, in the coming years the co-living rental housing market is anticipated to foster the residential real estate sector in India. A substantial number of innovators and real estate companies have already entered the segment. Additionally, in metro cities of the country, rental housing is expected to be a far more viable option for those seeking accommodation in both the formal and informal sectors.


Is it easy to find enough 3 BHK resale flats in Kolkata?

Resale flats in Kolkata come at a price much lower than the rate the market generally offers.
Liveable, affordable and luxurious, there are over 5000 3 BHK resale flats in Kolkata.

What are the top localities to buy a 3 bhk flat in Kolkata?

Top residential localities in Kolkata for 3 bhk flats are New Town, Rajarhat, Garia & Dum Dum.

Are there any affordable 3 bhk flats in Kolkata?

There are many 3 bhk affordable flats in Kolkata. Based on your budget and preference, you can
customize the search criteria on

Are there any ready to move 3 bhk flats in Kolkata?

Yes, there are over 2307 ready to move 3 bhk flats in Kolkata.

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