What Is Land Registration Id - Process and Documents Required
By Pratik Balasaria
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Investing in real estate is a highly profitable prospect. However, it comes along with a set of legalities and responsibilities that a land or flat owner needs to fulfill. To help you comply with the same, here we explain what is land registration id and the documents required to obtain it.

What is land registration id?

what is land registration id

Land registration id is an identification number that is a part of the Records of Rights (RoRs), crop inspection register, register of the lands, mutation register, tenancy, disputed case register, etc. This number also provides geological information related to the land in question, such as the size of the plot and the type of soil found here. It also includes any economic information related to irrigation, crops, and other agricultural data. The provision if comprehensive info provided by it, is what makes it necessary for each landowner to know it.

How to get a land registration id

A majority of the land registration process can be performed online. The rest of the process involves the submission of certain documents in person in the concerned office. Here are the highlighted steps for online registration of land.

  1. Determine the circle rate of the area in which your land is to know what is land registration id 

    The circle rate might differ based on the type and purpose of the land owned by you.

  2. Calculation of registration fees as well as stamp duty to be paid for the property.

  3. Pay the registration fees and the stamp duty for the property online.

  4. Make an appointment with the sub-registrar’s office

    You are required to consult with the sub-registrar under whose jurisdiction the area of your land is.

  5. Provide witness signatures

    Submission of property documents requires signatures from the buyer, seller, and two additional witnesses in order to complete the process.

  6. Submit the documents

    Visit the sub-registrar’s office on the appointment date and submit the property documents to complete the final registration process.

List of Documents Required for Land Registration id

The online registration process only requires the owner to purchase e-stamp papers and subsequently pay the registration charges online payments. Crucial information to be provided in the online process includes:

  1. Description of the concerned land with data such as the area, and pin code.
  2. Whether the property is industrial, residential like apartment in kolkata, commercial like office space in kolkata, or other.
  3. The mode of ownership of the land – purchase, lease, gift, etc.
  4. Provision of demographic details related to the owner including the name, age, occupation, etc.
  5. Document of proof of the property – power of attorney and/or title deed.

Here are the documents required to be submitted physically at the sub-registrar office of the concerned area:

  1. A non-judicial stamp which to be prepared and must have the value of the plot.
  2. Two passport-sized photographs on each copy of the documents related to both the seller and the buyer.
  3. The e-stamp paper bearing the value of the stamp duty.
  4. Copy of PAN card.
  5. The proof of receipt of the e-registration fee payment along with the undertaking.
  6. The original ID proof of all the parties including the buyer, seller, and the two witnesses.
  7. Optional – Receipt of TDS of the property if the land is worth more than Rs.50 lakh.
  8. Optional – Documented history of ownership of the property in case it is a house property.

Know what is land registration id

Understanding this concept is essential to completely fulfill your duties as a landowner. Do check out our other blogs like apartments in new alipore kolkata and housing projects in Kolkata to stay fully informed about the various documentation involved in buying real estate.   


What is my land registration ID in AP?

Visit the link www.meebhoomi.ap.gov.in and select the Adangal or Village Adangal option. Fill in the details and get your land registration ID.

What is land registration ID in Kerala?

Login to https://keralaregistration.gov.in/index.php?lang=eng and fill out the online application with the necessary details to get your land registration ID.

What is my land registration ID in Gujarat?

Visit https://anyror.gujarat.gov.in/ and click on View Land Records. Now, fill in the appropriate details and the land records will be displayed.

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