Luxury Houses in India: How to Incorporate Wellness
By Pratik Balasaria
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Modern life comes with a set of responsibilities and commitments that were not present in earlier times. There are constant stresses of appointments, schedules, meetings, and social obligations. These anxieties are common in the modern era. There are work and personal obligations to manage and you have to continuously monitor your time and where you spend it. Here’s how luxury houses in India are incorporating wellness and stress-free living.

Luxury Houses in India: Incorporating Wellness at home

Luxury houses in India: Incorporating Wellness

It can be easy to lose focus on what’s important – your physical and mental wellbeing. Many projects offering luxury houses in India are increasingly incorporating wellness into the living spaces they create for their residents. These facilities make it easy for you to disconnect from stress and take a break. With these amenities, you can truly focus on your and your family’s well-being. Here’s are some points to remember:

1. Space is the primary luxury in Luxury houses in India

Space is the number one consideration that can make a house a home; this consideration is built into the luxury house design by developers building luxury houses in India. When you and your family all have space to spread out and spend your time on activities that bring you joy, your stresses start to melt away. Your children are free to run around and play make-believe with their friends. You and your partner have enough privacy to focus on not only what is going on outside, but what is going on inside your mind. 

Luxury apartments in Kolkata make sure that each family member is afforded all the space they need. Here in these apartments, you can feel the openness and a certain sense of freedom that belongs just to you. Not only the luxury apartments, but a lot of residential projects also dedicate more than half of their property to open wide spaces so that when you reach home, you feel like you’ve reached your own private oasis in the middle of the city. Children can truly thrive in these spaces and let their imaginations run wild. 

2. Natural Light brings us the gift of hygiene and good health

Natural sunlight is essential to human beings to keep their moods and energies high. Some luxurious flats in Kolkata let you take in your fair share of Vitamin D by streaming natural light inside your house. Tall majestic windows stream sunlight into the home and keep it from being a dull place that brings you no joy. Sunlight has been shown to improve our natural sleep patterns and ward off depression. If you spend most of your daylight hours indoors, this is essential to keep you and your spirits up. 

3. Most luxury houses in India are well ventilated from end to end

Imagine waking up in the morning and taking a deep breath of pure clean air. Many luxury apartments in Kolkata for sale ensure that there is natural ventilation flowing inside your apartment. This makes it feel like there is a steady breeze keeping the indoors cool. In luxury house design, architects and designers make sure to incorporate strategically placed windows so that there is a natural breeze constantly present in your surroundings. This also ensures that there is no dampness or dust inside the premises. 

4. There is no replacement for toxin-free clean air

Did you know usage of certain types of chemicals in your home can be harmful to you and your family. These toxic chemicals stay in the air for long periods of time and can affect children and the elderly adversely. To make sure that the air you are breathing is clean, non-VOC paints should be used to paint the walls; this is a primary criteria for those buying luxury houses in India. These paints are free of toxic chemicals and don’t emit anything harmful in the air around them. Using CFC free air conditioners is another way you can ensure that the air you are breathing is clean. At PS Group, we’ve incorporated cutting edge funnel-shaped architecture for ample wind circulation in our luxury housing developments at Panache, to combat rampant air pollution in Salt Lake . Few other luxury properties in Kolkata afford you these amenities. 

5. Exemplary luxury houses in India are surrounded by ample green spaces

What can make one feel more at peace than being in nature? Incorporating green spaces in the project is one of the best things a developer can do. Being around trees and greenery has been shown to instantly lift one’s mood and lower anxiety. Many developers in Kolkata have wide-open green parks for children and adults alike to walk, run, and spend time in. Some projects go a step further. They designate various green spaces for activities like yoga or Zen gardens. These initiatives are the essence of luxury houses in India across the country.

6. Complexes for luxury houses in India amplify physical movement

Adding the physical element of movement will improve not only your physical health, but it will boost your mental health too. Physical activity releases a bunch of happy chemicals like serotonin in your body that reduce anxiety and depression. 

The best luxury apartments in Kolkata offer many opportunities for you to exercise your physical and mental muscles. They may have fully-equipped gymnasiums, swimming pools, sports courts like badminton and tennis, walking or jogging tracks, yoga rooms, and more. Some luxury houses in India have all of these. 

Having these facilities within the premises of your residential complex makes it easy to add them to your daily routine. These exclusive health clubs are available to you at all times of the day and are convenient to access.

7. Colors selection can add a layer of sophistication

The color you paint your walls can also affect the way you feel. Research has shown that certain colors, like those that reflect natural elements of water and trees have a calming effect on people. Painting your walls a blue or green color, thus, will make you feel calmer in your home. 

8. Closeness to pristine nature can extend a sense of calm

Having natural elements like ponds or a dense area of trees in the premises of your home can accelerate your feeling of closeness with nature and boost your mood. Imagine coming home to such a place after a long hard day at work and after navigating through city traffic. Spending some time at a placid poolside or going for a leisurely walk on a bamboo track will instantly enhance your mood and make you feel at peace. Having a meditation garden in the midst of these elements would be an added bonus. Some luxurious apartments in Kolkata offer these facilities.

9. Safe and Security is the ultimate ask in luxury houses in India

Having adequate safety mechanisms where you live will also add to your wellbeing. This is because these amenities make you feel like you do not need to worry about the safety of your family and you can leave them at home with faith that they will be fine. 


While wellness might have become a buzzword in recent times, some residential luxury apartments in Kolkata for sale take it very seriously and make sure that their residents are happy and healthy in their surroundings. They make efforts to add as many of these amenities in their premises as possible to ensure maximum satisfaction. When considering which property to buy in Kolkata, ensure that you buy a home that places a high consideration on wellness. 

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