Here is Why PS Group is The Best Real Estate CO in India
By Pratik Balasaria
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Buying a house is one of the most important steps that you will take in your adult life. There are a lot of decisions to be made before you buy your house- like picking the ideal real estate co in India, location, payment plan, et cetera. A lot of thought and consideration has to be given to each minute aspect of the process. When buying the dream home for yourself and your family, you don’t want to take the wrong step. 

However, buying real estate in India is a complicated process. Making a bad decision in this vital step will result in misery and financial turmoil. That is why it is important to choose the right real estate co in India when deciding which house to buy. 

Choosing your developer is one of the most significant and impactful relationships you form in your adult life. When you choose a developer you trust, you are assured that you and your family will live your days in ease and comfort. But giving that trust to a developer is hard. One way to form a trust-based relationship is to choose a reputed real estate co in India- one that has earned its status through decades of hard work. Then you can be assured that the time and energy you put into building your home are not wasted. 

Why PS Group is the best real estate co in India

The Best Real Estate CO in India: Why PS Group is the best

As far as real estate developers in Kolkata are concerned, we are one of the most prominent and celebrated names in the industry. The following article enlists reasons how we  earned this reputation and cemented our place as a leader in India real estate industry.

Past Experience

The most efficient way of figuring out whether a real estate company at Kolkata is to be trusted or not is the same method that organizations employ when they are looking for their ideal candidate. The key is experience. A developer’s past experience contributes to forming his or her reputation in the market. Ask around and you will be able to gather an impression about the developer’s track record. 

Past experience matters because based on the projects the developer has completed before, you may be able to figure out what you can expect from them in the future. A trusted developer ensures that all projects are completed and delivered on time. A well-experienced developer will always have an edge over a newcomer who is still figuring processes and operations out.

The real estate market is complicated and confusing. But over the past three decades, we have stood out from the competition and made a mark in the market of real estate Kolkata. In fact, most market watchers will go to the extent of saying that we’ve truly stood our ground as an innovative real estate co in India.

At PS Group, we have over 35 years of experience in the Kolkata real estate market serving generations as a top real estate company. Since 1985, our main aim at PS Group has been providing families with high-quality living spaces and amenities balanced with liveability and affordability. 


One must also complete a thorough investigation of the developer’s real estate solvency. This can be done by conducting research on the company through newspaper articles and real estate forums online. Some real estate developers in Kolkata run out of money midway through construction and file for bankruptcy. Homebuyers are then left high and dry. 

At PS Group, we have completed over 100 projects in the city and helped thousands of families find their dream homes. We have painstakingly ensured fulfilling lives for each resident. With PS Group, solvency is not a concern. 


Another reason why PS Group is so revered among exemplary real estate co in India is because of the recognition we have received country-wide for our work. We have bagged over 100 awards for our work in residential, commercial and retail real estate in Kolkata. These awards have fostered a culture of excellence in the company and drive the organisation to build on its strengths.

Some of the most recent awards received by us include the Most Trusted Real Estate Brand of Year at the ET Now Real Estate Awards 2020, the Green Champion of the Year by IGBC 2020 and the CWAB Regional Top Builder Award by the Construction World Architect and Builder Awards 2019.

Architectural Excellence

Before buying your home, you can visit the past real estate projects created by the developer to assess the quality of their construction. You can see the kind of facilities provided to residents and how much thought has been put into the design of the houses. What takes a developer from good to great is not only maintaining consistency across projects, but improving upon their work year after year. 

At PS Group, the prime focus of every project that is undertaken is innovative architectural design. A lot of attention and deliberation goes into planning the projects of real estate at Kolkata in the most ideal way possible. There is always a balance between open spaces and built up areas. Green spaces are incorporated into the premises wherever possible. Homes are built to provide ample amounts of sunlight and ventilation. The best possible views in the city are framed in the windows of the houses. Commercial spaces use the available area meticulously so that the space is maximised.

All these aspects require years of expertise and understanding of the needs of our people. For its architectural design, our projects win awards every year making us one of the most sought after real estate company at Kolkata.


As PS Group, we are well known in Kolkata for integrating green development initiatives into all projects. All real estate in Kolkata by the PS Group incorporates modern waste management methods often having solid waste management plants inside the premises and ensuring that any waste from the project is thoroughly processed before being let to run off. Water conservation systems ensure that there is minimal water wasted at the properties and as far as possible water is reused for the purposes of landscaping. Energy conservation efforts include adding solar energy initiatives into the projects and using energy efficiently. Clean air initiatives make use of chemical-free paints and CFC free air conditioning to ensure the healthiest air for the residents. All these efforts help make PS Group be known as one of the most sustainable developers in the city; we’ve truly earned the badge of honor as one of the best real estate co in India.


On-time delivery of projects is a huge consideration for property buyers. Often developers in the country push back deadlines and delay the delivery of projects by months or even years. Clients are left with no recourse other than having to wait and making alternate arrangements while they do so. 

At PS Group, we have earned the reputation of constructing landmark buildings and completing extensive residential projects in record time. We’ve been distinguished for our commitment to timely completion of construction projects for over three decades. That is why we are a Kolkata top real estate company.


There are many choices available when buying properties and real estate in Kolkata. Picking a trusted developer is one of the most important decisions one can make. The right developer can save you from a lot of heartache in the future. At PS Group, we focus on delivering high-end premium projects on time and hence, live up to our reputation as the most well respected and trusted developer in the city of Kolkata. The above-mentioned points make the decision of choosing the best developer for you easy. 

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