10 Latest Safety Door Design With Pictures In 2022
By Pratik Balasaria
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A home is our safe haven, that protects us from outside invasions and dangerous intruders. However, lately, there has been a rise in thefts and burglaries. Therefore, a safety door is perfect to add an extra layer of protection. Choose from any of these safety door designs for your homes that we have put together in this blog. There are a number of safety door designs for flats available in the market, depending on several factors like budget, and other requirements.

Safety Door Design For Inspiration in 2022

In this article, we have put together a list of some of the trending safety door designs India in 2022.

1. Metal Safety Door Design

safety door design

This kind of safety door design for a home is sturdy and gives an additional layer of security to your home. The sturdy metallic gate is hard to break into. The narrow railing on the gate makes it difficult to access the inner bolt and offers superior protection from thefts and intrusions. While at home, enjoy your privacy by keeping just the metal safety door closed without shutting the main door. 

2. Decorative Safety Door Design

safety door design

This kind of main door safety door design increases the aesthetic value of your home. This kind of unique idea is designed to match your entrance. This way you do not need to compromise on either your safety or your style. You can even get this custom made as per your specifications.

3. Plywood Safety Door Design

safety door design

For those on a smaller budget, a plywood safety door is the perfect solution. This kind of safety grill gate design for main entrance makes an impressive entryway. This has a narrow vent that is created to host the metallic bars that lend superior strength to the door. A modern handle with an internal locking system ensure privacy and comfort.

4. Sunmica Safety Door Design

safety door design

Sunmica is one of the most popular laminate brands in the country which is known for its quality and variety available. It can be used for wooden residential which can then be covered in a dark brown mica sheet. This kind of thick door comes with a wooden steel grill for easy access to exteriors. A safety door with extra large handles and concealed locking system is worth the investment.

5. Balcony Safety Door Design

safety door design

Safeguard your balcony from stray animals and human intruders. They can also provide adequate ventilation to keep your room airy. Depending on the size of the balcony, you can go for hinged, sliding or folding to optimize the available space.

6. Mild Steel

safety door design

These MS safety door designs for flats are corrosion-resistant and highly durable. They provide a lot of security and protection and intruders. The surface is powder coated to resist accidental fires. Another advantage of this kind is that they are easy to maintain and can be designed in different sizes and patterns to cater to your specific requirements.

7. Stainless Steel

safety door design

SS safety door design is a low-maintenance front entrance for your home. It is also affordable and long-lasting. The smooth surface is easy to clean and the powder coating protects it from any kind of weather damage.

8. Steel Jali Design

safety door design

This door in steel is both aesthetic and also serves the primary function of protecting your home from unwarranted intruders. 

9. Mesh Safety Door Design

safety door design

A mesh safety door is also useful to keep away pests and insects. However for maximum security, a double door ensures that you have a solid wood entry door as well.

10. Wood and Glass Safety Door Design

safety door design

This is a kind of modern idea for flats that combines glass and wood for aesthetics and security. 

Stay safe with the best safety door design

These safety doors are a perfect way to give yourself some peace of mind, and also enhance the overall visual appeal of your home. They not only protect your home from outside invasions, but they also prevent any unwanted guests from entering your home.

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Why do I need a safety door design for my home?

Providing protection and security to their family is the priority of house owners. No one would want to see their family in danger all because of a defective door. Therefore, choosing a door should be done with care and thought. If the main concern is the safety of the family, then a steel door is the best choice because it is durable and resistant. Unfortunately, home security is more important than ever in today’s society. One of the most effective ways is with a home steel safety door design.

What are the benefits of a steel safety door design?

Steel safety doors offer many advantages over traditional wooden or plastic doors, they are much stronger and a lot more secure. Also with modern steel doors they look good too. So if you want a solid, secure door that doesn’t look too ugly then steel doors are the option for you. 

How do I choose a door that suits my home?

Understanding how different doors can affect your home will make it easier for you to decide on the type that is suitable for your home.

What advantages does a steel door design have over a wooden door?

Steel safety doors definitely offer a solid foundation against fire and crime because of its tough material and durability.
Steel safety doors are designed to be sturdy and reliable anytime to withstand any impact and resistant to external forces.
A standard wooden door will easily give way and splinter into pieces when kicked in by an intruder, but the features of a steel safety door do not allow this.
A steel safety door is water-resistant and does not warp when it is exposed to changes in weather.

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