Know more about Vyom- Your new home at New Alipore by PS Group
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By Soumi Biswas
Assistant Manager - Design
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Let’s paint a picture of what a typical visit to Vyom will unfold…

Vyom Unfolding

As the car drives through the gate, past the security check and the boom-barrier, you will know that you are entering your “safe” place. Glance outside the window and be charmed by the beautiful fountains that adorn the driveway. Navigation to the parking area is a breeze; there are dedicated car parking spaces for visitors too. Way-finding throughout the estate of Vyom is a cakewalk, with signage vigilantly concerted to ease the otherwise daunting task. Do not restrain children from wandering off to a world of adventures, the entire property is ‘childproof’ and there is 24×7 video surveillance in all common areas- it is indeed a safe place.


Vyom is whole new world- a vast stretch of land, revelations at every nook and corner, a landscape carefully curated, with the sole purpose to surprise…

“Hid behind the jutting crag, beneath the rugged steep- upon a world of beauty; garden upon garden, sward upon sward…far as the sight could reach, and purple shades of all beyond” (Phillips, Caleb Stukely, Volume 3)


What Makes Vyom an ideal home

Be intrigued by the winsome structure atop the highest mound; climb up to a retreat of solace… venture into the mountain pavilion, walk up to the floating cabanas and gasp at the breath-taking view of the pond. Watch the fishes, butterflies and birds, wishing that you could reach out and touch the water lilies. There will be no time to respite for prattle, because there is so much more to discover…Underneath the pavilion, a secret seating beside a waterfall awaits; keep peeping in and peering out, continue your expedition through Vyom at New Alipore.


You may notice kids walking their dogs on the walk-way around the pond, teenagers playing badminton at two full-sized courts and little boys dribbling the ball near the basketball pole; Vyom is an exuberant delight!

Make your way towards the other tranche and be overwhelmed to see three massive pools, leap in to soak your feet; sit back, relax and just breathe…

At Vyom, a morning jog transcends into ‘nature trail’; with swans, butterflies and squirrels greeting you on the way, an escapade that you would not want to miss any day. Outdoor fitness stations, overlooking flamboyant genera of flora and fauna, under the windy skies, will make any exercise regime an experience to look forward to- Vyom inspires a healthy lifestyle.

Amenities at Vyom

There is a host of amenities especially for your children… Through the mystic bamboo forest, at the end of a magical walk, there is a haven for the kids: a toddlers’ pool with water spouts, a jungle gym and a rock-climbing wall. The indoor kids’ play arena sprawls out on the adjacent terrace, full of fun and games, watch as your child’s eyes sparkle with joy and he/she makes new friends. ‘Beyond the classroom’ learning opportunities and activities such as fish-feeding, within the premises, augment the child’s curiosity and learning capacity. Vyom offers unique immersive learning opportunities to the children by introducing them to myriads of fishes, birds and other animals, trees and shrubs.


A movie buff? Vyom impeccably caters to your needs. The estate offers two movie theatres. The outdoor amphitheatre transfigures into a place to reminisce old memories by plugging in videos of the cherished past, while the indoor movie theatre is the ideal place to celebrate a birthday party, a graduation or an anniversary.


Make your way to the clubhouse; jaunt through the extensive Health Club comprising of Gymnasium, Yoga Room, Sauna and Jacuzzis; explore the ample indoor games facilities including Table Tennis, Billiards and Carom, and recce the Squash Court and the Banquet Hall. Be deluged by all the multifarious social and recreational amenities and facilities that the estate offers.


Vyom is a place where you come home to your family and friends, a venue where you unwind at the day’s end, a site where you are rejuvenated in the nature’s lap, and an estate where there is a plethora to encounter and learn. Find out more about Vyom by clicking here.

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