Top 10 trending examples of kitchen laminates color combination
By Pratik Balasaria
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Do you know what can make your 3 bhk apartment in kolkata more relaxing and charming at the same time? Using kitchen laminates color combination which is the latest trend for flats in Kolkata and best apartments in kolkata.  

10 best Kitchen laminates color combination

kitchen laminates color combination

Now that we know the different color categories, here are the best examples to choose from for the best examples of kitchen laminates color combination.

1. Terracotta and Ivory

kitchen laminates color combination

If you like earthy tones, terracotta is the shade for you. It adds instant visual warmth. Combining it with ivory doesn’t make the color feel too overpowering. You may also check out the brown kitchen laminates color combination for a rustic, earthy look best-suited in apartment near EM bypass

2. Light Brown and Muted Green 

kitchen laminates color combination

Light brown and muted green are a perfect combination for people who like an earthy and natural vibe to their cooking space. This subtle colour combination also gives your kitchen a spacious look and has a naturally healing touch.  

3. Lavender and Off-White 

Lavender is currently the colour of the season. Off-white and lavender combination is again a rare pairing that gives a calming and comforting vibe to your room! We are sure you will sleep peacefully in this perfect harmony of colours. Today several interior decorators suggest eye-catching kitchen in luxury apartment in new town kolkata.

5. Coral and White kitchen laminates color combination

kitchen laminates color combination

This is a fantastic colour pop combination. Warm white creates a relaxed vibe and complements well with vibrant coral. If you have a seaside property this two colour combination for bedroom walls is an ideal choice as Coral is often associated with beaches. 

6. Gray and Mellow Yellow kitchen laminates color combination

kitchen laminates color combination

Gray and yellow are offbeat and a fun kitchen. It is a rare combination, making it a perfect palette to showcase your adventurous side.

7. Dark Blue and White  

kitchen laminates color combination

Shades of blue have always been a favourite for bedroom walls. Dark blue or indigo adds more vibrancy to your room. Combining it with white gives your room a heavenly vibe. White will also make your room look spacious and bright—you cannot go wrong with this match made in heaven! 

8. Cream and Brown kitchen laminates color combination

kitchen laminates color combination

If you like milk and coffee, this brown kitchen laminates color combination will make you happy! Brown teamed with cream gives your bedroom an urbane and elegant look. The right accessories will further accentuate the aesthetics of your bedroom. 

9. Peach and White 

kitchen laminates color combination

If you love pastels, you will love this light colour kitchen laminates color combination. Peach contributes comfort to the room and it also has a calming effect. Peach and White will give a warm and inviting look to your rooms. You are have a penchant for peach pastels, you may also check out peach kitchen laminates color combination.

Add the best colour palette to your kitchen

When it comes to selecting a kitchen laminates color combination, there are so many ideas! We hope you got some eye-catching ideas through our blog. Do also check out these flats near kankurgachi and phoolbagan and apartment near em bypass.   


What are some essential features of an Indian kitchen?

Easy simple kitchen design with lots of storage, a strong chimney and easy to clean countertops are just a few essential features of an Indian kitchen. 

Which type of kitchen cabinets are the best for Indian homes?

The cabinets in a kitchen can be segregated into three categories depending on their location — base cabinets, wall cabinets and lofts. Based on size, they can be divided into normal cabinets, tall cabinets and mid-tall cabinets. As per functional requirements or opening mechanisms, they can be classified into roller shutter units, lift up cabinets and various others. In any Indian style kitchen design, any combination of these cabinets can be used to provide optimum storage. It really depends on the way you use your space. However, most designers agree that every kitchen should have a tall unit with a pantry pull-out accessory, because it provides the maximum amount of storage space. 

Is an open kitchen plan good for an Indian home?

Both open and closed kitchen plans have their pros and cons. Based on your lifestyle, you can choose the best kitchen plan for you. 

What kind of wood is suitable for our kitchens?

Since solid wood kitchen cabinets are expensive, plywood is more commonly used. Typically, BWR (boiling water resistant) plywood is used for the wet zones in the kitchen. For the rest, any other variety of engineered wood or plywood can be used. The quality and properties of the plywood determine the cost and durability of the kitchen

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