Jiva- Redefining Homes, Lives and Families - near Phool Bagan Crossing
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By Soumi Biswas
Assistant Manager - Design
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Jiva is not a home, it’s a sanctity. A place where family ties are relished in an environ of love and togetherness. A much needed retreat.

With the quantum leap in digital technology over the last decade, families have borne the brunt of social media intrusion like never before!

With eyes locked to smart screens and minds tied to media feeds, aren’t we corroding the organic interpersonal connect with every passing day? Come to think of it- It’s an irrevocable loss that is not only affecting families but also our social threads at large.

However, there is no dubiety that digital age is here to stay. But how do we duck it’s deadly collateral blows like:
Need proof? Here we go …

Those Extra Inches

According to American Academy of Pediatrics an average child spends more than seven hours, daily, browsing the Internet and playing video games. While parents see it as an easy shortcut to keep their kids engaged, extensive screen time erupts unhealthy habits that adversely impacts their adulthood . Additionally, it is commonly seen this screen addiction is inversely proportional to time spent in physical activities and outdoors. This gives rise to a sedentary lifestyle and epidemic obesity.

That Wretched Spine

Curling up on the couch to watch television, staring at the mobile screen or even working on computer for hours at a stretch culminates to unhealthy postures which in the long run wrecks the spine.

The hazy hues

Too much screen use strains the eyes.

Syntax error

Hours of texting and chatting, and the corresponding shortcuts have undoubtedly impaired people’s ability to spell and use grammar correctly. Beyond that classroom curriculum, kids do not bother to actually ‘learn’ today as all the information is just a ‘click’ away.

The Virtual Mess

We are living in the ‘Click’ and go times where the slightest wait is annoying. The virtue of patience is almost a lost cause now. With the advent of social media, teenagers and even school goers are ensnared in a virtual world that is robbing them of the precious skill of socializing in real. Real friends are traded for online followers, emoticons have replaced one to one conversation, togetherness is all about that perfect selfie. This has resulted in impaired social skills, inability to form real relationships, fractured self image, depression, you name it.

No matter how enthralled we are by the propensity of technology to ease communication, receive information, and proffer recreation, it is indeed time to unplug and log in to a physical world of friends, families and emotions

Jiva is the Change

Jiva offers a digital detox. Here the social and recreational amenities ensure a healthy lifestyle, a respite from the perils of the digital order. With ample outdoors and a conscious focus on interpersonal interaction, Jiva is the ideal place for memorable family time. Read on to explore what makes Jiva exceptional!

The healthy heart at Jiva

A morning jog at Jiva along the ‘nature trail’ with swans, butterflies and squirrels for company gives a perfect start to a hectic day.

If you are looking for an end to end work out facility, an elaborate Health Club is at your disposal. With a well-equipped gymnasium, roof-top fitness station and invigorating Jacuzzis, it’s your one stop destination to fitness. Splash on the mind? Cool it off at the infinity-edge pool, overlooking a massive pond. Tempting isnt it?

Plus, its time to say good bye to that “couch potato” syndrome and get ready to sweat at the full-sized badminton courts, table tennis zone, kids’ playground and indoor games room. All for a healthier You!

Jiva- Soul Delights

With Yoga decks strategically placed by the water bodies, Jiva offers a perfect escapade into the world of peace and meditation. In fact the sight of water lilies and the sound of chirping birds offer a sui generis sensory delight round the clock.

Treat to the eye

A resplendent canvas of colors and winds, Jiva nudges you to ‘Look up’ at the humbling beauty surrounding you. It calls you to feast your eyes on the umpteen species of butterflies, the multifarious vegetation  and the sweetest throng of birds.

Taking the visual flamboyance one step up, here the banquet hall opens up to the central lawn lined by weeping willows kissing the waters &  fountains charming the splendid milieu.

It’s an invitation to celebrate life under the canopy of stars at the rooftop lawn and party area.

Learn and Grow

Jiva offers specially curated ‘Beyond the classroom’ learning experiences with activities such as fish-feeding etc., right within the premises. With an immersive introduction to myriads of fishes, migratory birds, trees and herbs, it sparks the volatile curiosity of every child- a blessed riddance from the screen addiction. No?

It’s always Family Time at Jiva

Imagine a life, where you come home to nature, spend evenings with family and friends on the ‘ghat’ of your own estate. With cool breeze caressing your face and an umbrella of stars wiping your fatigue how wonderful life would be!

Right from the infrastructure to the design and aesthetics, every aspect of Jiva is synced with your physical and emotional wellbeing. Amidst the stifling city and a chasing schedule, truly a moment of pause awaits you at Jiva.

Learn more about Jiva here.

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