This Best Flat Near Science City Kolkata is Your Dream Home- Aurus!
By Pratik Balasaria
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If you are looking to buy a flat near science city Kolkata, look no further than Aurus. Each flat comes with extra-wide balconies, a kitchen, and a service yard. The flats are south facing with 3 sides open. Moreover, each home is 22ft tall with 22ft wide balconies, which differentiate Aurus from other luxurious flats in Kolkata. They created stylish homes, that at the same time truly lived up to the tag of the best luxury apartments in Kolkata. Residents feel like they have been transported to another world, straight to the streets of Madison Avenue, once they step inside Aurus.

Advantages of Aurus- flat near science city Kolkata

flat near science city kolkata

 The architects behind Aurus wanted to push the envelope when it comes to creating 3 BHK flat in EM Bypass Kolkata that are cherished by their residents.

1. New standards set

Aurus is setting new standards for luxury apartments Kolkata with its attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. These flats near EM Bypass Kolkata, offer plush 22 ft. tall homes. They come with 22 ft wide balconies that offer stunning views when you wake up every morning. 

2. Host of amenities at science city Kolkata

Not only that, these luxurious 3, 4 and 5 BHK ready to move in flats in Kolkata come with a host of thoughtfully designed amenities that set them apart.

3. Club Aura in science city kolkata

Among these, these flat near science city Kolkata,  offer an exclusive club for residents Club Aura, is definitely a class apart. Buying a home in Aurus, automatically gives you access to all the amenities that the Club offers. These amenities include a 40mt. swimming pool, exclusive health club. It also offers a squash, tennis & badminton court, sky lounge at 374 ft. high, an international concierge and many more.

4. Spacious flat near science city Kolkata

Another unique design feature in each flat near science city Kolkata, at Aurus is the extended balcony feature. This was designed keeping in mind the fact that homeowners love to host guests. Thus this kind of house plan was carefully curated with this requirement in mind. The balcony area becomes an extension of the living room, thus giving the residents a sense of openness.

5. Sustainable

Aurus is a pre-certified Gold rated green building. Each flat near science city Kolkata, conserves energy by using energy efficient lighting in all the common areas. The residences are powered by grid-tie solar power generation. Charging points have been provided for electric vehicles in the parking areas. The internal roads within Aurus are fitted with solar lights that work on timers. To conserve water, Aurus has been equipped with a comprehensive rainwater harvesting system.

At the same time it has been ensured that the groundwater is recharged to keep the water tables high. Condensed water from air conditioners  is reused after treating it through STP. For waste management, the sewage treatment plant ensures that waste is treated before being discharged. There is a segregation of wet and dry waste at the source and an organic waste composter is employed to ensure that all the organic waste can be reused as compost in the area around science city kolkata. 

The best flat near Science city Kolkata is waiting for you!

Homebuyers wanting to buy a flat near science city Kolkata, should consider this high-rise luxury project which is comfortably situated between ITC Sonar, Mirania Lake, JW Marriott, and Science City. The skyscraper project features luxurious 3BHK flats at Kolkata with spacious 108 sq.ft sized balconies. Over 100 people have booked homes in the stately towers that have been awarded the ‘Luxury Project of the Year in 2020’ by Realty +. A 3BHK flat in Aurus can cost you upwards of 3.07cr.


Where is Aurus located?

Each beautiful situated flat near science city Kolkata, is located between ITC Royal Bengal and JW Marriott on one side. And on the other they overlook the East Kolkata Wetlands and the Mirania Lake.

What sets Aurus apart from other Kolkata luxury apartments?

The idea behind these homes off EM Bypass, near Science City, was to create distinct bespoke homes that truly epitomised luxury. The designers behind Aurus wanted to provide the residents of Kolkata with posh and stylish homes. At Aurus, buyers can choose from 3 BHK, 4 BHK & 5 BHK luxury apartments that range from 1,450 sq.ft. to approximately 2,500 sq.ft. However, the layout for all these homes is based on the primary premise of creating homes that create a sense of openness. The thoughtful design includes a central living area with bedrooms on each side. This brings a sense of centricity to the homes.  

What is Club Aura?

Club Aura is an exclusive space for the residents of Aurus to come socialise, unwind and engage in recreational activities. Spread over 4000 sq ft., it is truly a class apart. The amenities exclusively available to residents include a 40mt. swimming pool, and an exclusive health club. It even offers squash, tennis & badminton courts, a sky lounge at 374 ft. high, an international concierge and many more enviable activities. Club Aura is instrumental in creating a sense of community in each 3 BHK flat in EM Bypass Kolkata

What are some exclusive features at Aurus?

1. World-class amenities on offer such as an exclusive clubhouse for residents, 40mt. swimming
pools etc.
2. It also has amenities such as an exclusive health club, squash, tennis & badminton courts
3. 74 ft high sky lounge 
4. International concierge
5. Among the most awarded luxury properties in Kolkata

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